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  1. Always got a wave and a smile when I looked in with our son on our recent cruise on Adventure.
  2. We were there at the end of August, absolutely loved the water park. The wave pool is such fun waiting for the horn to sound and the large waves to start! Wouldn't hesitate to book the water park again and Coco Cay as a whole is just WOW. You will have a blast, enjoy!
  3. Our experience was once you have been through security once you are just waved in and out when you show the paperwork. If you want to go back on the ship for lunch I don’t think this will be an issue with time or hassle.
  4. I notice you use the word arrested. We have never had anything to do with security other than getting our cards ‘bonged’ but always been curious what powers they actually have. For example as they are not police officers do they have the power to confine you anywhere? I guess Maritime Law and international waters has something to do with it.
  5. It got me thinking how they monitor half day passes when we were at Coco Cay as you just scan your sea card to walk in. They would therefore have no idea how long you were intending to stop there. The water park is great by the way, could have stopped in the wave pool all day! It was certainly worth the $37 dollars we paid but I’m reading this has increased quite a bit now.
  6. Thats interesting, I like chatting to staff on different ships we go on and when tips has come up they have said otherwise. Also met a couple from the UK who unlike ourselves struggled with the tipping concept and they removed the tips upon boarding. They became convinced that staff knew by the service they were receiving. Whether true or not I don’t know but they got quite paranoid about it by the end of the cruise. To be honest I had little sympathy.
  7. On our Dubai cruise a couple of years ago a Tux for gents and evening dresses for the ladies was normal in the Windjammer and I’m not joking. It wasn’t a shock for us as we are UK based and they are quite formal cruises but not quite as much as we found from Dubai. People’s dress doesn’t really bother us at all but I did raise an eyebrow at some of the attire (or lack of) worn out of Port Canaveral on Oasis and it really was the ‘wear what you want’ that people report here. My personal experience cruising mostly outside of the States and outside of Florida (our last cruise was on Adventure out of NY) is that the ‘wear what you want’ is not so common. Whether this is Royal dictated or passenger led I don’t know but I do know dress style is very different around the World on RCI outside the main hub of Florida departing Caribbean cruises.
  8. We were on Adventure out of New York a few weeks ago and being from the UK we were very surprised to find the tea bags were from The London Tea Company in cafe promenade and Windjammer. if you like herbal and fruit teas we noticed the selection had greatly improved from our last cruise a couple of years ago.
  9. Yes there are wheelchairs with large beach tyres on them at Coco Cay. We saw plenty round the Island but not where people were getting them from.
  10. We were there a couple of weeks ago and not crowded at all as it isn’t a particularly long walk. It was running all day on a continuous loop loop like the tram.
  11. It genuinely doesn’t bother me either way. I disagree with you though on your point, 95% of the passengers were New Yorkers on our recent Adventure cruise and it was very formal both nights. There was a bold notice in the cruise compass that shorts were not to be worn in MDR. ‘Wear what you want no one cares’ seems to be a Florida thing. All Americans, same cruise line say 800 miles apart but different rules and different attitudes. As a Brit I find this interesting but as I say I’m not really fussed what people wear.
  12. Maybe for cruises out of Florida but this isn’t the case around the World with Royal. Surprisingly it also wasn’t the case on our Adventure cruise recently out of NY. I’m not fussed either way what people wear but having seen a table of guests wearing Onesies in the MDR from Port Canaveral I think Royal may have given up in Florida trying to advise people what to wear.
  13. I don’t smoke and don’t like being around smokers but I do understand why certain businesses want smokers as I have worked with some people in this field. There probably are ‘plenty of people playing’ in non smoking casinos but statistically not necessarily the profile of people that the casino wants. Someone who smokes is reckless, reckless is good in an environment where money and risk taking is involved. Who is is more likely to drop $200 dollars on blackjack. Someone who is reckless about their health or someone health conscious who has concerns about the casino ventilation etc. Ideal customer for a casino is a drinking smoker. If you tick both boxes of the most prevalent legal addictions the work is already mostly done for the third addiction - gambling. Casinos are this ruthless in their thinking, a pleasant environment is not the key concern. The key concern is the reckless say 10% of the population (including smokers) and how much $ can be extracted. The ban will happen, the environment of the casino will be nicer for us non smokers and I for one will be happy with this. Profits though will go down and the cost of our cruises may go up to compensate.
  14. Thank you for that, I was very surprised at what was initially stated.
  15. I genuinely didn’t know they owned Tui although I know Splendour Of The Sea ended up at Tui. Tui probably turns over more than the cruise side of the business as they are a massive company here in Europe. You Learn something new every day.
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