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  1. We just got off of our first Carnival Cruise. We loved it! We had a cove. I am now attempting to book a cove and an interior next to it. The only options are rooms #2354 & 2348. Both are under the galley and the reviews for the rooms next to them are horrible. Has anyone stayed in these rooms or have tips for dealing with the galley noise? I feel like I am crazy for spending $3000 on a vacation where I may not get to sleep. I really want to stay on 2 but I need my room to be across from my kids and this is the only option.
  2. What a great review! We are sailing in July and cannot wait! I have never sailed with Carnival. You mentioned tickets for the tender..is this required at all times or just if you want to get off the ship early? Also, can you get them the night before instead of the morning of? Royal (Empress) did not require these so I am unfamiliar with this process.
  3. So could we be waiting hours to board? With RC we checked in and immediately got on the ship. This will be my first Carnival Cruise.
  4. Hahaha no .... my phone is awful. I have enough storage for Facebook and the HubApp (I had to deleted FB messenger to get that) and that is it. I need a new phone....
  5. 1.) I will not have space on my phone to download the Uber App. It appears I can use it from the Google Internet on my phone. Is this correct? 2.) My very first Uber use will be when I arrive at the airport. Is this going to be an issue or should I Uber somewhere else (at home) first? 3.) Are their fare estimators usually pretty accurate?
  6. We will be on the Magic for the 07/14 cruising. Our ports are Half Cay, Grand Turk, and Amber Cove. Is it crazy that I am considering not doing any excursions? Half Cay will be a beach day for us and GT/AC I am planning on utilizing the pools and the shopping area. What do ya'll think? I booked a cove balcony which is what I am looking forward to the most. No kids, just my hubby & I.
  7. I booked a cove balcony (Magic) for this summer and I will not be upgrading. I love the idea of being that close to the water.
  8. What was the offer? We go on our first Carnival cruise this year and I was not aware that they even offered this.
  9. Serious question (sorry first time on Carnival): Why would I need to buy a wifi package to print off boarding passes? It will not be coming from my phone.....Royal Caribbean had computers we could use...does Carnival not have computers?
  10. I cannot be sitting at a table with anyone who orders fish/shellfish (thank you airborne allergy)....do you think they will be able to give me a table for 2 each night?
  11. I know when you fly your passport has to match your booking 100%. Well, carnival keeps cutting off the last letter of my husband's first name on our booking. Will this be an issue? I can go in and edit it, it will show up, I hit save, and it disappears again. Also, are there printers on the Magic? I will need to print my airline boarding passes while on the ship.
  12. Look at deck plans to see what is below and above you. Avoid the gallery. I like being in between rooms on each level.
  13. As an adult who will be using the Serenity area all I ask is that they behave and I am sure at their age that they will. I plan on going there to relax and get away form the craziness for a little bit.
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