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  1. Just booked it myself for us pre and post cruise for August and September 2022 !
  2. I have the Atlantic Ocean a mile from me. I feel lucky at the moment. And we have taken it for granted, but never will again after lockdown. https://www.wildatlanticway.com/home
  3. Staying here in Ireland this year, will be holidaying in Donegal, exploring my home county and Kerry, a bit further away. We are being encouraged by public health officials here to not take any unnecessary international travel for the time being.
  4. We watched it last night too, and I would tend to agree. It was a fast moving situation during those days in March.
  5. Yep, I’m in Ireland, so we deal with the UK Celebrity office. You were lucky, that’s reasonably efficient, your daughter has a longer haul ahead.
  6. Requested FCC on 1st April, still nothing and they told me yesterday they can’t give any indication as to when the FCC might be issued. I have initiated a Visa dispute to see if I can get the deposit refunded via chargeback, as I’m wasting too much time chasing these, 330 euros for us, 165 euros for my father in law. I was told 30 days on 1st April, and again in the 29th May. Both dates have been missed. And truthfully, they can’t and won’t commit to any firm date of issue, hence why I’m aiming for a credit card claim back.
  7. I posted off my form to my bank and Visa today to start a dispute to try and reclaim the amount I paid as a deposit. Not sure if it will fly, as I’m only entitled to the FCC vouchers.
  8. That’s a good outcome. You did well there. They couldn’t, or wouldn’t do anything for me today despite two calls, incoming and outgoing, said my vouchers ‘might’ issue at the end of July, but there was no guarantee. We were due to sail 28th May and I requested the vouchers on 1st April. We have a booking for June 2021, but if I get this credit card dispute finalised and get a refund, I might just cut my losses and revert to land holidays. Celebrity have left a sour taste for me, it’s just a lot of time and phone calls, all for no positive outcome.
  9. It’s unbelievable how long it’s taking.
  10. I’m raising a dispute with Visa on my credit card. I requested FCC vouchers in lieu of my deposit on the 1st April. Celebrity told me on the 29th May that they were processing my vouchers, as they had been overlooked. Today they told me it will take another 30 days as it wasn’t processed. That will be 120 days, if it even happens then. I really have no faith in their system so a chargeback is my only option. Means I won’t have to take a cruise with them. I really think they don’t deserve support if this is how they treat a customer who was willing to keep faith with them as
  11. Same here. And they confirmed to me today that mine hadn’t even been selected for processing 90 days later.
  12. I still haven’t received vouchers or a response to my email last Sunday. if Celebrity don’t issue the vouchers, what recourse do I have? Claim back from credit card company I presume? Hard to believe they won’t even issue a voucher, it’s not a cash refund.
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