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  1. Great review so far, we are on Adventure next year 😊
  2. Tin can

    New Program called "The Key"

    I found an old document that states on Liberty (which I think I recall is one of the trial ships) has a capacity of 104 in Chops. On a 7 day sailing that is $18000 odd sales receipts from selling the Key. Im not sure that would be worth Royals time with it. I accept your point but I see this being sold in greater numbers than the capacity of Chops although how they would deal with the embarkation lunch I don’t know. Staggered times perhaps?
  3. Tin can

    New Program called "The Key"

    As some folks will no doubt pay for the Key for priority seating in the theatre, private time on the flowrider, priority tender etc do you think there will be a noticeable reduction on the cruise fare for the rest of us . Almost like a ‘not first to the fun’ reduction. Said in jest obviously but if you are on a cruise with a large proportion of ‘Key’ guests are you going to be happy standing in the theatre because there is a large ‘Key’ reserved section or not getting on a tender for two hours because they are reserved. I understand and accept the Suite perks, they are controlled by the number of suites on the ship and have little impact on the rest of the passengers. A hypothetical 300 - 400 ‘Key’ guests will have an impact though.
  4. Tin can

    New Program called "The Key"

    Just a thought, if you were to buy the ultimate dining package and The Key how much more you are paying for ‘enhancement’ of things that are essentially mostly included in the basic cruise price. Its probabably a 20% uplift on the original price (just a guess and obviously dependent on a number of factors). Very clever by Royal and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this rolled out across the fleet.
  5. Tin can

    Help Please RCI Golf Fans !

    We were on Oasis a couple of years ago and the Masters was on all around the ship. It was a great atmosphere watching it. I’m sure a US broadcaster that the Anthem picks up will be showing the British Open.
  6. Tin can


    A quick question as someone mentioned the morning stretch class, can you just turn up at the stated time and join in with the class if its free. Thanks
  7. Tin can

    Didn’t get a paid in full receipt?

    We pay off the website and haven’t had an emailed receipt in quite a while now. I always take a scan of the reduced (or zero if paid in full) balance.
  8. Thanks for the review. Good to hear that some of the drunken behaviour reported on the short cruises at the start of the UK season weren’t repeated here. Perhaps the restriction of selling the drinks packages on the short UK cruises has had an effect?
  9. Thank you for the review, we did roughly the same itinerary a couple of years ago on the Navigator and loved Bilbao.
  10. Tin can

    Will RC add more excursions?

    We are on a Bahamas cruise in August 2019 and more excursions are being added as the months go by. We had nothing at all available for Port Canaveral until this week when they added one excursion! I’m expecting more though.
  11. Another vote for deck 6, very convenient to everything if mid ship.
  12. Tin can

    The vexatious issue of tipping

    My experience with room service is they don’t expect a tip. Infact I have almost had to chase them out into the corridor to give them something.
  13. Tin can

    Help with suite etiquette

    Like you we only book a GS when the prices are good and budget allows. We had similar reservations to yourself about going into a lounge for the first time and we did meet ‘that’ couple who were so demanding it was untrue. Enjoy the hospitality and the majority of the really nice and interesting people in there and ignore ‘that’ couple.
  14. Tin can

    Adventure Ocean

    We have been on short cruises in the UK and yes Adventure Ocean was running. I can’t see it being any different in the US.
  15. Tin can

    Royal Caribbean ships at night

    I had the same problem sailing from the US on Oasis although I was going to bed early and waking at any time from 3am. Although its a different class of ship the casino on many occasions was still in full flow and there were plenty of people in the dancing venues. At about 4am - 5ish it was strange as the early risers were starting to mix with the few night owls still up. Please bear in mind this was a holiday time cruise so it may not be the norm. A great place for darkness is the heli pad at the front of the ship although at night I noticed on Oasis you couldn’t always gain access.