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  1. Family with kids ranging 9-14 years old along and grandparent (70 ish). Celebrity Millennium or NCL Jewel? My is a doctor and we like nice things and luxury when we travel but also want our kids to have a good time. Which would you suggest?
  2. What if different people in the stateroom want different options. One wants to cancel and have money retuned. Other wants to rebook and OBC. Is that allowed?
  3. It's been 13 years but went to an amazing restaurant in Cartagena. It was a local restaurant and I believe a lot of the cruise ship employees go there. I remember seeing the ship doctor there. It was located near the water and ocean front hotels. I remember going to a place to use a phone to the US across the street. If I remember, this restaurant had an atrium in the middle. Any ideas on restaurant name?
  4. Looking at a CB-connecting balcony room on the Anthem of the Seas. Does the room connecting (shared door) or does the balcony connect? Going with elderly parents and not so concerned about room but would love to have one big nice balcony.
  5. Is it true that as of now, for future cruises, you won't be able to get off the boat and do your own thing? You can only get off the ship on a cruise line sponsored tour?
  6. I'm trying to understand, and want your thoughts. Say I take the FCC and $600...... Paid $2500 for my cruise. FCC, will be $2500 since Carnival canceled (not me). However, the "replacement" cruise I want is only $1400. What happens to the other $1100?
  7. Thanks. Ovation does rt Seattle and we want to see Seward/Denali.
  8. No, the adults really want a balcony. The room for 5 with 2 bedrooms is over $13,000.
  9. Doing Alaska with husband and 3 kids. Would really like a balcony cabin with a connecting OV cabin. Are there any? 2 balcony cabins are too much and the suites are too much. Don't want to put kids across the hall either.
  10. Going this week, so no time to reserve. looking for recommendations in Majahaul, as I want to see the town. Only in port from 1-sundown (5p?). Want uncrowded-not chairs one on top of the other. Good pico, drinks, and cheap massages. Suggestions?
  11. thanks. Can you tell me exactly what happens? Do you stand in line? How does it work--Enchantment? Already upload photos.
  12. It has been years since I've cruised with RCCL. So excited to be going again next week. In the past, you would approach the desk, give them your passport, they would take a picture, get your credit card for on-board purchases, etc. Then you get your key/card, take the welcome aboard picture and you get on the ship. Now, with the new electronic on-line check-in, uploading my picture, my passport, etc. how does it all work? I just would like to know what to expect.
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