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  1. We're on the Nov 28 2021 Freedom. We have two reservations. One has been moved to Explorer and it's showing exact same itinerary so that's a relief. But I don't see any OBC available when I go into cruise planner. So not sure if that will be added later. The email would have gone to our friend and I haven't connected with her about the change. Still waiting on my cabin to change over so we can see the email details.
  2. I thought about that. But then why are they allowing me to move from Freedom (Southern) to Allure (Eastern) with the exact same itinerary as Symphony (Eastern)? The ONLY differences between Allure and Symphony are the Home Port (Port Cvl v Miami) and Departure date (9/11/21 vs 9/5/21 or 9/19/21). They both go to the exact same ports of call. Do you think this is one of those "Exceptions" they did for my Southern.. "Hey, we'll allow the itin change but only to Allure" I'd rather just cancel the cruise, get FCC for cancelling it, then book a cheap Nov 2020
  3. I align with these two statements. Sadly if I successfully L&S to 2021 I retain this agent for another year! UGH!
  4. Hello - hoping a few of you experts can chime in on this one, especially now that L&S has been out for several weeks. According to RCI's FAQ: 32. Understanding that the same itinerary, stateroom category, sailing length, and timeframe are a requirement, is it essential that my client rebook on the same ship as well? No, it is not required that your client rebook on the same ship or ship class. I am booked on Freedom in Sept 2020. I asked my agent if we could L&S to Sept 2021, and what are our options since Freedom isn't sailing out of San Juan at that time
  5. 23 pages of posts, a lot off topic - just circling back to confirm there is still no word on whether or not Allure will get AMPED, and if so, have dates have been set? We're looking at the possibility of L&Sing a Sep 2020 cruise to 2021 and our only option seems to be on Allure. So just curious about it's status.
  6. hhmm that's the one I called the other day. But actually I was able to confirm 2 of 3 FCCs have been returned to us. Just looking for that last one.
  7. Update: I called earlier this week and after an hour on hold I got a helpful agent. Despite my canceled cruise being under a TA Booking, the agent said she could override and move my Next Cruise OBCs to another booking...which we did! Each of our 2 cabins in 2021 now have the $100 OBC from my June 2020 cruise! She then said I had to talk to to Post Cruise Dept about the FCC I had used for June 2020. But after another hour on hold I had to give up. New Question: Does anyone know the number to Post Cruise Dept? I don't want to call the main line to wait on hold for an ho
  8. Great! I really appreciate your feedback. I now have a strategy to do the same! Kudos to @RosieRoo
  9. Sorry to ping you again, but you're very helpful. Did RCI return your original FCCs to your e-mail, or did you have to call and nudge for that to happen? Also, your OBC for Next Cruise, did you just mention that at time of booking your 2021 cruise, or did you have to inquire about it first? TYIA.
  10. Was this for a cruise that was already canceled by Royal, or one you chose to cancel or L&S?
  11. Ok I'm exhausted. I read conflicting posts in different threads. I apologize if this is at all redundant, but I have two questions I'm hoping experts can chime in on: 1. I applied a prev FCC to my June 7th cruise, which was canceled by Royal. Does Royal return this FCC when they issue new FCC? Is this worth a call to a supervisor? 2. I booked my June 7th cruise via Next Cruise, and received $100 obc for each stateroom. What happens to this OBC since Royal initiated the cancellation? Is this worth a call to a supervisor? I can't L&S since this cruise was
  12. Are you booked through a TA? I have a Freedom cruise that I want to L&S but I don't want to put my agent through this hell. I'm all about having my TA work wonders for me, but multiple phone calls, back and forth negotiations, etc, would be much easier if I could talk to Royal directly. I'm really just curious if anyone with a TA has had luck working directly with Royal on a L&S. I don't mind setting my phone down on hold for hours to get it done...but I know my TA has multiple clients to sort. Thoughts?
  13. I can confirm there isn't a 24 hour waiting period. My second attempt was a 27 min queue and different agent who also started the L&S on my freshly booked cruise. We were able to move our June 2020 booking with connecting cabins to June 2021 on same ship/itinerary less than 2 hours after booking it. I'm actually still on hold with the agent who is "working on it" but I already see it in my cruise planner 🙂
  14. Well...I was talking to an agent and she was working on it for me.. then we got disconnected. Fat chance she calls me back, so I'm in the queue again. But she didn't seem concerned about when the new reservation was booked.
  15. If I book a cruise on RCI Website, can I move it to a TA within a certain amt of time? I do this for Next Cruises onboard, but wasn't sure if same rules apply to online booking.
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