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  1. We didn't like the Epic at all. Design wise. Felt disconnected from the sea. Didn't dig the casino set up. Felt like gambling in a hallway. That said, we had a blast. Family of 6, ages were 12-18 when we went. Lots to do. Great food. Great entertainment. You've sailed Epic before so I wouldn't fret. You know what to expect. It can be a great ship for family cruises as it's usually a bit cheaper than other ships, same itinerary.
  2. We traveled on the Bliss Dec 13th from Manhattan. Just wanted to pass along the advice to not purchase the unlimited go-kart pass on this itinerary in the winter. We had rough seas and rain for the first two days, closed the track completely. Then on port days it's not open until 7:30, and the first hour is reserved for double karts. That takes you to 8:30 and they close at 10:30, so two hours to get people with reservations and the unlimited people on the track. My kids were lucky to get in 2 rides each night. The next sea day it was open more, and the weather was decent, so they got in a fe
  3. There are pros and cons to each. Yes, NCL has the admin fee and you pay the gratuity if you choose the drink package and/or dining perk. That said, you get the perks. On Royal, you're buying a drink package. If you're diamond and get your happy hour drinks and your casino drinks, that may be enough for you. I prefer to have the full drink package I can use anywhere. NCL, like you mentioned, isn't transparent, but they're also flexible. You can get casino rate on any sailing and if qualified, you free cabins on any sailing, where Royal you're limited to your offers
  4. Why would she need to get a matching that's playing on house money? She said nothing about reaching Prime within a certain bankroll, only within the time-frame. You can earn enough points for a grand suite in a few hours if your bankroll is big enough. Just find the highest denomination slot in the joint, hi bet max and keep feeding it!
  5. Play the first session, per your normal play pattern. See how many point you earned and how long it took you. Get your "points per hour" number. Then just do the math. Approximate how many hours you think you'll get in on the days remaining. Multiply it by your points per hour number. Then you can see if you're even close. If not, wait. If you're close enough, maybe up your play from $2 pulls to $3 to speed it up, or get a second card and play two machines. You can also speed up your coin in by playing straight slots, which generally have better odds anyway. Simple Triple 7
  6. NCL offers what they call the Atlantis Beach Break, 5 hours, includes beach chairs access to the dig, aquarium & casino. Stipulates no pool, no waterpark. The video on the NCL sites says access to all the beaches and marine habitats. Does that include the Dolphin Cay beach? I called the excursion desk and she was reading off their script and said "it says all the beaches." (I don't trust that.) Atlantis offers a Dolphin Cay Beach Break for $33 for people who want to observe the dolphins but not interact. My 19 year old daughter is doing the shallow
  7. Thanks, I sorta figured. Don't tell my kids they can wear shorts to Cagneys! I guess I'll buy the extra 3 nights and make them join us. Thinking it over, spending 3 dinners with us is the least they can do!
  8. I'm sorry, I've done a search and can't find the answer. We're sailing the Bliss Dec 13th and trying to decide if we need to purchase my youngest son, the 3rd person in the one cabin a specialty dining package. Four of us have it as a perk. That's 3 meals x 4 = 12 meals. Can any of us use them as we see fit, or are they assigned to certain people? I'm surprised I don't know the answer to this but the times we've cruised with kids we didn't choose this perk. I ask because they're not foodies at all and perfectly happy in the main dining room
  9. Yes, I filled out the special request form online. I just wondered if anyone had experience.
  10. I'll be traveling on the Sky with my mom in a couple weeks. Originally, I was going with a friend, but she had to cancel, so I swapped my mom into the reservation. We have just an ocean view guarantee, which they've assigned. Looks like the room has a chair in the one corner, which if removed, would be a great place to park my mom's mobility scooter. Or, at the desk, if that chair was removed, and the scooter was folded up, it would slide under the desk to be out of the way. (So I'm not tripping over it when I come to bed hours after her.) Does anyone know if they'll remove that c
  11. Or book a fake name in with the BF. If he can't go, that cancels and she's already in your room. If he goes, the fake name no shows, (or you cancel before hand) you get that person's port fee back, but nothing else on that cabin, as if he was sailing single, he'd pay the single supplement. She's checked into your room, but stays in his. He can get an extra key for his cabin.
  12. There's enough noise from the water jets that if you're close to another person and just talking, it's fine. It's a group loud talking and laughing that was annoying.
  13. I would be super annoyed with this. You pay that extra for exclusivity. I'd have asked for a partial refund. Reason: Because I wasn't offered to buy just the sea days, why should people be offered single days on port days?
  14. Adding, my plans for future cruises, based on my experience on the Epic, is to not pre-purchase and check the spa out myself first. I'll see if they have the music. I know I could just bring my phone and earbuds and listen to my own, but it's not the same and I can't use that in the water. If they don't have the music, I'll wait until the first day and visit a couple times to see what the vibe is. If it seems people are using it as a party hot tub, I'll probably skip it and find myself another quiet corner to read/nap in.
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