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  1. 14 nights..... I was on a July sailing on Anthem in 2015 from Southampton to the Med. Lots of 'Free' drinks packages sold with bookings and it got interesting at times to say the least. It might just be me but you dont see the 'free' UK drinks packages anymore.
  2. This is quite a depressing read. We are fairly confident of being able to fly from the UK to NY in August on our booked flights when we are supposed to board the Oasis. I have to admit to not understanding what your CDC does or what influence it has in NY but its seeming unlikely that Oasis will be able to sail. Potentially flying down to the Bahamas from NY and joining this cruise was going to be our back up plan.
  3. I don't think its necessarily Royal inflating the prices of future cruises, its us the consumers who have been kept indoors for 12 months doing this. Cruises for summer 2021 are on sale here in the UK sailing around the UK and the demand is phenomenal, absolutely crazy. P & O's website crashed with demand, Viking (I think) didn't get get to general sale and was sold out by previous cruisers and I tried to book a May cruise on MSC from Southampton and they sold out in a day. Royal is selling UK summer 2021 cruises tomorrow and it will likely be the same. I'm not say
  4. I think Royal will have seen the P & O website crash so they will be expensive and I think they will sell out almost instantly for anything between 20th July and the end of August (school holidays). They aren't clear on what vaccines will be required and as a young pup (😂 I wish!) in his late forties I will have no chance of having both so it may be MSC for me unfortunately otherwise I would have booked something when released on 7th April
  5. Good news, thank you for confirming that.
  6. That sounds really good, it will be really strange though cruising with another company. If I manage to book I'm going to have to get out of the mindset of "that's not how they do it on Royal" and experience it and enjoy it for what it is. I just wish Royal had come to the party but even if they had I wouldn't be able to go as I won't be vaccinated.
  7. Sounds very interesting thanks, I'm not sure what to expect to be honest. I have heard the same about the visual appearance of the ships but also read some very divided opinions on here about them I am exactly the same as you regarding P & O, it wouldn't be for us at all. I like the American flair of Royal, it would be too much like home for me cruising with them but each to their own I guess.
  8. Thanks for that, just found my MSC loyalty match email. I'm 'Black' apparently for being Diamond, not sure what you get but might get me a bit of a discount.
  9. I'm on a few Royal Caribbean groups on the website we are not allowed to mention here and it is buzzing with the news about the MSC cruises. I have only ever cruised with Royal but if I can get on one of the 4 night cruises then I will book if RCI aren't doing anything. It is much more appealing than a short P & O cruise and not having to have a vaccination is good for me as being under 50 (just 😀) I'm not going to get both for a few months. Anybody know when they go on sale?
  10. We are booked on Oasis from New York (NJ) in August travelling from the UK so hoping to cruise. It may be wishful thinking but really hopeful we can travel, four months..... who knows.
  11. Sailed on Adventure in 2019 from Port Liberty and agreed no suite deck or restaurant but enjoyed the suite lounge especially the outdoor seating area.
  12. Seems strange though, why drop anchor when all your competitors are looking at making the $$ on UK cruises. Her size would be perfect for social distancing as well.
  13. I had a thought that the Virgin Cruise ship might make an appearance at some point but not sure where that is.
  14. Indeed 😀.... I can only see one outcome if Royal join the others sailing from the UK. Full ships and onboard spending revenue that would put spring break on a Bahamas cruise to shame.
  15. ..... not sure how I posted that above? What I meant to say was Anthem was docked in Southampton yesterday, obviously not an unusual event as it has been anchored off the south coast for many months, but there has been considerably more comings and goings than usual on and off the ship according to social media. I noticed from the photos the top deck, north star and also 270 were lit up along with all her neon lights. Perhaps I'm looking for any sign that she may sail short UK cruises but it seems a bit over the top for a routine re-fuel and taking onboard s
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