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  1. We also took the 8:15 time slot. We were on the beach by 9:00am and we were picked back up at 12:30pm for the ride back to the ship. The earlier time slot is better as the beach isn't as crowded and there is a large stack of chairs that can be used for free in front of Soggy Dollar... but as the day progresses the beach fills up. Be aware, there is very little shady areas ; and there isn't umbrellas. Same as the day Sid was there; there was a large cruise ship moored just off the beach and their passengers were being tendered back and forth from the ship; as well as lots of private excursion boats in front of the beach so the view was somewhat blocked. Still, a beautiful beach and crystal clear water! We did not eat on the beach as we'd had a large breakfast prior to leaving the ship... just a few drinks at Soggy's; so I can't speak for any of the restaurants
  2. I paid $7.00 for the Pain Killer. Their drinks looked to be standard bar costs....
  3. Yes, Very Much So... Sid's pictures showed exactly what it looks like!
  4. There is also another main show: Choir of Man during the week (2 showings on 2 nights) so that is why … they both take place in the main theater. Both have major staging; so they show the 4 Choir of Man earlier in the week, and then change out the stage for the 4 shows of Kinky Boots
  5. The Mini Beer is just that- a shot that looks like a mini beer. Made with Licor 43, a smooth Spanish liqueur comprised of 43 secret ingredients, and a dash of cream to add the “foam head,” this fun shot is perfect for parties, tailgating and more! There isn't any beer in this shot... it just looks like a little beer. Have never had this liqueur before, but have read about this shot on lots of the C.C. posts. It is absolutely delicious!
  6. Kinky Boots showed on 2 different days / with two different shows on each of the 2 days (Early Show 7:30 - Late Show 10:30pm) for a total of 4 chances to see the show. The shows were on Thursday & Friday nights
  7. Just got home yesterday from a week on the AMAZING new Encore. I'm not going to write a review because I couldn't top Sid's review from the prior week; and am still too tired. However, for those of you that have questions about the cruise in general, I will try to answer. The shows and entertainment on board were fantastic! The food was good! Booze Good! And the loungers in the Observation Lounge were awesome! (Despite the nappers and bare feet!) For all of you questioning how people can sleep in public... I dare you to sit in one of those, stare out at the beautiful ocean; and NOT SLEEP??? I swear, there is some sort of sleeping dust sprinkled in 15 minute intervals in that lounge! The most peaceful place on the ship... and yet an active, rowdy crowd, always at the bar... from Age 18-99 at any given time! (Complete with our favorite bartender from the Escape: "Lovely", and her sidekick "Ida"... who she brought along from their most recent job on the Bliss) My husband and I discovered what the "Mini-Beer" fuss is all about... ALL WEEK LONG! When you have this team running things at this bar; who needs to pay $200 extra bucks to have their own private bar to escape to? The Jost Van Dyke excursion on the Rebel Yell was the absolute best day ever... and the PainKillers at the Soggy Dollar were great too! I have the Freestyle Dailys from the week, so if you all have any questions, will try to answer them.
  8. We were just on the Encore 12/08-12/15. The ship docked right in front of the downtown area ; across from a Walgreens... if that helps.
  9. Sid Just a general question, please... when in Tortola , is it cash only at the bars there; and if so, do they take US $ ?
  10. We took the open air bus to get out to the beach on 2 different stops in Tortola. 2017 & 2015. Both times the driver was very efficient and the buses were full. Fast driving and he stopped to see a couple of pretty over looks. They charge one price when you go out to the beach, and charge again to get back to the ship. They also tell you what time and where to pick up the buses after the day on the beach. Much cheaper than using the excursions through the cruise line. We left ourselves plenty of time to get back to the ship, so we weren't late. These buses are safe to use.
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