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  1. I can confirm that the Royal does have the new wi-fi, and it was very nice to use. Maybe this was the first week of the new wi-fi...there was a lot of confusion on the ship and long lines at the Internet Cafe for several days!
  2. We’re on the Royal now. No OM, but we did have the unlimited internet. I’ll just warn you. There were a lot of questions/confusion about what was going on and the line in the Internet Cafe was ridiculous for the first few days!!
  3. We’re also on the Royal now. I had initially pre-purchased internet minutes (Ruby level, so no freebies yet). I wish I hadn’t done that and had just signed on the Internet when we got on board and purchased the unlimited plan the first day. The internet situation caused a lot of confusion because the line at the Internet Cafe was a mile long at least the first few days!!
  4. Thank you for all the replies! I feel better now. Wish I could figure out why I’ve been constantly having to reset my password while on board...not a major issue, but a little annoying. Sad our cruise is coming to an end, but time to plan the next one! I already did the deposits on board. Time for a final trip to the Lotus Spa! 😁
  5. The information in the disembarkation information sheet I received this morning says we will be arriving at Pier 21...now I’m confused!
  6. Thank you so much! We generally fly to FLL to cruise out of Port Everglades, but drove this time to visit family in Florida. It never dawned on me that we could leave out of one pier and arrive in a different one!!
  7. Sorry if this is been posted, but I’m having trouble searching and keep getting a notification that my password is incorrect, so I’m having trouble even posting. We are parked in the Pier 2 parking garage in Port Everglades and found out the ship will be arriving at a different pier on Saturday. When we get off the ship, will there be any kind of transportation available by Princess to take us back to Pier 2 parking?
  8. I understand completely! Sounds like you’ve been given the contact options. I just hope you have a wonderful cruise and all goes well at home!
  9. We always book the mini-suites. We really like the extra space. We don’t pack light and need every inch of the cabin!
  10. Thank you! I'm worried about the exact same thing. We're supposed to fly out of Atlanta this Friday to FLL and I'm worried about the whole process with TSA, air traffic controllers, etc.
  11. Hope the doggies did ok! We're leaving next Friday, and I'm already stressed about leaving our sweet girl (though I can't wait for the cruise)!
  12. I know we have the "early" time on the Royal, also on the 19th. I guess we'll find out soon enough...
  13. Good to know! It will be my first time there!
  14. No reservation needed. I don't have a menu, but the pizzas and sangria are wonderful! Looking forward to going in a week
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