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  1. I see our ship docks at 7.00am , and the first White Pass and Yukon train leaves at 9.00am. Would we have time to make it for the 9.00am departure , or is that a bit tight if we are not on the ships tour? The ship departs at 6.00pm. Next free slots are at 1.00pm, all in between seems fully booked.
  2. So what age group are we speculating Edge is aimed at then? And whats eats the average age of general Celebrity cruisers?
  3. Hi all, I have today booked a 12 night cruise around Scandinavia and Russia. I booked a 1A cabin on the slope, so it has a bigger balcony. We will have 4 sea days, so would imagine we will spend most time on the balcony those days as the pool, solarium and common areas can be very crowded. We have been in Aqua on the last two cruises and liked Blu and the footstools for relaxing on the balcony. Never used Persian Gardens at all. The price difference to upgrade to Aqua would be 900 Euros. Looking at speciality Dining packages, I think its around 50 Euros per day average. So a max of 6-- Euros, so 2/3rds of the price for Aqua. I wouldn't even envisage that wed need 12 nights speciality, 6 might be plenty on a 12 nighter? We have never dined in the MDR, except for lunch on one sea day. I believe the menus are pretty good there on sea day evenings, and that those are the dress up nights, is that correct? Is the MDR crazily busy, noisy, and loud at all times? I like a two top and like a quite meal where we can chat and people watch, but if its chaos, its no fun. Anyway, just canvassing opinions as to what everyone thinks? Stay in MDR, as its free food in a way, do a 50.50 6 night speciality upgrade for around 400 Euros, or go all out with Equal and Blu for 900 Euros, which is essentially 15% of the overall cruise cost, quite a lot when I say it like that.
  4. Thanks all - forward facing seems to be a good idea then. Hopefully it will be in the Baltics as much as the Med !
  5. Im resurrecting my old thread again - Im deciding between a 1A cabin with a speciality package or an A1 Aqua cabin? Price difference between the cabins over 12 nights is 800 Euros, a double 7 night speciality package would close the gap to 400 Euros. We have never actually dined in the MDR. Is it really busy and more like a wedding or a banquet? Have to admit, we loved Blu and Murano was great on the last cruise also. I guess now Im looking for comparisons against the MDR also this time.
  6. Im actually thinking now about switching to a 12 night Baltics out of Amsterdam. Always fancied that, and would do August 2020. Sailing from Dublin sounds great, but as we are in Alaska next year, and hopefully the Baltics in 20, I'll have to leave Dublin till the year after maybe !
  7. Hi all, We are thinking about booking a Northern Europe / Russia cruise in August, just wondering if a forward facing cabin on the slope is very windy? We have been in a rear facing one, and it was pleasant, but just think that there could be a lot of wind if the slope is going the opposite way - just thinking about sitting out there on sea days. Any one have any experience or thoughts?
  8. I can’t see anything about a sale, in fact, the classic package I had has disappeared from my planner also.
  9. Yep, Donegal here. I looked at going from Dublin, but its about 1500 euros more for one extra night. No flights admittedly and the convenience would be great, but it seemed a massive jump in price?
  10. We booked a 7 night to Norway yesterday on SIlhouette in an ocean view cabin for around 3300 euros. We can can do the same itinerary on Apex, OV also for about 450 euros more. Any thoughts on whether it’s worth changing to experience the new Apex? Or just use the saving for flights and speciality dining?
  11. I just booked up a cruise to Norway on Silhouette for May 2020. Happy enough with the price, but we just went for Oceanview this time. We usually go Aqua, but I figure May won't be a balcony time in Norway and I''ll use some Cruise Now OBC for speciality dining this time.
  12. You can see them all when you log in. To me, they seem really expensive overall though.
  13. I’m watching here too, I fancy a cruise out of Dublin as we live in Ireland.
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