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  1. Sea Day on Nautica in Bay of Biscay today so must add my two cents...itinerary makes quite a difference. On this particular cruise we’ve seen more jackets at dinner than previous 5 Oceania voyages - still not 25% though. We wonder if it may be due to the number of European pax this time, plus a bit cooler temperatures (at least until tomorrow). At any rate, even though DH wears nice slacks and dress shirt (no jacket), we enjoy the more dressed-up atmosphere. I pack one black dress plus black slacks with 2 dressy tops for a 14-day Cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I’m pleased...I surely won’t miss those stateroom paintings that looked like a swath down the middle was missing - or the shower curtain! But first, two more cruises on Nautica before her makeover. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Not Cornish, but recently took our 5th, and yes - credit was already there, plus one of those little cards on the desk, when we embarked. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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    Our Buena Vista Social Club tour was cancelled last month (May 4 cruise). Only other ship tour we did was Birthplace of the Revolution in Santiago. As O tours go, we felt it was hot, long and forgettable, especially the part where we sat in hard church benches in a classroom (many flies, 2 fans - no a/c) and listened to a lecture en espanol ( guides translated) on development. And the part where we stood in the square (no shade) forever waiting for the bus and were beset upon by people begging for money, some with some very contagious looking ailments (disclaimer: not an MD). Very interesting cruise. Looking forward to our next in France/Portugal/Spain though. Jan Sent from my iPad using Forums
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