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  1. I'd just like to say that these companies don't organise visas, if you are arriving on a cruise ship for 72 hours or less you don't need a visa as long as you only go on tours with authorised companies. You cannot leave the ship on your own unless you do have a visa.
  2. Well we've just had our 2 day tour booked through Viator cancelled as apparently there were only two couples booked on it, and the other couple pulled out. The tour was operated by City Break, I can't say I'm totally impressed with being left with just 2 and a half weeks before sailing to make alternative arrangements.
  3. You don't have to eat in the buffet 3x a day, you can eat in the MDR when you are not feeling anti-social, but when you do want to sit on your own then eat in the buffet.
  4. Maybe it's because CMV customers don't really use roll calls, the one's I've seen are very quiet? When I first joined the boards here in 2016 CMV didn't have this forum section either. Maybe as they continue to grow they'll get a roll call section.
  5. CMV roll calls can be found here https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/forum/45-all-other-cruise-lines-roll-calls/
  6. I've seen a price quoted of £319pp for the 2 day CMV tour, we've just booked one on Viator for £195pp that has everything we want on it, they go as cheap as £164pp on there, depending what you want to do.
  7. Like I said the cruise will be adults only unless it specifically says it's multigenerational. Your cruise does not say that, unlike the ones on the first screen shot here. The review you've read would've been for a multigenerational cruise.
  8. From the CMV website "Please note that Columbus, Magellan, Marco Polo and Astoria are child-free and therefore for the enjoyment of adult passengers only (16 years and above at the time of sailing), with the exception of our advertised multigenerational cruises. " so if you book for any of those ships unless the cruise is specifically advertised as multigenerational it will be adults only. https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/before-you-sail/general-information
  9. I know this post is quite old now, but no-one seems to have posted the golden piece of information which is that the cruise the OP has booked is adults only, so there won't be any kids on board.
  10. 1900sr

    Real Ale

    Someone mentioned Elgoods a few years back on this thread, I was very surprised when I sailed on CMV's Magellan in 2016 to find Black Dog on sale in bottles. Imagine sailing all the way to Norway drinking a beer brewed by your nearest independent brewers! I've now book with CMV again and looking at the drinks list it seems Black Dog is a permanent fixture, along with the more obvious London Pride, Spitfire and Old Speckled Hen. See if I can drink the ship dry of it again.
  11. When we went on Magellan in 2016 we played bingo, but can't remember if it was on every night or just a couple of times.
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