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  1. I wrote to them asking for a full refund and I have not heard anything back. I will send them this in the morning. Thanks for posting.
  2. Ahhhhh….forgot your dates. Again, I’ll ask was the food as bad as what was posted? Someone said they only served buffets. What was your take? I also read some negative things on social media.
  3. Thanks for posting the menus. Are people actually being served in the dining room on your cruise? Some people have posted they only get buffet food. How is the cruise co pared to the last one?
  4. I wonder if people will be able to cancel for a refund.
  5. You need to write to guestrelations@aqvoyages.com amd voice the complaints and your bad experiences. I have written to them as well. I no longer wish to take this cruise but I doubt they’ll comply with my request.
  6. I spoke with AQSC yesterday. I was advised to write to guest relations @ AQ voyages which I have done. I sent them the link for this thread so they could read the complaints from the passengers and also how they handled the Covid outbreak. I requested a refund because this type of service, food and treatment is not what I was sold.
  7. For those of you on the boat now, please come back with updates. I have been following closely.
  8. Oh no! 😱 What reason did they give for canceling those stops? I’m really becoming more and more concerned with this cruise. I wish I’d just booked with Azamara and be done with it. This is supposed to be our 55th anniversary trip.
  9. Why did you only get off twice? You could walk around on your own, correct?
  10. The wonderful food was a big selling point. We are accustomed to really good food on cruises. We didn’t pay their price to eat buffets the entire time. Is there any way to find out if they will be going back to sit down meals? We will won’t be able to cancel but yet, they are not holding up to what was promised.
  11. That’s horrible to read. They need to be open and honest in a situation that you presented. The masks don’t concern me as much (hold the criticism please) as the lack of transparency, as well as putting many others at risk. I contracted Covid WEARING A MASK when I had to have. CT scan last November. Eight days later I had Covid. We were around no one. We did all curbside pickups, wiped everything off with disinfectant wipes before bringing them in the house and no one came in our home. We didn’t even see our kids or grandkids. The scan was the only exposure I had to other people.
  12. It definitely calls for good walking shoes which we normally pack anyway. We’re doing a road trip next week along the Great River road. Hope to see a lot of WI and IA. Next year we plan on adding more states a ong the Mississippi.
  13. We like to play things by ear but try to stay active. Sometimes it’s fun to check the downtown areas, local sites….each stop varies.
  14. These posts are so disheartening. After not cruising for two years and hearing all these bad things makes me regret booking.
  15. Are you close enough to activities when you dock that you don’t need transportation to get to those spots? We love river walks. Dubuque IA and Gutenberg IA have beautiful river walks. We really try to stay as active as possible. It helps make up for the extra calories and extra cocktails.😉 😄😂😂
  16. Whoa! I believe that is where we are staying. What did those couples do who were canceled? How was the day of the cruise and the tour they provided.
  17. What New Orleans hotel did you stay at? Now I’m concerned about AQSC
  18. Haaaaaa! That definition means it’s for all ages. I’ll always be young at heart. Who needs overindulging snobs? 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  19. I’m specifically asking about the Queen. Thanks.
  20. Can we get a Covid test at home before we cruise? I would rather not do a rapid test. Too many false positives and negatives.
  21. Good question. Does AQS have a walking track or walking area on board? I am not able to tell looking at the deck plan. We sail on the Queen in November.
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