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  1. Ok thanks!! I did get the email about the website but said i couldn’t fill it out until April 13th so that’s why I was confused. I plan to fill out the form the day I can!! Just wanted to see if anyone know what was up with this! I can wait my 90+ days. I would just rather get my money at this point!
  2. My cruise for middle of April was canceled. Which is a good thing because with all of this I didn’t want to go anyway! I originally received an email that said that I could apply for a refund on April 13. But then two days later I got an email that said I had future cruise credit applied to my account. I would rather have the refund. Does anyone know what the deal with this is?
  3. So if it’s a la carte it isn’t in the free speciality dinning package?
  4. Some of the restaurants say $0.00 when booking a specialty place. Some say a la carte. What happens in the a la carte restaurants as far as price? What about the $0.00 will my bill be nothing really? Thanks in advance!
  5. It looks like NCL does the perks of “shore excursion credit, drink package and specialty dining” Often! So my question is this: I login on my account and it is asking if I want to buy drink packages and specialty dining. How does this work? Shouldn’t I already have it in my package if I booked under this perks deal? Also, how does the shore excursion credit work? TIA
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