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  1. Second the recommendation for The Serras - very modern inside, fabulous food and service. Not inexpensive - EUR 330 for one night in 2018. 🍺🥌
  2. The attached wine list is old (2018) and surely out of date for both vintages and prices, but may give you a point of reference. Cheers ... 🥌🍺🍷 Viking-Ocean-Cruises-Wine-List 2018.pdf
  3. As Clay pointed out by posting his contract, this is not a rumour - what happens to you should you contract Covid during the cruise is ultimately at Viking's discretion. There is confirmation in the Viking Health and Safety FAQs below. At least they indicate that they will assist with arrangements. To all pax and prospective ones - if you haven't already done so, I strongly suggest reading the info on the Viking site, and/or your contract - it will better inform your decisions. Safe sailing! 🥌🍻 What happens if a guest tests positive for COVID-19 while o
  4. We've not stayed at the Radisson, but have stayed at the Opus XVI - which is further south, about twice as far from the dock. We've walked from the ship to downtown numerous times. The Radisson is about a 10 minute walk. As you've been to Bergen, you understand the weather. Unless you have very minimal luggage, I'd avoid the hike. While it's not stressful, the sidewalk is narrow in places and you have to navigate a bit of the port area - not the simplest if you have large luggage, or if the weather is poor. We simply looked at the weather in the morning (raining as nor
  5. After 30 years in the technology business, I can confirm that you have a perfectly valid approach to troubleshooting - although I recommend water substitutes! 🍺🍷🥌
  6. Here’s hoping you have better luck in 2023! 🍺🥌
  7. What - your routes didn't include shrimp tacos for additional sustenance at the Glenmore roof?? Never mind - FoW is always well stocked with Toohey's, and has the "New" if your timing is right. 🍻🥌
  8. While the natural focus right now is on Viking's protocols regarding vaccinated passengers, I continue to watch their stance on what happens if a passenger tests positive during the voyage (short version - you are put ashore for recovery / quarantine). The current data continues to suggest that even vaccinated individuals may carry or acquire the virus (and hence test positive), but they are highly unlikely to experience severe symptoms, and may be completely asymptomatic. When we cruise, we all accept the possibility of having to be hospitalized somewhere in the world due to an un
  9. This was from the Health & Safety FAQ section ... the emphases are mine. "Guests with a positive COVID-19 test will be isolated on board and then disembarked at the first opportunity for quarantine at an appropriate facility ashore. A second test will be performed to validate the first test. If the second test confirms COVID-19, we will arrange for the guest to recover ashore before returning home once their recovery is complete. Upon their return home, Viking Customer Relations will contact the guest and their travel advisor directly regarding any necessary refunding or resche
  10. I'd happily settle for the ability to sail Viking again (although given the jumps in Carnival and NCL stocks right after the Pfizer comments, that would likely mean the Cdn gov't would have made a fortune on their investment as well!) 🍺🥌
  11. Perhaps Andy can help with Vancouver, he’s nearer to the scene 😎 Good news is the influx of capital to help weather the storm. A positive sign for Viking’s survival.
  12. Some of my tax dollars at work 🍺🥌 https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/viking-cruises-announces-additional-investment-from-tpg-and-cpp-investments-824079584.html
  13. RV Sun morphed into HAL Prinsendam. Here’s a bit from a HAL blog: Prinsendam was built in 1988 as Royal Viking Sun for Royal Viking Line. The ship was operated by Cunard Line from 1994 through 1998 and then transferred to Seabourn Cruise Line, where it became Seabourn Sun in 1999. In 2002 the ship joined the Holland America Line fleet and was renamed Prinsendam. Much to the anger of her many loyal pax, she was sold in 2019 to Phoenix Reisen , a Germany-based travel agency that also operates a fleet of cruise ships. We had a number of great trips on her - at just over 800
  14. Yep, and the book provides one of the most detailed and horrifying descriptions of drowning that I have ever read. I still cringe when I think about it! The movie was fun, but the book is outstanding.
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