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  1. Thank you, Kat. Are taxis pretty easy to catch at the pier or is calling an Uber a better option?
  2. I'll be in San Juan with my parents in a few weeks, and my dad really wants to see El Morro. They are fairly mobile, but walking to El Morro and back is probably a bit much for them. Sounds like the free trolley won't be an option, so what's plan B? Taxi (or Uber)? Is there a taxi stand near the pier or do you just have to go to the street and wave one down? (I'm not a city girl, so I'm not familiar with taxi hailing tactics!) What is the expected cost of a taxi from the pier to El Morro? (I don't want to get overcharged!) Thanks for any advice you can give!
  3. We will also be in San Juan on Christmas Eve and were hoping to have dinner in a local restaurant. Do you think we will find any open? Or will it be best to return to the ship for dinner?
  4. I've stayed in 2237 and the most noise I heard was from the bow of the ship cutting through the waves and associated "ship-creaking" noises in rough water. Also, the walls are paper-thin and I could easily hear my next-door neighbors' phone conversations and snoring. ;-) Surprisingly, there was no noise from the theater above.
  5. Wait, what? I've sailed solo several times and have never gotten double points.
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