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  1. Thanks for this info. Will take a load off our minds.
  2. Thanks to both of you for your responses. Using AA Advantage Miles is sometimes difficult. Looks like we will have to purchase a ticket from Amsterdam to Heathrow on BA, and then use AA Advantage Miles from Heathrow to DFW. Using that scenario, thought we would be stuck taking luggage from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3. Rick
  3. At Heathrow, wondering what is the best way to get from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 with luggage. Terminals don't seem to be attached. How long does it take. Many thanks, Rick
  4. ricntina

    Tipping question. Be nice!

    They can be adjusted or removed. Go to Guest Services.
  5. ricntina

    Gibraltar -- Ship Tours

    We will also be on the cruise with you. How did you find out that the cable cars would not be operating as that is what we planned to do. Rick and Happy Thanksgiving
  6. ricntina

    Biggest difference between Celebrity and Royal Caribbean

    Jack: Thanks for your comments. Actually, neither Tina nor myself are really Texans. Tina is from NY and I'm orig from Chicago, but we sure do like it here in Fort Worth. Other than that, I seem to be somewhat of a trouble maker. Rick
  7. ricntina

    Biggest difference between Celebrity and Royal Caribbean

    Well yes I am sensitive. In fact after reading your post, I cried and had trouble falling asleep:rolleyes:. Actually, when I posted my comment I had a big smile :) on my face and I knew you were not talking about me. On every cruise we have taken, there have always been rude, pushy, loud and generally obnoxious folks on board. I guess that just goes with the territory, but I don't let that bother me. However, to be honest, I just don't like the term "lower class". Guess I don't like the term "upper class" either. We try and make friends with everybody and it has aways worked out well for us. Rick
  8. ricntina

    Biggest difference between Celebrity and Royal Caribbean

    Gosh. Never realized we were low class. Rick
  9. Wonder why the dates and locations are no longer being shown for the M&Ms. Even todays cruises are blank :confused:.
  10. ricntina

    2013 Transatlantic Schedule?

    Word going around is that the TA schedules for 2013 will be coming out in March. Rick :)
  11. Have always been able to get it in the MDR, but not in the WJ. However, on one cruise we had a waiter in the WJ who went and got it for me. It is usually available in the MDR for dinner. Looks like a big glass of wine :D.
  12. Patti: Who did you see? Rick
  13. Sherry: Are you having any problems with your e-mail. Rick :)
  14. Just thought we would stop by and wish you all a great cruise and say how sorry we are that we had to cancel when we did. We know there are a few of you that we will be seeing on the Jewel TA and with any luck we might be able to hook up with more of you in the future. Rick and Tina
  15. ricntina

    Looking for a QUIET beach~

    We usually go to Orient, but last year tried Little Divi Bay and it was a very pleasant surprise. Calm, quiet, close by and clean :) restrooms . Going back this April and will go to Divi again.