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  1. We were on Epic 2 weeks ago. Once you get on board, parents can grant permission for under 14 year olds to use the App. Make sure you download the App onto their device before you leave. We brought my old phone and downloaded the app for my 10 year old so he could be on the group texts. It's $10 for the week and works off the ship WIFI- so you can use old phone or iPod.
  2. We had the boat from 9-5, we spent around an hour at a small uninhabited island, about 2 hours at White Bay-Soggy and Hendos, some time snorkeling around White bay, and an hour at Foxy's. You can customize the trip.
  3. We reserved Captain Rudy through Ocean Magic Mitch charters. Rudy's boat is larger- we had 12 people. Would definitely recommend! Was our favorite part of the week. It's not a catamaran though, which we have done in Cozumel and enjoy the laying out space.
  4. Finally completing my review of the 3/30 Epic sailing... All in all, it was a good week! Happy to answer questions too. Date and Embarkation port: Port Canaveral is an easy drive from ATL. We stayed outside Orlando night before and parked at the port. We arrived at port around 11 and waited outside for about an hour to get inside. Luckily we were under a covered area and not in the hot sun like some others. Got on board by 1. Not too painful. Obviously spring break makes for a busy ship. This is our 6th cruise over one of the non-college school spring break weeks. We knew the ship would be crowded, and it was VERY crowded. Lots of teenagers wearing very skimpy bikinis swarming the pool deck/band area. I was shocked at the moms and dads letting their under 21 year old daughters booze it up and dance around with their bottoms hanging out. I don’t remember this on Magic/Breeze/Oasis other spring breaks. NCL lets 18 and up drink, but many of these kids were younger. The lines to get drinks were very long. Everyone seems to have the drink package and orders 2 drinks at a time, which makes for a longer wait. Also felt like the bartenders favored men ordering. I was passed up multiple times in multiple bars for men who walked up after me. Very frustrating. At night all the bars were very crowded and it was a long wait to get before and after dinner drinks between 5:30-10. Servers at the casino were non-existent...which is dumb because the drunker people get, the more money they lose! Food: Buffet was better than MDR for dinner. Dinner in MDR was small, dry and very bland. Mostly same food selections each night. Nothing spectacular at all. Desserts in MDR were not good. Carnival desserts blow-away NCL. MDR was great for breakfast! O’Sheehans for breakfast was also a good option. Kids enjoyed the Kid’s Corner section of the buffet! Room: I was ready for the odd layout…wish the toilet wasn’t literally next to the head of our bed. YUCK! The sink in the room was tiny. Room size was OK. Lots of storage. Balcony nice size. Steward was good, saw him all the time! Convenient for swapping wet pool towels etc. Entertainment: Burn the Floor was really good. It was a bit risqué for our 10/12 year olds, but not terrible. Comedians were OK. Dueling Piano show was really strange, they had the guests up on stage doing some uncomfortable actions… just odd. Escape the Big Top was HARD! We did trivia in the Atrium a few times. Also enjoyed watching the dancers teach the passengers in the Atrium. Ports: LOVED Tortola stop. We hired a boat charter and went to Jost VanDyke and a private island. St. Thomas stop was odd timing- 7am to 2- didn’t make sense to me why we could not have a whole day there? Can’t do much that early/short time period. Great Stirrup Cay was AWESOME. So glad we got to go there. Ship: We found the layout and flow very odd and non-efficient. Missed having the promenade around the boat for walking and ocean views. Pool area was extremely crowded. Pool chairs were all reserved by 8am every sea day. Smoke from the casino seeped into Taste (MDR) and the surrounding bars- Maltings and the Martini bar. Ship definitely seemed dated to me. Dark and weathered. Also, first cruise where I was HOT inside. Every other cruise I have been freezing in the MDR and casino. This time I was roasting. Seems like saving $$ on Air conditioning. Or just more to the European feel. OVERALL: We had a nice week. We were traveling with a big group who made it more fun. I would try NCL again, hopefully a newer ship. Would like more port time and less ship time in a 7 day cruise. From a value perspective, I think we did well. The drink package being included in the perks saved us ~$500 from the Carnival and Royal drink packages. Reading back my review sounds negative, but just trying to point out areas for improvement. We did really enjoy ourselves!
  5. I thought the NCL Buffet was better but CCL MDR food and desserts way way better. Guys Burgers and the Blue Iguana on Breeze and Magic can't be beat for lunch. NCL MDR desserts were awful. After a few tries I just got Irish Coffee for dessert:) Burn the Floor show was amazing! Comedians were OK.
  6. High-level- we thought NCL food was worst of RCC and Carnival. Everyone has the drink package so takes forever to get drinks. Layout of Epic ship odd/crowded. We loved the Breeze. I would sail NCL again for the right price/date/ports. But my experience had them in thrid place of the 3.
  7. I was on this sailing. We were told the ship was boarded late due to the facial recognition software rollout. They put in note on our stateroom on Monday night that we would be staying longer in Tortola for "scheduled maintenance" which was fine by us! We were able to enjoy our boat charter longer! noticed no issues with the Ship and we had a great day in GSC even! We disembarked today in 30 minutes tops. I have other complaints about Epic, but not those above.
  8. I just got off Epic today. We had no issues with our embarkation last Saturday and we enjoyed a great day in GSC! Fingers crossed for you.
  9. For 3/30 Epic, Embarkation was slow if you arrived at port before 2. We got there around 11 and waited outside in line for almost and hour. Moved inside thru security and processing, boarded around 1. Disembarkation today was not bad at all! We carried our luggage off. Went down after we ate breakfast around 8:30 and were in our car a little after 9.
  10. I love cruising AND AIs. Depends on the situation. For long weekend getaways, AIs are much better because you don't have the hassle getting to port, waiting in lines, muster drills etc. I like cruises with a group and kids because the kids can have freedom to roam the ship safely and there are countless things to do vs many AIs that don't have the variety of activities for kids. AIs are great when you don't want to be on a schedule- sometimes I want to lay on the beach until after sunset. Cruises tend to have way better entertainment AIs usually have nicer accommodations for the price- larger rooms and bathrooms Cruises have the best water views from your balcony AIs don't feel as crowded as cruises Cruises allow you to visit multiple countries/ports in 1 week It's a coin toss for me. We usually do cruises with kids for spring break and AIs for couples/adult trips. I wouldn't turn down a chance to do either!
  11. I read on another site there was a death on board which delayed?
  12. We went over to STJ from STT while on Oasis 2 years ago. We did an excursion through the cruise ship to insure we did not get stranded. The boat ride is about 40 minutes over. There is a ferry if you choose to go on your own.
  13. Can the Arcade package be purchased onboard? Or just ahead online? Curious which games and how many are included before forking out the cash.
  14. Nevermind, I found the answer on website: This package includes all cocktails, spirits, glasses of wine and beer (under $15 USD), unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, restaurants (including while at Great Stirrup Cay)
  15. I was under impression that your Ultimate drink package worked on GSC but I read a recent review of Epic on CC that said they were only offered beer but had to pay for alcoholic drinks on GSC. I can't seem to find a policy on the NCL website. Anyone know the official rule?
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