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  1. boaterette


    Thank you both.
  2. boaterette


    Does anyone know if they serve free drinks at Atlantis when you are gambling?
  3. boaterette

    Fun Times

    Is that the trifold one?
  4. boaterette

    Fun Times

    Hi everyone, My sister is making some cruise albums for our upcoming cruise and would like to know if anyone knows the size of the funtimes. Thank you.
  5. boaterette

    Freedom-Caribbean 1/6/18-1/14/18 photo review

    Good start. I am sailing in April so looking forward to your review.
  6. I have read all your reviews and based on that I would say you made a good decision cancelling. I have done the mexican riveria 8 times now and am going again in 10 days. It really is not a snorkeling trip. Stone Island in Matzalan has nothing to see. We did not even see one fish. The water is too cold in Cabo in April. Even in PV at the end of March the water took our breath away. We were snorkeling off a boat. Living in Cali it is a cheap cruise as no flights are needed. We like to hang out at the beach and eat and have a few drinks. It is perfect for that. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. boaterette

    John and Diane sail the Mediterranean

    Thank you so much for your trip report. I always love reading about your travels.
  8. boaterette

    Steak for lunch

    Thank you everyone.
  9. boaterette

    Steak for lunch

    Hello everyone, I will be sailing on the Ruby in three weeks. So looking forward to it. I am traveling with my 96 year young mother. She does not eat dinner but has her main meal at lunch. She enjoys a good steak. Do they have any steak available at lunch either included or at an extra charge? Thank you for your help.
  10. boaterette

    Anyone ever have to get a PIN # from Carnival

    Yes. They have had them for years.
  11. boaterette

    John Heald about slot pulls

    Just from the responses here I can understand why they quit helping. You have whiners complaining about about someone else getting the points. Organize your own slot pull if you dont like the one someone has organized.
  12. Thank you. I will get in on my cruise in January.
  13. Thank you for your review. Could you please tell me how much the thermal spa was. My daughter loves this and I would like to get for her on our cruise in January.
  14. I am really enjoying your review. I will be on this cruise in January.