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  1. Fingers crossed he doesn't forget! I wonder what is being done for arriving in countries insisting a negative PCR test is required for entry. Viking have an onboard lab for PCR testing, but I don't think SS has? Obviously they may obtain dispensation, but unless they do, it's yet another barrier we will face. I know the UK is (allegedly) set to announce new quarantine rules for returning from red countries, but think that will just mean you can do so at home. For me, that's completely fine - but my wife is a hairdresser and a full month off is never gonna happen!
  2. I fully expect that too. I've removed the US off my "can't do" list for January - which is now just down to 3. Panama, Ecuador and Peru... It's all or nothing unfortunately - but it is more optimistic than at any time in the past year that it could happen. (Though not sure if those countries are allowing tourists and if so SS can negotiate something similar to what its done with Chile.)
  3. Despite the response to my email a month ago assuring me I would be contacted within 14 days, I am still waiting. I'm also still awaiting the FCC for the cancelled Sky Princess booking that was done 3 months ago. Are Princess finances that bad or are they just incompetent / hope if they ignore, you will just go away?
  4. Just speaking with friends on with you.... They asked a barman who said there were approx 550 onboard and 150 from UK..... Sound right? They are living it so far.
  5. Points make prizes! 😆 I think I left the Wind with all my tokens and no prize - I bet I've lost them.
  6. Fingers crossed it happens. I'm also on this sailing and fairly sure, if the US is banned the ship won't sail.
  7. Finally made a start to editing and have just posted Viking Sea arriving at Sibenik. 100 minutes condensed to 10 minutes!
  8. Cloud on her way to Montevideo just left....
  9. Gym was hardly used and don't think bookings was needed. Spa did need bookings but was always very easy. They placed number limitations on the number of people in each pool or room. We always got a time we chose on the day, so again, it wasn't over subscribed. That included the second sea day, but suspect a TA will be booked more. In Croatia and Malta, we could tour on our own.
  10. Ah ok, soz. I was scratching my head trying to work out now what was wrong with the pdf daily vikings I'd posted! lol in the end she packed a small mirror which she took in her case. I'd completely forgotten about the mirror!
  11. Indeed, mine also for 3rd Jan. Also the cruise number changed to MO220103016. It couldn't really happen could it? lol ! Lots of reds to disappear first!. If it's physically possible... Will see you on board. First round on me.😆 Not on the website yet, but hopefully in the next month or so. 😁
  12. Oh my days.. . What a brain freeze! I was so happy to get the chore of scanning them all out of the way, I just wanted to get them uploaded.
  13. Oops! Not sure why I typed Viking Star..... They are of course Viking sea!
  14. As promised elsewhere, please find attached a complete set of "Daily Viking" for the Viking Star Croatian cruise from 19 to 29 October. Hopefully they are useful for someone. (12.5Mb in total) viking-star-19-29-sep-21.pdf
  15. I can just see all the ships lining up now for some fuel at the pumps!
  16. If repeated cancellations still carried VS loyalty rewards for the cancelled cruise, we might have! 🤣
  17. I expect all cruise lines have that caveat in their T&Cs.
  18. There are two forms for Malta (at least thats the case for the UK). One is the online PLF and the other is a medical declaration. They wanted to see both and also my Vaccine record at the booth just as you leave the airport security.
  19. I did ask Viking about verifly on the return and was told not to. They said they deal with it all for us. The net result was we couldn't select seats (probably BA doing it before 48 hours were up), nor could we check in. The was one person in the queue who had used it and got their boarding pass. However, in Malta, there were three lines all the same to check in and drop bags off. I guess it depends on your departure airport. But not doing it isn't a problem, as long as you have everything. Just sent back to Randox day 2. That's 12 PCRs in 13 days!!! I'd be very surprised if I get a different result to all the others.... Though the Viking PCR wasn't unpleasant like the Randox one. I've booked a Jan Northern Lights, which clashes with Panama. My logic is that if miracles happen and it sails, I simply postpone Norway for a year.
  20. My thoughts on the PLF was that as we needed to show proof of the ships PCR, we obviously needed to show the document, so figured it would be fine. There was only one person I spoke to who was able to upload the proof they required. It really is a joke that something so allegedly essential and important that they can't even get that right. The more I think about this day 2 for us, after the number of tests we've just had makes it all the more pointless. Just posted our Randox (passing petrol queues) that is collected at 3.30 and believe the results come in tonight just after midnight. We shall see. Not in the slightest anxious over that.
  21. I hadn't realised you were jetting off a day after me! Have a belated well wish for your cruise! We arrived back yesterday. Had a great time, despite every effort by the government and the rather cynical exasperating form filling (both ends) that left you uncertain if everything was done correctly and tests needed, plus BA doing it's bit to make it a less than pleasant ordeal..... but hey, it was great. We did manage to get the PLF filled out ok on the ship, but unable to upload the documents that was specifically requested. We did see someone unable to check in at the airport and let away (presumably to fill in the forms he didnt have with him).... and they certainly prefer paper than electronic. That was everywhere. Arriving back in Heathrow at 2pm, the queue for passport control was horrendously long, but fortunately was surprisingly quick and unsurprisingly the printed copies of vaccine, PLF or pre flight PCR was shunned and not needed. Anyway........ hope it continues to be enjoyable on your private yacht... Ours was 497, so just under 50%. Great for passengers, not so great for CL survival.
  22. I rather suspect they read CC and there are not too many guests with you from Northumberland...... said in my best Sherlock voice! 😆
  23. Jan 3rd still showing in as Silver Dawn in my.silversea (95 days to go) but given the wording used in that email (this cruise is going ahead with the Moon and just a minor change - if you don't accept usual cancellation rules apply) given SS were closed down so the 120 days were breached. Covid Red rules applied differently for US to UK, so theoretically it could sale for US guests and UK not be allowed..... and the thought of ".... but the cruise sailed" thrown back, despite not being physically allowed to sale without the ability to get insurance or needing to quarantine for 11 days at the cost of £5K for 2, means SS can forget UK guests sailing on it unless the the remaining 7 out of the 8 countries downgrade to amber. Its all or nothing on the front unfortunately. This is actually the 3rd cruise under the same booking, so its getting a bit tiresome - but more, worrying with what I feel is going on at the moment especially after a 2 week blackout and the 70% price hike from Jan 2022 for the identical cruise in Jan 2023. (Yes I know it now includes a limo from home to the airport - which I don't want - and excursions which we are unlikely to use.) .
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