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  1. After a long stint on Cranival, just before COVID we booked again on NCL so I’ve been paying more attention to their marketing. Wow. They are always on sale, yet more expensive. I must get more mail from NCL (not email, actual paid printed mail) than my high school daughter gets from all colleges combined. I get emails consistently reminding me to use my cruise credit (I’ve already done so, am booked for 12/26 can the system not actually tell that?) - I’d love an inside look at their ROI on some of those efforts!
  2. This is one of my main NCL complaints - the coffee drink inclusion. CCL of course includes in base plan, and there’s no way I’m gonna drink $30 worth of coffee to justify the upgraded package. I don’t care about 15 per day - I rarely if ever would reach that. Coffee costs are near nothing - maybe add a $5 upgrade or $10 upgrade middle package. I think plenty would pay $10 more per day for the coffee add on, and few would drink enough coffee not to make that profitable. I’ll just buy my coffee a la carte and complain about it every time in my inner monologue lol
  3. This was a great review - thank you! While none of us are cruising right now, hopefully we will be soon! We are on the Breakaway 12/26/21 (we hope) and this info was very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to do such a great job!!
  4. We had a cruise booked for spring break, cancelled three days prior (we cancelled using their offer, they were waffling) so we didn't get the 125% or 150% credit. We got 1:1. Now looking at cruise fares they're significantly higher. I don't think it has anything to do with reduction in capacity. I think it has EVERYTHING to do with them having 125%/150% 'gift certificates' out in the marketplace on their financial books. These are liabilities to them. If they jack up pricing, they write that down quickly and get them off the books AND with people like me they have the additional revenue if I'
  5. Much more of a situation when there are literally zero chairs, and I’m forced to towel on the deck or sitting somewhere out of the sun, etc - so it’s easy to watch a chair or two, while I’m still enjoying doing what I’m doing. I agree that just creeping for the sake of creeping on a chair or to get a better position is weird lol.
  6. I'm not for monetization of the chairs, but do think they need to enforce the rules they have. It's tricky, but if the parking meter attendants in my town can figure out a way to watch my car and when time passes, so can a cruise line simply remove the towels/books/bags and put in storage. When they return, they go to the towel cabana and get their stuff. Two hours is too long. I think Carnival allows an hour unattended. I fully admit, when the deck is overcrowded and no chairs are to be had, I watch and note the time a chair has been vacant. When time expires, I go to the poo
  7. I just booked my first NCL in several years, after sailing several Carnival cruises in a row. I was shocked that the alcohol package doesn’t include specialty coffee. Seems for some ‘on the fence’ to purchase (when not free) or so decide NCL this would be a huge incentive and cheap addition.
  8. I’m still in shock that the coffee drinks and bottled water aren’t included in the NCL package unlike other lines- it’s not an inexpensive package, seems like that would be an easy inexpensive addition to increase sales.
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