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  1. Ah, yet another school day for this little black duck. Thank you for the clarification.
  2. You may find this a little difficult to believe but, I can be a bit precious when it comes to my comfort and expectations. With that in mind, I never enter the Guarantee Lottery when booking a cabin. My favourite possie is midships between two accommodation decks. On Princess, that's Baja Deck and I will walk over the broken and bleeding bodies of my fellow passengers in order to achieve this. Girl's gotta have standards!
  3. I agree with By the Bay, I believe that you can bring on board one bottle per adult passenger at every port without paying a fee.
  4. I remain in jealous awe of those living on the eastern side of this great country. So many cheap and interesting cruises are available out to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne but, it you're over in the west you can only dream of such options. By the time you add you airfares, airport parking and at least one night's accommodation into the economic mix, you're no longer looking at a cheap trip. Good for all that can take advantage of such special offers though.
  5. Not to worry Leigh, it's all good. So easy to misread posts, especially when you're in a hurry or doing two things at once. Have a nice evening, Dee.
  6. Actually, that's my point. Unless it specifically says that it is a continental brekkie, it will be a full buffet.
  7. The Holiday Inn in Darling Harbour is a lovely centrally locate place to stay. However, for my money I prefer the Amora on Jamison - https://www.amorahotels.com/hotels/amora-hotel-jamison-sydney . This is where we stay when visiting NSW pre-cruise, easy distance to the Quay and lovely hotel. With regard to the breakfast query, unless it specifically says that it is a continental buffet you should be confident that there will be the usual range of calories and cholesterol - bacon / sausages / hash brown / mushrooms / eggs / tomatoes / pastries / toast / cereal / yoghurt / fruit etc etc etc. Many places will also offer to make eggs to your specific request and I'm sure that an egg white omelette should not be too difficult but if it is, maybe one day without eggs wouldn't be the end of the world.
  8. You could try Con-X-Ion a transfer company which will take you door to door (Sydney International Airport to Circular Quay Cruise Terminal) for $44 per couple. It also offers a return service which you can arrange for $88 per couple. https://www.con-x-ion.com/Bookings/Airport-Transfers I'm a big fan of this group as it's not let me down yet. Although to be honest a taxi at $50 is probably a better bet, unless you'r paying extra for luggage and any Christmas Day surcharge.
  9. It certainly is, an especially pleasurable massage. So I'm told.
  10. As everybody has already said, familiarise yourselves with the links and then declare, declare, declare! You don't want to end up with a starring role in Border Security or a body cavity search............but, then again, I don't know you so maybe you do????????????
  11. Yew yew yew and oh poo(h)! Not enough toilets on trains for such an awful event either. Can just imagine standing in my gold class dogbox bashing on the door for my partner to get out. Ugh!
  12. I was very keen to take a river cruise and I still pretty much am. Like many, I was also looking at Budapest to Amsterdam (my late parents honeymooned in Amsterdam) and then onto the Rhine. However, when I checked out the various providers (Avalon / Scenic etc) I discovered some fairly concerning sections of the T & Cs which have put me off. The situation in the link is actually made fairly clear in the contract. For my peace of mind, I'm happier to cruise the Irrawaddy /Mekong/ Mississippi / Murray/ Kimberley etc rather than a European destination, these cruises never seem to have any diffculty with water levels.
  13. My blonde brain my be in overdrive today; I read this as I heard that we cannot carryone any guns, chips, pretzels etc. Just about had apoplexy! 😂
  14. To be fair, they may operate very well in their own area of expertise ie the Mediterranean. The Freo-Rome cruise in 2015 was their first foray into the Australian market and may well the reason why they don't seem to operate out of our ports any more. They just seemed to miss the mark entirely with Australian expectations.
  15. We did a 35 day crusie with MSC in 2015 - Fremantle to Rome. While I loved the ports and the holiday, MSC were woeful. I would never ever take a cruise with them again. The food was awful, they oversold drinks packages and ran out of beer (other than Amstel Light,) Baileys and an awful lot of spirits before we reached Colombo. They also did not correctly anticipate the food requirements and were running out of heaps of usual food stuffs prior to Colombo, as well. At every port we waited in specific areas for between 30 minutes and two hours to disembark and after one shore excursion more than 2000 people waited on the freezing concrete of the port for more than two hours to reboard. One elderly person was so affected by the cold and waiting times that she collapsed and had to be taken on board in a wheel chair. This is just a very few matters which caused dissatisfaction with every passenger keen to enter into discussions about why they would never take another MSC cruise. We found the staff attitude (not cabin or buffet staff) appalling. We had paid for a certain level of cabin (middle deck mid-ships balcony) and when we boarded we discovered our cabin had been downgraded. Customer Service staff were not interested and we were told that as the ship was full we could either like it or lump it (I'm paraphrasing as they had limited English or pretended that they had limited English) . We were also refused a reimbursement for the more expensive cabin. We pre-paid laundry packages and a few days out of Rome, I put a number of bags of laundry out for washing etc, and they laundry refused to take them as they were 'too busy'. Complaints fell on deaf ears and once again, we were refused reimbursement of our packages. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as many people suffered loss and damaged clothing after sending it to the laundry. Look, I could go on for hours about the disaster that was a very expensive experience with MSC but if I could just leave you with the following thought; I would rather rub liniment in my eyeballs while simultaneously shoving bamboo under my fingernails, than take another MSC cruise. In fact, it I won one in a raffle, I would refuse to accept it.
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