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  1. For optional excursions for your cruise,which can be booked on board,I would suggest looking at the viking ocean cruise web site for your particular trip. Those listed by each day will most likely be the ones available. See what you fancy before you leave home and then scurry along to guest services soon as you can to stake your place. We did Corfe Castle from Portland .Viking put on a full size coach for just 5 of us. About 300 guests so all trips should have places. Port Sunlight in Liverpool today apparently is running with 6 guests.
  2. Sadly Viking were still not offering any of the many flavoured gins that some of us in the UK now enjoy when I was on Viking Venus in June. In 2019 on the suggestions form handed out on my cruise I mentioned that they might like to offer some. The same day I got a phone call from customer services to say they thought it was a good idea and it would be pushed up line for consideration. No progress ,situation still the same. I was only able to get Fevertree I think,not sure now.
  3. For our June cruise we paid £108 each. This was done when booking,not on board .
  4. Try my one of my favourite areas ,a well kept secret,the sports deck 9.
  5. Once on board you will be able to go virtually straight away to the dedicated restaurant booking desk in the atrium and will have no problem booking whatever times you want.At least this was my experience. They will tell you the daily menus for the Chef’s Table as well so you can choose which days you prefer. We were always able to walk straight into The Dining Room every day and get seated immediately. A tip, go at 6.30 or 6.00 if you want a window seat.By 7.00 they are all gone.
  6. On our recent UK cruise our room steward brought us either PGTips or Twinnings. Room service breakfast always sent us Black tea bags which I never actually tried,substituting with what I already had. Milk put in fridge for us or we saved some from room service breakfast. We only discovered room service breakfast on last three days and it was a so good.Always on time .Perfect for an early excursion slot.
  7. There is some cross over membership with the US Facebook group so some photos might surface on there.
  8. We Love Viking Cruises (UK) A members group on Facebook.
  9. Great to see photos starting to appear on Facebook in the UK from passengers already on board .In cabins apparently within 25-35 minutes of arrival. Some seen in explorers lounge and having lunch in World Cafe. Very encouraging. Only 230 on board ,will be 460 on next sailing they have been told.
  10. Slightly off topic perhaps but over here in the UK I have had access to some tv shows set in Iceland which would set the scene and introduce you to the language ( english subtitles available 😀) Mostly thriller,scandi noir kind of shows. Dark and atmospheric.
  11. I was wondering if french fishermen were gathering again and the government had requested Ann Diamond wielding her viking axe to go in and fend them off😂🤔 Pictures starting to appear of yesterday’s naming ceremony.
  12. Viking Star now visible from Viking Panomax.com along with other cruise ships in Weymouth Bay,Porland UK.Viewed from Viking Venus. Two new Youtube videos this morning showing Venus leaving Portsmouth yesterday on route to Portland.
  13. And the chairman is on board apparently.
  14. My Patient Assess here in England was the same as yours and a quick word with GP surgery sorted that out straight away and my records are now up dated.
  15. I don’t know if it will be the same in the US but here in the UK for their opening up cruises I have only been offered two alternative set times in Manfredis and only one for Chef’s Table.
  16. Viking Venus showing as arriving in Portsmouth on 10th May at 05.00hrs. Has apparently been vaccinating staff whilst in Valletta.
  17. Marine Traffic app reporting Viking Venus arriving in Portsmouth 10th May at 05.00hrs 🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊
  18. My husband and I are at the same practice and both registered for the NHS app at the same time. He has full access to all his information but I only have a note of allergies showing on mine. I think the surgery is blocking my information for some reason and I will need to contact them and give my permission for them to release my files to the app. My Patient Access app is only showing the same details as well.
  19. Viking Venus now on her way to Gibraltar.
  20. Viking Sea has just now left Valletta heading to Trieste and Viking Venus is listed as leaving Valletta shortly for Gibraltar.
  21. Viking Venus is still docked in Valletta but is listed as going back to Gibraltar shortly.🤞
  22. Viking Venus getting ever closer to Portsmouth. Left Gibraltar yesterday and due to arrive in Lisbon this afternoon.
  23. Viking Venus has now left Civitavecchia on route to Gibraltar.
  24. Viking Venus has just left Civitavecchia on route to Gibraltar.
  25. Destination Malta I believe.
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