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  1. jean0151

    Decor in Dawn Venetian Dining Room

    Manager told us after dry dock it was discovered had no copyrites for them
  2. We loved bob sledding at Mystic Mountain. Also, zipling there. I was chicken to do the rides, the rest of our family did. I enjoyed the pool and a cocktail from the bar.
  3. We got off breakaway on 2 25. . Entrance is deck 12 by elevator. Kids running and laying down waiting to get in. Remember this was Feb break. Disgruntled parents. Acting as bad as some of the kids. Seems not enough room for all of the kids. Teen club is on deck 16 by h2o spice.it might just be a freak thing. I have never seen lines like this. Good luck
  4. I think that is a big gamble. So many variables. flight delay, traffic etc. We always go the day before. Wake up all rested from all day traveling and ready to go.
  5. jean0151

    Hotels in New York

    We stayed at a Holiday Inn express and actually walked to cruiseport. Avoided all the traffic congestion at the cruiseport.
  6. jean0151

    Looking for hotels NJ side.......

    we recently stayed at a holiday inn express between 9th and 10yh ave. We walked to the cruise ship. Very convenient.
  7. jean0151

    Cheers program

    Pre paid for drink package. Out of New York you will must pay for drinks for the first day of cruise. Even if you buy on board first day.... drinks must be paid for until 6 pm that night. Guess that is a New YOrk city law.
  8. jean0151


    Does the Legend now have a Guys burger and alchemy bar?
  9. jean0151


    Decided to jump ship after 14 carnival sailings. Only because I wanted to sail out of NY and had been on Splendor last year. Well, I could not believe that the price of this feb cruise has dropped almost $1500 for the four of us. NCL offers NOTHING. I was in shock !!!! I will keep haunting them. The last cruise on Carnival I ended up with a $900 shipboard credit. I check the price once a day. I can tell you Ill be going back to Carnival.
  10. jean0151

    price drop

    because the last cruise on carnival i ended up with $900 shipboard credit. In good faith i think NCL should offer a little something.
  11. jean0151

    price drop

    My first cruise out of NY in 1981 was $850 with only a window and sharing with 2 other girls. First time on NCL -- looking forward to the breakaway. We are carnival sailers who will lower your price or after final payment give you shipboard credit. So I guess Ill go back to them.
  12. jean0151

    The other side of the pricing issue

    but in my case I paid top dollar because it is president's week with only a $50 OBC. my price dropped almost $1500 dollars . that's a big deal. I am usally a carnival sailer and they honor this if you book an early saver.
  13. jean0151

    price drop

    we are sailing on breakaway on 2/16. The price has come down DRAMATICALLY NCL won't give us shipboard credit or an upgrade with paying additional money. We paid top dollar for this cruise and the price has dropped almost $1,500 for the 4 of us. Any advice??????
  14. jean0151

    Breakaway spa pass question

    can you buy the pass before you cruise thru ncl website?
  15. we sailed in March. for the week I think it was 150 for one and maybe 250 for 2. Also when we purchased for 2 . we got a free treatment. not froma technican, but products in a private area you apply to yourself and your partner or friend if you choose. My friend got sick so I went by myself. it was really nice. That entire area if worth every penny. check it out==especially for us sailing in the cold weather-- it was a great spot to relax in. have fun.