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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey Germancruiser! I have followed it closely as I'm definitely having cruise withdrawal. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!!!
  2. If you already have the OBC applied to a cruise, and you have to reschedule it, does it follow the booking to the other cruise?
  3. I've been following the three January, 2021 Silhouette sailings since June, 2019, when we booked the Jan 31, 2021 sailing. The first thing that happened is that Inside and Oceanview showed as Sold Out. Now everything but the Retreat shows as Sold Out. I am under the very optimistic opinion that this is because they need to limit the sailings to only 50% capacity in the near future (as Richard Fain has indicated could happen)...And if you can still sell a few more to get to that capacity, why not sell only the most expensive staterooms on the ship?
  4. Hi Maris! I just found this review yesterday and have just now finished reading it. I'm overwhelmed with sadness for two reasons...first that your spectacular review is over, and second that we've had our ABC cruise for Sep 4 on Equinox planned for over a year and it probably won't happen. These are the islands we haven't yet visited and I was really looking forward to it for our 31st wedding anniversary. Thank you so much for letting me live this cruise with you and have this experience. Your pictures are absolutely amazing and your commentary is entertaining and informative! I remember your last review which I also loved and hope that I find your next review to enjoy as well! When might that be...?! Hope you are safe and healthy! Thank you again! Lisa
  5. Thank you so much for the helpful information! I was a little worried about having a Sky Suite on Deck 12, because we've had Deck 12 Aft on Reflection and the noise from the OVC outdoor area was loud every morning around 6 am (we're not super early risers). It sounded like scraping chairs as they probably rearranged everything from the day before. Didn't want to deal with that again, so booked this corner aft on Deck 8. Was the extra door to get to your cabin ever an issue?
  6. We find most of the food in Luminae to be exceptional. I wasn't really a friend of breakfast, but found the pastries in the morning in Michael's Club to be absolutely delicious!
  7. We're going to be in 8340 on Silhouette in January. Where are the poles located in this corner aft? And did you have any problems with the window cleaning equipment outside the side window? Any other information you could give me would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
  8. I miss waking up every morning to either a beautiful ocean or an exciting new place to explore. I miss the luxury of not worrying about anything and having my meals prepared for me and the bed made. I miss the friends we've made on cruises, especially since our March cruise with them was cancelled. I miss sitting at the World Class Bar and chatting with my DH. I miss wandering into Michael's Club and no one else is there but the bartender, and having great conversations with them. And I miss the friendly crew from all over the world. And that's just the start....
  9. Two one ways can definitely make a difference through Celebrity. We've done it for both NZ and South America and got Business Class for much less than the advertised prices.
  10. I wish we had done that in September. Every morning I remember thinking - why don't they just pick them up instead of dragging them!!
  11. Thank you for all of the information! This is very good to know as I plan 2021 and 2022. Too bad all of the other ships have had their revolutions postponed...if they happen soon at all...
  12. I know Equinox didn't get some things done because of the crane incident, but is there a list of ships that were able to get the Revolution completed before all of this hit? TIA
  13. Thank you both for the information!!!
  14. I have always been hesitant about these Sky Suites since the OVC is directly above them. We've had an aft on Deck 12 of Refelction and we were awakened every morning by the chairs being arranged above us. Is the noise as bad for the S2s? Specific stateroom numbers would be helpful. Also, I'm a big fan of the cabin spreadsheets, so I have looked at those as well. TIA!
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