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  1. Thanks, really appreciate you replying to my queries.
  2. Thanks for this, when you say new reservation can this be the one I have just booked after cancelling the previous one. i just hope they don’t say I can only apply to a new booking not the new one I just booked for 2021 which is technically now I guess an existing booking. Hopefully this makes sense, I am fearing the worst with all of this 😕
  3. Thanks for that. Im really confused by all of this, I hope I haven’t got to get my 9 year old to phone up Royal to get his FCC applied to our new cruise! That’s if family members can combine FCC’s on a cruise and that’s assuming it can be applied to my new booking in the first place (which I was told I could do). I’m hoping with the time difference our American posters will come on the forum shortly and tell me everything will be alright 😀
  4. ……… sorry me again. I cancelled the May 2020 cruise yesterday. I was told the FCC would take 2 - 7 days but it is still in my cruise planner and I have had no confirmation that it has been cancelled. Would this be normal? Many thanks
  5. This isn't my first rodeo with Royal Caribbean but being a UK cruiser I am completely confused by FCC as our UK booking conditions mean we never normally get involved with anything like this. I have just cancelled my May 2020 cruise out of Southampton and booked Oasis out of New York in 2021 instead. Both cruises are for myself wife and son. Will I get 3no FCC and only be able to use my own (as I booked it) for our new cruise and my wife and son will receive separate ones that they can use to book other cruises. This wouldn't be good as we will only be taking 1no cruise in 2021. I'm presuming that I can actually use a FCC for the new cruise just booked...…. any help appreciated as I am so confused by all of this 😐
  6. We cancelled our May 2020 cruise yesterday and I was hoping to apply the FCC to our new cruise booked in 2021. We were told we couldn't do that as you can only apply FCC to actual bookings not as a deposit for a new one as technically the booking doesn't exist until the deposit has been paid. We are UK based and I guess this sort of makes sense..... I'm sure when I go to apply the FCC to this new booking that it wont be as straight forward as its made out to be.
  7. One of the best cruises we ever did on Splendour Of The Seas a few years ago. If I could get time off work I would book one of these cheap deals.
  8. We did the class on Adventure in August. I’m sure that would be possible as there were a number of people when we did it not participating who sat to the side whilst the class was ongoing. I have to say it was a lot of fun and well worth it.
  9. Good to know, we hope to make another visit to Coco Cay from the UK very soon.
  10. Wow..... we were on one of the first ships to visit and I booked our full day water park tickets for $37 about a year before sailing on the planner. I guess Royal have ‘adjusted’ this due to it being so popular. Even at $99 dollars I’d be tempted though, the wave pool is so much fun!
  11. Absolutely, and it’s genius when you think about it. I don’t know the percentages (I’m sure RCI do) but say if 15% of passengers on an average sailing use speciality then that is a lot of cost saved. Average ship with say 4000 passengers - so 4200 dinners on a 7 day cruise paid for but not taken. No idea what portion of our cruise fare is for dinner but using a round $10 and that is $42k on the bottom line. As long as they cover the cost of the speciality dining any ‘special offer’ that sells above this further enhances the bottom line. It’s a win/win situation! It’s a very simplistic view I’m sure but no wonder they are enthusiastic selling speciality.
  12. I have never known particularly British fare in the MDR even when in the U.K. except for maybe a special each night such as a pie or an Indian dish. Our experience is the Windjammer is slightly different with a few of our breakfast favourites such as black pudding. Always make me smile the curiosity of American guests with black pudding until the google it. Have to say as a Brit I am not keen....
  13. We have booked a cruise for May 2020 from the UK during a popular school holiday week and MTD was not an option (so presumably full). We emailed a couple of days after booking and were advised we would be waitlisted and then within 2 hours we were changed to MTD. Strange if it was available when we asked why it wasn't when we booked as I cant see the waiting list clearing in a couple of hours?
  14. Not entirely true in our experience. Very recently we have seen people turned away from the MDR on UK/European cruises and from Dubai you would not have got anywhere near the dining room with shorts etc. Doesn't bother us, people can wear what they want as far as we are concerned and whilst appreciating this is predominantly an American cruise site with folks sailing from Florida it is worth pointing out that sailing from elsewhere can be different.
  15. I feel your pain..... it was cheaper for the three of us to fly to New York in August, stay in Manhattan for two nights and sail on Adventure to the Bahamas than sail out of Southampton.
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