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  1. It's interesting to hear what MSC gives you at the end of the cruise. I'm wondering what the expected play is for return offers through URComped. I guess I"ll just go play as I play and see when I get back what I'll be qualified for on that line in the future.
  2. Maybe just jealous . . . they know by your handle you don't pay full price for cruises. I don't either anymore. Comps are where it's at, baby!
  3. Service charges and taxes are rarely commissionable items. They get paid on cruise fare.
  4. Wow! I think she comes across as someone who's seriously got this down and anyone who cruises with her is lucky to have someone so organized do their slot pull.
  5. I've been a loyal NCL guest until recently. I've booked an MSC and a Royal cruise for 2020. NCL does have some good itineraries all over the globe. I look forward to doing a TA and Med back to back in a few years when we have more time off. But for the Caribbean, I'm finding that Royal has a bit more variety in the ports they visit. I'm early in my research of Royal, but I'm seeing ports show up on itins that I have never seen on NCL.
  6. New to Royal and wondering how hard it is to get into the specialty dining restaurants without reservations. I want to get the unlimited dining package, but it says they make a reservation for you the first night and you have to make the rest on board. I know on NCL if you don't book your reservations way out you're eating at 9 pm in Cagney's and LeBistro. Also, it says you receive a $35 food credit for la carte restaurants. I'm assuming that's like Johnny Rockets. So if you use your credit for lunch, are you then done for the day or can you also go to dinner at Ch
  7. I'm booked on the MSC Seaside through URComped and found this info on their website. How to earn a free cruise by playing in MSC Cruises's casino Earning between 5,000 and 9,999 points earns you a 30% discount on your next cruise. Earning 10,000 points while on board earns you a COMP inside cabin. That's a ton of points to earn an inside cabin! That's their top tier! Can anyone share their experience with MSC particularly through URComped? If I don't get 10,000 points will my offers for them evaporate? And more importantly, if they
  8. Just booked Seaside through URComped and I found this info on their site: How to earn a free cruise by playing in MSC Cruises's casino Earning between 5,000 and 9,999 points earns you a 30% discount on your next cruise. Earning 10,000 points while on board earns you a COMP inside cabin. 10,000 points is their top tier and at $5 coin in per point would take $50,000 coin in to reach. I guess this will be my first and last MSC cruise. Anyone sail an MSC comp and experience something different? Did you earn fewer points than this
  9. Hi Hank, Good to know about the travel insurance limits. That seems about right anyway, I figured 8-10 cruises, a couple weeks on land, then back to sea. I too plan to use various lines and travel all over the world with as few flights as possible, using TA, TP and Panama Canal trips. Mixing things up between longer voyages and some short ones. We'll also maximize our casino comps by upping our play on each line the year or two before so we have a bunch of really cheap weeks only having to pay upgrades and port fees, etc. If I can earn 12 cruises through
  10. Thanks for the referrals to the Super Mario videos. Good stuff there. I
  11. Reviving this older post because I read through it and don't see my question answered. If you're on a casino comp and get free drinks in the casino, does anyone know what drinks are included? We are also getting the easy package with our Aurea upgrade, which would be fine for my husband, everything he drinks is on there, and fine for me during the day, but in the casino if I want a vodka martini, I'd want better than Smirnoff. Anyone know what vodkas are included with the free casino drinks?
  12. Makes sense. I've seen several southern Caribbean itineraries that include St. Martin as one of the last stops before the disembarkation. We have a time share there. Was wondering if taking the cruise only that far would be an option. Of course I wouldn't expect a refund of unused days. Right now we live in Buffalo, and the flight to St. Martin can be as expensive as a cruise. We did a repo a few years ago that left Manhattan & ended in Puerto Rico and flew over to ST. Martin from there pretty cheap, then just had the one way flight home. Made for a nice 16
  13. I haven't updated my signature in a while. I've done what's listed there plus four more. No, I've actually mock booked, mostly NCL, using transatlantics to connect to some Mediterranean itineraries and a Panama canal cruise to get east to west or back. You can actually go quite a few places with some planning without having to spend a lot on alternative transportation. Our base would be Florida, so many would be Caribbean, which we love and many can be last minute cheap bookings. Between all the lines you can find a cheap Caribbean cruise on a moments notice for a fraction of t
  14. I can't wait to move to Florida and be near the ports. I totally get you. We get an itch to go away for a long weekend and drive to NYC or Toronto for a couple nights. When you're in Florida, it's super easy to decide to hop on a cruise for a few days. Nice perk of living near several ports.
  15. I was also wondering if you're allowed to disembark a cruise along the way? For instance, if we took a 7 night cruise and on the 5th day, we were at an island we wanted to stay a week or at, can we just get off the ship and not return? (Obviously, letting the crew know, so they didn't think we were just missing.) and arranging to be properly cleared to enter by the island. Probably with return airfare pre-booked.
  16. Our retirement bucket list is to sell our home, put everything in storage and spend an entire year traveling. We aren't RV'er or big on huge drives. Last year I did some research and found that I could spend about 40 weeks on the seas and the other 12, spread out through the year, on land in our time-shares and/or RCI last calls, etc and literally be homeless for a year and just travel for well under $40,000 for the both of us. Considering 40 of those weeks will include food and sometimes drinks as well as other perks, this would be cheaper than living on land for
  17. We are cruising with our kids, 5 of us total, so we have 12 dinners, 3 nights x 4 passengers, and we'll have to buy another 3 for our daughter. Or, I'm sure my kids won't want to use them all. Can they be used by anyone on the reservation, or does the person who they are assigned to have to use them? So like could we use the 12 for two family dinners of all five of us and then the other 2 just my husband and myself?
  18. I'd normally agree. We don't book ship excursions ever. But with this bonus, we'll be getting $200 (2 cabins). We'll be visiting Cape Canaveral. We have a time share there so are very familiar with the area, so my daughter & I will hit Cocoa Beach via uber and I'll send my husband and two boys to the Daytona Track tour for only $100 out of pocket. Can't beat that. Free Kayak, snorkeling or stand up paddle board rental on GSC or take $200 off a cabana. All five of us can do the Ardastra Zoo & Gardens on Nassau for only $95 out of pocket or the gu
  19. Can you prebook excursions using these perks or do you have to do it on board?
  20. Nope, no necessary. Say you have $650 in the machine . . . perhaps you started with $100 and have a bunch of wins that have piled up. Or you've taken the same voucher from machine to machine, winning a bit here and there. If you hit for something over $1,200 IN ONE SPIN, you'll trigger what is called a hand pay. They come, pay you, make sure they have your id info correct and ss# etc, and give you a tax receipt for your the amount you one ON THAT SPIN. So after they reset the machine, your $650 will still be on the meter and ready to play or cash out. Also, you c
  21. I hope they continue this deal as it may be the solution for me. I have a free casino comp cruise coming and we get free drinks in the casino only. I was wondering how best to handle drinks in the other venues. This could be the answer rather than buying a drink package.
  22. I'm an oddball. I want a cabin with a bed and at least a portal. Won't pay extra for balcony, although I've taken them when they are all that's available or at the same price for one reason or another. I'm rarely in my cabin. I'm out and about all day and evening and up late in the casino at night. The cabin is a place to sleep. I'm an early riser and my husband likes to sleep in, and he also snores, so on ships that have spas, I get a spa pass and go when they open and do my lounging and showering there. I rarely spent any time on any balcony we've had.
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