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  1. This is basically the same bait they use with the "Free" at Sea advertising.
  2. Thanks ~ I think I just answered my own question by doing some research. Getaway recently underwent a refurb and has more to offer than the Gem so looks like it's going to be the Getaway this time.
  3. We've been to Bermuda many times. The only reason I changed it was because I was getting sick of the cruise costing more out-of-pocket each and every time I was forced to reschedule (even with 25% extra FCC). Now it seems that if I book for January/February timeframe I can get something with a different itinerary for 7 days rather than 5 and not worry about all of the extra stuff required.
  4. Long story short ~ 6 reschedules for an NCL cruise out of New York. The latest reschedule was for a 5 night to Bermuda but with the latest information coming out about having to do another test, and paying a $75 fee I'm about to throw in the towel 😒. Think it's best to stick to the East Coast/Bahamas itinerary. Ship choices are the Gem or the Getaway ~ I'd like to get some feedback on both ships please.
  5. You can upgrade the cabin for a price ~ you will have to ask for each specific cruise you are interested in because it will be different, as well as depending on what type of cabin you want to upgrade to. Keep in mind that NCL charges an "administrative fee" for each cruise. The last time we did this it was $120 pp, per cruise. They say it's a fee that goes to the casino. Carnival sends us offers, and there is NO fee. Also keep in mind that if something happens and you need to change it, the cost out-of-pocket will probably go up. We had a casino cruise scheduled in 2020 and of course NCL cancelled it several times due to Covid. Each and every time I went to reschedule it ~ even though they provided an 25% additional future cruise credit when they cancelled ~ it cost more out-of-pocket. The most recent reschedule (#5) is going to cost $300+ more. We are going to sail because we don't want to lose anything. I thought of booking a 5 night rather than a 7 night hoping to get the cost down. It would have, but they will only put any left over funds in our accounts as future cruise credits ~ we can't even use it as on board credit, or for gratuities, so this will probably be our last cruise with NCL. Also, we have sailed numerous cruise lines and NCL is the only line that we have sailed that charges us to use the adult only area, which we think is just another way to pick our pocket!!!
  6. All I can say, again, is add this type of stuff to the reasons I probably won't sail with NCL again.
  7. Wow ~ so if you take advantage of the specialty dining, they are still going to charge you an upgrade for lobster? Add that to the reasons I probably won't sail with NCL after the sailing April.
  8. The US needs to crack down on this type of stuff too. I remember the days when the ships were a decent size and there weren't all the specialty restaurants. It's another way to upcharge the passengers. Personally, I would rather have the fare raised a little bit and just serve better quality food in the regular restaurants. We don't do the specialty dining as a rule because it's too long and drawn out for us. On the couple of occasions when we have sailed with others we have done them and truthfully other than the more elegant atmosphere and the "flair" with the service, we haven't noticed much difference.
  9. I'm trying to use up FCC that are in my account and I'm told the only thing I can use them on is an excursion or another cruise. After this one I don't plan to sail with NCL. I'm so frustrated because my original sailing was cancelled numerous times by NCL due to Covid, which I totally get, but each time I went to reschedule somehow it was costing me more out of pocket even though we were getting an additional percentage of FCC. The last reschedule, number 6, it was over $300 out of pocket. And I don't like the fact that you have to pay to spend time in the adult only area. That's not the case on some other cruise lines.
  10. Agreed ~ they are not the first, just burns my butt that so many companies market like this. I always read the fine print 🙂.
  11. When we sail Royal Caribbean we always get emails to purchase things like excursions, drink packages, wi-fi, etc. at discounts if we book them before we sail. Is anyone aware of NCL offering things like this?
  12. Nothing is free! Well, maybe the wi-fi, but when you have to pay the gratuities for the dining packages and the drink packages, that IS NOT FREE. I hate the fact that things can be advertised this way. Having said that, if you drink but do not drink like a fish it's still better to pay just the gratuities. We figured out that you'd have to drink about 8-10 drinks a day to make it work paying full price for a drink package on any cruise line but paying gratuities only, it more realistic to drink 2-3 drinks a day.
  13. It's really hard to keep track of all of those numbers when your cruise is cancelled so many times. What my gripe is, is that although when NCL cancels they give you an extra percentage of FCC, each and every time I had to reschedule the cost for the reschedule was higher. Doesn't make sense to me. When you are keeping the same category of cabin, the same offers, etc. I got so frustrated with it after 5 reschedules that I just said, let's just move it to September of 2022!!!! BUT, again, unless there was some major decrease in price it was going to cost us over $300 out of pocket again. Yesterday, I rescheduled September 2022 to April 2022 and reduced the number of nights and the itinerary and it finally worked out in our favor. The hitch is that they put FCC back into our accounts and we can't use them for much except, per the person I spoke with, an excursion or the booking of another cruise. They don't offer much flexibility. We'd rather have an OBC to use the rest of the money. I'm thinking after this cruise, we won't sail with NCL anymore. Don't like this inflexibility or the fact that we have to pay a fee to spend time in an adult only area. We also sail on Carnival, Royal, and Disney and do not have to pay to be in the adult area. The Solarium on Royal ships is beautiful and Disney's adult only area is also really nice.
  14. Hello Everyone ~ looking for those who have done the Crystal and Fantasy Caves tours. I've been looking at videos and they look beautiful. How do you feel this excursion would be for someone who is not a fan of enclosed spaces?
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