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  1. We were on the Ruby Princess sailing towards Cabo and it was just spectacular. Not a cloud in the sky. Watched the whole thing right from our cabin balcony. All lights off.
  2. Our travel agent did call Princess and they told him that was their policy. End of discussion. Not very customer friendly!
  3. We're just off the Ruby Princess this past Saturday. We had a great trip and the ship was in great shape. We had a group of 14 people in 7 cabins. The day before our trip, one of our group had to have emergency surgery and was not able to make the trip so we had a cabin with just one person in it. Princess had provided us a $100 shipboard credit per cabin and then our travel agent sent us another $25 per cabin. For the cabin that only had the one passenger in it, Princess would only honor $50 of the on board credit that they provided (despite the fact that the cabin was paid for in full). Disappointing, but nothing we could do. What really got us mad was the $25 credit provided by our travel agent. Because the no show passenger was listed as the "lead" passenger on the reservation, Princess would not move the $25 on board credit to the remaining passenger in the cabin. So Princess just pocketed the gift sent by the travel agent. That move seems pretty bad to me. No amount of arguing with them would change their opinion.
  4. Some of the free standing ATMs on the street will only dispense large amounts. We asked in a store about it and they told us to go to a bank ATM. That worked fine for us.
  5. Sign into your AmericanExpress.com account and scroll down to the Amex Offers & Benefits section. Find the "World's Leading Cruise Lines" offer and make sure to add it to your card. You might have to filter the offers by travel to see the offer.
  6. We used our outdoor balcony a lot. Loved it.
  7. Definitely not a mistake. The BB category cabins are far superior.
  8. I'm recently back from the AMA Viola Melodies of the Danube. I do have all the daily programs. The file is too large to post to this thread, but if anyone wants to see them, I'd be happy to email them to you. Barbara
  9. Were you sailing upstream or downstream? We started in Budapest and sailed upstream. Perhaps when sailing in this direction the engines are used more. The vibration and noise sailing the night from Budapest to the first stop were very noticeable. I agree that although the cabin was small, there was room to store everything we brought.
  10. Just off the Amaviola. Laundry price list attached. Very reasonable. AMA Laundry Price List.pdf
  11. Perhaps 332 will be OK. Cabin 334 was very small. It may have had a different configuration that other cabins? We had the beds separated into twins which made it nearly impossible to enter the cabin and get around the bed. Also since the cabin is so small, the 2 chairs they use for the cabin are basically tiny stools with backs. There was not room to put them in front of the French balcony. And the chairs weren’t large enough to sit in comfortably anyways. If you have the means to upgrade I highly recommend it. The category BB cabin we upgraded to onboard was really nice. We loved it. AmaWaterways was a wonderful line to cruise with. Great food and crew. You won’t be disappointed! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. We did the Melodies of the Danube. We reserved the Category CB French Balcony on Deck 3 and we’re assigned cabin 334 which is right outside the Chefs Table. The restroom for the Chefs Table is literally right next to the cabin door entrance. We were shocked at the small size of the cabin. There’s no way the cabin is 155 sq ft unless maybe you’re counting closet and drawer space! That in itself was manageable. However, once the ship was underway, I swear the cabin must be sitting right on top of the engines. The noise was very loud and constant. Even worse was the vibration in the room. Everything in the room rumbled especially the beds which made it almost impossible to sleep. We met with the hotel manager the next morning and were very nice about explaining our concerns. They were able to move us to a double balcony cabin on Deck 2 that morning and it was wonderful. So happy they were able to help us out and were very understanding. I would strongly recommend not booking one of the category CB cabins.
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