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  1. I like the location. Since we do a lot of trans-Atlantics with many sea days, that stairway up to the gym and the open decks are nice for early morning deck jog and afternoon work-out.
  2. Actually, the wife and I enjoyed those Happy Hours. Not so much for the drink menu 😉 but for the folks we meet. Over the years we met some fantastic couples up in the Sky Lounge that we are still friends with & keep in contact with today. Now, that you can get a drink (during the Happy Hour period) at almost every bar we found Sky Lounge pretty much deserted. Something we missed.
  3. For the last dozen years we cruised on average 2x per year with about 80% on Celebrity. When we finally attained Elite several years back, on all the Celebrity cruises we never got a drink or a wifi package because we found the Elite perks to be just fine. Finally made it to Elite+. Our first cruise with that status would be our next cruise, whenever that would be with the pandemic issue. Well, I guess that does not really matter anymore.
  4. This is a bummer. Every morning on sea days (experience a lot of those since we like trans-Atlantics and long Pacific cruises) I do my sunrise walk/slow jog 🙂. On S class ships I walk/jog from almost bow to stern. Start at the track and go up the steps past the lawns and Sunset Bar. Then back to track up the stairs 2 decks to the Solstice deck where I round around back for another loop. I find this gives a little variety and little aerobic benefit doing the steps :). It's early, usually one of the few doing this. Nice early morning start.
  5. I don't know if you ever been to FCO (Rome Int'n Airport), they have security measures that are a little more involved (you go to one terminal and then transfer to another) then other European Airports that have flights to USA. Taking that in consideration and the chaos at Civtavecchia I would recommend a overnight. I usually stay at the Tulip Rome Airport. Good shuttle service, clean, nice breakfast, several nearby good Italian restaurants within walking distance and a reasonable price.
  6. I was booked on that cruise. Barcelona-Ft Lauderdale. I could really use a cruise now 😞 Maybe soon they can work out some Caribbean itineraries with viable safety measures in place.
  7. About 4 or 5 years ago I was on the Reflection and I took a big box snorkel tour in St Martin. The return was cutting it very close to departure and I would have normally have been sweating bullets but it was combined with the Celebrity snorkel tour. Saved between 10% to 15%. Under normal circumstances I say go with it. Travel from Malaga to Alicante is doable if you hung-up. With this pandemic situation, you may want to wait. If you book the ship tour as a back-up, you can cancel with a full refund up to 24hrs prior to the start of the tour.
  8. I always noticed when I pay for my Celebrity Cruise that it is listed as Royal Caribbean on my credit card bill.
  9. I think Celebrity is making a mistake by keeping the window to use FCC only till 12/31/2021. When Celebrity cancelled my April, 2020 Reflection trans-Atlantic cruise last March they gave me the option of full refund or FCC. I originally opted for the FCC with the deadline of 12/31/2020. Received a email stating that. After the wife and I thought about it with these questions-is this virus crisis going to be over? will we put our health in danger if we fill the standards Celebrity institute are unsafe? or will we be forced to settle for a cruise we really don't want just to get it i
  10. We did something similar to this on the Solstice last Sept/October. Love the sea days, never bored.
  11. Finally! My refund for our April 24th Reflection Trans-Atlantic came in today. I originally cancelled my cruise end of March for FCC. Got the FCC letter in mid-April with the amount with a Dec 31st 2021 expiration date. After we thought about it taking in consideration this virus may not be over or we would have to settle on a cruise just to get it in, we decided on the refund. Called our big box TA and he called for the refund. He did note he was surprised that Celebrity agreed so easily but it would take 90 days. Well we in the process of selling a house and did not give much consideration t
  12. 15 years ago I was working on the Gulf Coast and we took a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Holiday out of Mobile. I thought that was the oldest ship in the Carnival fleet. 🙂 It certainly looked it. We did take the RCCL Empress of the Seas about 2 or 3 years ago specifically to see Havana. It was old but refurbished nicely.
  13. Several years ago I was on the Silhouette and my cabin key constantly would not work. Must went back and forth to Guest Services 4-5 times for a 7 day cruise to get a new keys. Funny the wife's key worked all the time. They felt sorry for me and gave me a bottle of wine. 😉 And they did not charge me a corkage fee when I asked them to open it 😉
  14. Could be a reverse. If the globe moves into deep recessation and unemployment spikes (which it's already doing), cruise jobs can become very desireable.
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