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  1. Thanks docmark. Please forgive me if I have this all wrong but I get a sense that I've really hit a raw nerve with some of you recounting my disappointing experiences with Regent. Some have been quick to defend Regent, pointing out your great (and "opposite") experiences with them. Grateful to hear of your experiences and your advice to ring them, but I have rung them twice now (together my travel agent, making that 3 calls in total) with no success. I'm really not making any of this up - I would hope I'm not wasting your time on this forum asking if this is
  2. Thanks for all your replies. To be honest, I have been quite disappointed with our experience with Regent so far - and we're not even particularly fussy people! I'm afraid I have yet to experience the @ShropshireCritic "care & attention that makes RSS above the majority." It's not so much the fact that we've not be able to book our excursions (that's just annoying) but it's the "can't do anything, try again later - too bad if they're all gone, not my problem" attitude with both agents (with British accents, so assume based here in the UK). To be fair, the 2nd person
  3. Hi all Advice and perhaps some reassurance required. Not a big issue, but would appreciate your thoughts as RSSC newbie here. Booked onto a Caribbean cruise on the Splendor in Feb 2022 in a Concierge suite. Shore excursions opened last Wednesday (Feb 3) and being in the UK (and new to Regent), we picked our shore excursions choices beforehand and got up at 6 am to book them (1 am EST) not knowing if this is something one has to do to secure the most popular excursions. The shore excursion link worked, but no excursions listed in each port (see pi
  4. Many thanks Alan - and Happy New Year - 2021 has got to be better than this one!. I've just e-mailed you.
  5. Just booked our first cruise with Regent today for Feb 2022. Looking for a sponsor if anyone is willing?
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