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  1. We are sailing on the Paradise leaving this Saturday, the 10th. My son turns 21 on Sunday, the 11th. I had thought we could just purchase the Cheers package for him the morning of the 11th. I have been told by one carnival rep that the package won't be able to be purchased due to it has to be purchased prior to or the first day of sailing. I was very disappointed but decided, oh well, he will just have to go ala carte and show his ID every time starting on the 11th and by drinks indvidually! Fast forward to this AM. I called to confirm, he turns 21 on the 11th so can he just show his ID and purchase alcohol indvidually? The rep this time said that everything is tied to the sail and sign card and since it will be issued BEFORE he turns 21, on the 10th, he likely could NOT purchase alcohol but she transferred me to the fun shops to confirm. The Fun Shops rep said they may allow him to purchase the cheers package at sailing on the 10th but if not he could purchase alcohol on the 11th by showing his ID. This seems like alot of inconvenience. Can anyone who has been in this situation before shed some light? I know he can have alcohol in ports but part of the reason we booked this trip was so that he could enjoy the freedom of being 21 and having cocktails poolside, at dinner and the theater with the rest of us!
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