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  1. An easier way is to purchase casino chips pre cruise. You receive a voucher in your room. Present this voucher at the casino cage for cash. You can use the $ any way you wish, slots, gaming tables. I think it’s listed under indulgences, collector gifts. Just tuck away the cash in your safe and use it all in one sitting or over the course of your cruise, or not.
  2. FYI you get spend credit for upsells and anything else you purchase prior to embarkation. HAL is very generous with spend credit.
  3. We got the special treat on gala nights when we had a Neptune. They were fabulous. I never eat the other bland chocolates. Why waste the calories on inferior chocolate? I’d rather buy something while in port and savor it throughout the cruise. Just a suggestion, don’t sweat the small stuff. Life’s too short. Be happy you are cruising!
  4. I think they are also going to add Lincoln center across from coffee counter. VOLENDAM may also get some room upgrades as she is replacing pdam for grand SA voyage.
  5. Unless you have a non refundable deposit you can refare more than once. After final payment, you can request an adjustment. HAL has always given us something. Once it was a very reasonable upsell to a Neptune aft wrap suite. I had been watching that room for months hoping for an offer. The one they gave us was better than I had hoped for. This was after a prior price drop. The only one I didn’t get was when I booked a flash sale. However the price was good and I secured an aft balcony. I was still a happy camper. Go for it. Even a few dollars is nice to have. By the way, I deal with a HAL PCC
  6. I’ve purchased them twice. The ship florists create the bouquets. They are very nice. They lasted about a week to ten days. Keep in mind that some rooms have limited space. You can preorder and may be able to purchase while on board. I’ve done both.
  7. I am not a fan of towel animals. Frankly they creep me out. Often the towels are reused and seem dirty. I have politely informed my room stewards that we don’t need them or not to bother with us. This doesn’t seem to work so I put up with it for our journeys from 7 to 29 days. We are about to embark on a grand journey and the thought of facing 70+ animals is not appealing. I probably should just ignore it but somehow can’t. Any suggestions? We also don’t eat the pillow chocolates and just pile them up until we have enough to spell out greetings and messages to the stewards. Am I alone?
  8. SBG you can get cans of soda from all bars, lido and mdr. Cans in mini bar and room service are not included. You can also ask the server for more than one can at a time and bring them to the room. I usually ask the room steward to remove the mini bar items upon boarding. Thus, I can keep my own stash separate and avoid any complications. Once. I was charged for all items but quickly straightened this our with a call to guest services. Cheers
  9. You can order specific brands pre-cruise via ship services. If it is sold on the ship It will be in your room when you board. This is what we used to do before Grey Goose was added to the indulgences catalogue. Upon boarding, we usually have a good luck shot, then explore the ship. CHEERS 🎉
  10. No worries. With SBP, you can get unopened cans of soda and bottled water to bring back to room. We usually asked for two at a time and could keep a supply in our room. You should have a fridge or cooler if you have a veranda or above cabin. If not you can arrange to rent one at $2 a day through ship services. Depending on the configuration of your room, it may be a tight squeeze. Alternatively, ask the steward for a wine bucket which s/he will keep filled with ice for your entire cruise. I usually ask that they have the fridge emptied of all mini bar items so not to confuse my stash with the ones stocked by the ship. i never brought beer back from bars, but it is my understanding that you can get unopened bottles at the bars as well. I assume if they think you are trying to get around the no sharing rules, they may not accommodate this. Bottoms up!
  11. On board. Technical problem. Everything is peachy
  12. Another thought, there is a fresh squeezed cosmo with grey goose available which works with the SBP. Pretty good too
  13. Sorry, don’t think so. If you request a specific vodka, there is an up charge bringing it over $9 max. However, you could order it as a virgin, then 5 min later ask for a grey goose neat and voila!
  14. You can order one liter bottles through website. Same section where you order alcohol for room and beverage packages. Or, you can carry on all you can handle which imho the savings is not worth the schlep.
  15. You can just ask your cabin steward for a bucket of ice. We usually need one to chill wine. S/he keeps it filled throughout the cruise along with our ice bucket. I also think any bartender will provide one if asked. I would tip the bartender as a courtesy.
  16. We rented a fridge for our lanai on Veendam. It was placed under the desk. It was a bit crowded, but we like to keep our preferred beverages and snacks chilled. It’s nice to pop into our room, pour an adult beverage and watch the world sail by. We will be on the same cruise as you, but after going back and forth opted for an aft vista for this short cruise. I am am sure you will love the lanai. We enjoyed the deck and had fantastic neighbors who helped to make the 14 day voyage even more special. Another advantage is making friends with those who are strolling around the promenade deck. We hope to book one again soon.
  17. Surprised some people never heard of this. Just call HAL. They will gladly take pre-payment and send you a confirmation. I’ve been doing this on almost every cruise for years. You can also pre-purchas OBC in $100 increments which accomplishes your goal but not to the precise HSC dollar amount.
  18. The total fee per bottle of wine in excess of the first bottle is $18, no additional charge if they chill and/or open the wine on the ship. You may bring as much water and other non alcoholic beverages as you like without charge. These may be brought on on embarkation day or from any port. Your only limit is that you must carry on the beverages. One caveat, if you participate in a holland American tour that includes a stop at a winery, they waive the “corkage fee” for one bottle purchased at the winery. ENJOY!!
  19. You can pre order casino chips prior to cruise. You are issued a voucher cashable at casino. There is no service charge for buying chips and the purchase counts towards cruise spend. It’s easier than carrying extra gambling cash. I store it in the safe and ration as I wish. Order on line under gifts and indulgences.
  20. The crew can spend all foreign money in ports. Also I suspect the ship purser can assist them. Finally if you have left over krone or other bills, you can exchange for any currency they have on board at guest services. You may lose a few dollars but I was happy to have anything useful vs currency I would never use. As for coins HAL collects these for charity. Again go to guest services.
  21. Just call and ask. You lose nothing and can only be ahead
  22. Finding the tags on clothes months after a cruise makes me smile. Such an unexpected treat.
  23. IMHO this is a Petri dish. Just watch the folks handling the food. I stopped grazing there after numerous folks were observed scooping up chips by hand while strolling by.
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