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  1. Not me! I had my May cruise cancelled. Transferred the FCC to a cruise in July and the remainder paid off my October cruise & gave me $650 OBC. Well, July was cxld yesterday and I opted for the refund this time. Once cruising starts I am thinking about re-booking for next year but I will need my refund first. I was reading the RC board and many people got refunds within 2 weeks. Carnival's slowness is unacceptable.
  2. I guess I was not clear😃 I never asked for FCC on my July cruise that was just cancelled. It was purchased with FCC.....I already applied for the full refund. I am asking how the refund will be handled since no payments were made on it as it was purchased with FCC....
  3. When my May cruise was cancelled I elected for FCC on a July cruise. Now that the July cruise has been cancelled as well I requested a full refund. How will that work since I did not make any payments on that cruise? *A portion of the FCC went to pay off my October cruise as the July cruise was cheaper than my May cruise.
  4. Everyone seems to have received today's cancellation email yet I have not. Anyone else not yet received the email?
  5. I have been wondering if this would be a possibility. I would be ok with this for my July cruise as I just need to relax and get away!
  6. Thanks everyone for your responses and keeping it nice! I myself am cruising in July and October, hopefully!
  7. So if that is the case & they deny the claim do you think he will still face any of the ramifications above?
  8. I've seen those articles but I find it highly unlikely if they were really planning on returning his money. The one case I have seen of this was someone who filed a $3k dispute because she did not like her room (she actually went on her cruise) & they actually did end up letting her sail again (she had to fight with them though).
  9. **Trying to help a friend so please do not attack me** My friend had his cruised cancelled (many of us can relate). Because Carnival sent him zero emails in regards to the cancellation/refunds he went ahead & disputed his Cheers/Shore Excursion purchases (he rescheduled the cruise so no dispute for the fair). I warned him that there may be consequences for this decision. What consequences could he face with Carnival (this is money that obviously would have been credited back to him if he had been more patient)? I am thinking he may not be able to use a credit card for his S &am
  10. I'm set to cruise on the Magic on May 31st. I am not cancelling however, I feel confidident that Carnival will cancel it unfortunately.
  11. I really hope they don't cancel my 05/31 cruise. For the first time I was able to book to cruises this year. Obviously, people's health is more important than our vacations but it still stinks. Viking & Princess are more European, correct? That is the only hope I am holding on to.
  12. Half Moon Cay. The water was the clearest I have ever seen. Plenty of chairs. Free lunch. Very relaxing. Having said that I have only been to HMC, Amber Cove (Not a fan of the DR), and Turks (Nice but not as nice as HMC) with Carnival. I have been to Key West & Grand Cayman but that was on Royal. I did not enjoy Grand Cayman however, I really liked Key West,
  13. Great review! We sailed her in July & are sailing her 2 times this year! I do have a question though: This time we are taking the kids. Wondering how ya'll spent your time on the balcony? Did they bring you extra chairs? Were the kids fine sitting on the floor? I love putting my feet up and reading on the balcony but I also want to be with my kids. Thank you!
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