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  1. We have two cruises planned this year. One being the N Amsterdam out of Venice in July. Although I am not overly concerned about getting the virus, the last thing we want is to be somewhere in the world and then we can't get back to the USA. What a nightmare for those Diamond Princess passengers. The next 60 days will be interested, I am not a dooms day kind of person at all but the cruise industry could take an astronomical hit. We shall see. If things continue to get worse then our refundable deposit last day to cancel date of April 10th will be the day we cancel.
  2. At this point in time, I dont see how they can keep the Venice itineraries that are this summer.
  3. I would think since you ignored the advice of the state department and went on a trip anyway and got sick then there is a clause in the insurance that says you took the risk but your not covered. It actually makes perfect sense.
  4. I have been in email contact with them and they are telling me 10am docking and meet up at 10:30.
  5. We are sailing on the Vista this Saturday the 24th. Our Carnival itinerary says we arrive in Cozumel at 9am. The snorkel excursion company says we are coming in at 10am. Cozumel is on the same time as Galveston where we sail from so its not a ships time issues. How do I confirm this? Anyone been on the Vista in the past few months and ported at Cozumel? I guess ask guest relations when I board? Thanks
  6. My opinion comes from the fact its not in the back. So its a side view. No hot tubs. It looks lame. Maybe I am wrong time will tell.
  7. I have to agree. I looked at the Mardi Gras deck plan and the Havana amenities and location are just a shell of what it is on the Vista class ships. Stupid design!!! Have not done a Havana yet but sailing on the Vista in 4 days and have a Cabana room so I will let you know what I think.
  8. Some people are just never ever ever happy. ha
  9. I am following this thread now. Its gonna be a good one. I love a good laugh.
  10. The Havana Cabana walk area only has access from the pool area. The only people going by the Cabana's are other guests in the Cabana area. Yes, people above the cabana's can see down but there is also space in the cabana that they can not see down. If you want to sit naked then the Cabana's are not for you. If you want to pay a premium and not have a packed bar and pool area with no little kids screaming this is for you. I love the concept.
  11. The whole idea of the Havana area is less people and NO young kids. My kids are all grown up now so I for one am very much looking forward to my Havana Cabana on the Vista the end of August. I don't believe there should be any exceptions for access to the pool area during Havana hours. 7am=7pm. You want access? Pay for the upgrade. Its pretty Black and White.
  12. GET IT!!! I love drink cards. Want a bloody mary with breakfast? No worries hand them your card. A beer mid day? Bottle of water to hydrate. 3 beers in the pool later....pre dinner martini.....glass of wine with dinner. couple more bottles of water... a drink at the show..... I rest my case.
  13. WE have done 3 Celebrity cruises as we just got off a 2 week Baltic cruise. We have also done about 9 Carnival cruises. As mentioned above. Way younger crowd on Carnival. You don't see people wearing baseball caps on backwards in the dining areas on Celebrity. The pool areas are much quieter. I believe the service and food are at least a notch above Carnival. Having said that we are sailing on the Vista this coming 24th of Aug. We like the celebrity product too. Food is Lido is always good. I think Carnival's Steakhouse is better. Im getting older now and don't care so much for the mass crowds at the pool area so we are doing Havana this up coming cruise. Hey, its a cruise, Carnival, Celebrity....who cares enjoy.
  14. Report post #8 Posted 14 hours ago Did Celebrity have any local entertainment brought on board in St Petersburg, such as a Russian folkloric group? Not that I was aware of. But, I could have missed it.
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