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  1. KruznKel

    My Breeze 1/13 Review 1/13

    Great review :) This is an Oceania ship and they always dock on that side of the Port ;)
  2. KruznKel

    Maintain VIFP Platinum Status Requirements?

    Nope once you have reached Platinum you will stay there until the next level :)
  3. KruznKel

    Cheers program specific questions

    What he said :)
  4. KruznKel

    FTTF Line same as VIP

    You must be confusing me with the OP of the picture.. it is not me.. I was stating what happened to me before FTTF and being Platinum you had asked about the VIP area outside which I responded to.. sorry for that:o
  5. KruznKel

    FTTF Line same as VIP

    It is also on your luggage tags the porters know what to do;)
  6. KruznKel

    FTTF Line same as VIP

    Yes it is huge and is outside... we never had an issue when we sailed from there as we were not Platinum at the time... we just waited on our side;)
  7. KruznKel

    FTTF Line same as VIP

    Seems Carnival made a big mistake thinking that changing VIP and adding VIFP and then changing it to PRIORITY would help those be less confuzzled... They should have left VIP alone and just added the FTTF program separate.. wait what.. that would have made sense!!:rolleyes:
  8. KruznKel

    FTTF Line same as VIP

    Long Beach.. for the Splendor..
  9. KruznKel

    Carnival 2016 Mystery ship

    Breeze and Magic are 130,000 and the Dream is 128,000
  10. KruznKel

    Cheers Comparison Chart

    [quote name='Rowan555']Can't wait to read all about it! Our cruise is the 20th, and I'm soaking up every bit of information! I just had two surgeries, so I've had two weeks of no alcohol - I may be too much of a lightweight by the time the cruise rolls around to even do the Cheers package ;-)[/QUOTE] You can always have a few with alcohol and mix it up with soda and the non alcoholic margs or daq's ")
  11. KruznKel

    Tell me all about the VALOR...

    Loved the Valor you won't be disappointed... search the port of calls boards regarding your excursions... you will find lots of great info there.. go enjoy the 2.0 doesn't make the ship and it is not a smaller boat the Conquest class are a fair size!!
  12. KruznKel

    Hola! Just Booked Our Second Cruise

    Congrats!! Coz if you are looking for a relaxing beach day Mr Sanchos AI.. you can search on line .. and for Cayman the Stingrays if you haven't done them.. Native Way is a great company ;) You can also check the port of call boards for any other excursions that you maybe interested in:)
  13. KruznKel

    First timer....be gentle

    [quote name='katcruiser1']Hi all....Happy New Year. New to this site and took a few days of reading thru a lot of posts before I had the nerve to post. Thinking about my first cruise this fall, either Nov. or Dec. Would you choose a shorter cruise or jump right into a week long cruise? Any tips for a newbie? Thanks in advance...... [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=5][COLOR=magenta][I]Katie[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] [SIZE="3"]Welcome.. my advice.. is keep reading and reading.. and if you can't find the answer which is unlikely you can ask away.. also take the longer cruise you will thank yourself after for it... and if you think you won't get seasick.. bring meds anyways... [/SIZE] ;)
  14. KruznKel

    BCS National Championship?

    The sports bar is the place to go..
  15. Fantastic neptuno thanks so much for responding.. Happy New Year:)