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  1. Lovely photos that bring back happy memories from our visit to Icy Strait in late May! BTW, I went mad and ordered the Tamron 18-400mm lens. The dealer had a special offer running and this brought the price below the level I was quoted in Seattle at the end of the cruise. Only taken 40-50 trial shots so far but first impressions are quite positive. Steve
  2. 'We'd be delighted if you could share OUR DAY ...', as the Wedding Invitation says. Everybody has an opinion to offer (the most vocal coming from those with the least 'entitlement' to comment on what must/must not be done/who must/must not be invited etc). The only criterion is that the arrangements meet the (guilt-free) wishes of the Happy Couple. It's your day, not theirs (Chorus Line should never have speaking parts ...). Being a cynic, I posted on another thread recently that I would book a B2B cruise if I were getting married - the second leg would serve for the separation ... :))
  3. The car will last another year (or longer, I hope! after last month's annual service and minor repairs. Meanwhile, the 18-400 Tamron arrived yesterday, courtesy of a £70 online reduction that actually made it cheaper than the price I was quoted in Seattle at the end of our cruise in late May. Just need to save up for the next cruise now ... :D
  4. Just ordered the Tamron 18-400 lens for my Nikon D5300 - my half of our Wedding Anniversary present (upgraded from 50% of a Chocolate Orange so not a bad result ...). Clincher was a £70 reduction in the price, so the cost was just about the same as I would have paid when I drooled over the lens last month in Seattle at the finish of our cruise. Lens should arrive on Tuesday, and, unusually for a Scottish July, the sun is still shining so should have plenty of chance to play ...<br>
  5. Being a cautious type, I booked a B2B cruise for our wedding - the second leg was for the separation ... :*:*
  6. Can't drink without a straw? Ha! Suck it up ...:D:D (I do HATE that expression!
  7. 422 ... (or 14 Paydays to save the cruise fare ...). Need to get another cruise booked before this one.
  8. We live on the opposite side of the Firth of Forth (behind that small island at about 2 o'clock in your photo! We look out onto the 'back side' of the island across the water to Edinburgh Castle (100 metres from the beach - been watching the cruise ships sailing to & fro this week - only 430 days to our next cruise :D) Steve & Elaine
  9. A small smear of vaseline over the nostrils before going to bed; damp washing in the shower (helps freshen up tee shirts etc and dries them up overnight!) and turning the shower on cold for 2-3 minutes when returning to the cabin after dinner. No cabin cough on our last 3 cruises by using this regime.
  10. Started with a 126 Cartridge Film in 1972 until father-in-law gave me an ancient SLR (No brand?) in 1981 (remember asking a chemist in France to set the aperture according to the then weather - he took me into the street, pointed to the sun & then F8, pointed to a cloud and then F11 ... who needs language skills?). In 1983 I went mad and bought a Canon T50 (with an instruction manual!) and kept that until another splurge in 1985/6 when I bought the AE-1 Program. That remained my camera of choice until 2005 when I bought the Canon Powershot Pro1 that saw me through to Feb 2015 when I purchased the Nikon D5300. Purchased a HuaweiP20 Pro phone on its UK launch on 6th April this year - brilliant Alaska pictures of glaciers in the gloom - the AI Unit really came into its own! But the D5300 was invaluable for the Whale photos in Icy Strait! Just grovelling to Mrs Marchie before buying the Tamron 18-400 zoom ...
  11. Thanks very much for the message and the picture. It looks as though the Tamron 18-400 will meet my needs very well! Now to grovel to Mrs Marchie ... ;)
  12. My wife and I purchased a Huawei P20 Pro Phone/Camera each on its UK launch at the start of April - selfie camera + 3 x Leica cameras incl. a 40 meg and 24 meg 'twinning' that combines with the new AI Unit to perform all kinds of wizardry to produce a composite final shot - and some of the pictures of glaciers (esp. in mist/rain in Alaska) were better than the DSLR could manage! There again, the Huawei cost only $40 less than my first 'proper' car, and was a wee bit more expensive than my Nikon D5300 was in 2015 ... The Huawei is limited by a 5 x optical zoom (10 x digital) but the quality of shots in poor/low light is astonishingly good and crisp, and way better than the phone cameras of less than 3 years ago!
  13. Thanks for all the questions, Dave :D Frequency of use? Probably 2 sessions a year where it will be used for 300 shots each time (took just over 300 photos in 2 1/4 hours at Icy Strait) when trying to spot whales, eagles etc and capture them before they become another blank frame showing the whale had been ... Weight carrying - if it's for Whale photos, whatever it takes to get the shots- the soreness wears off after a couple of days (Marchie1053 - sponsored by Voltarol :)) There is a question (usually asked by my wife) 'Do you want the lens or the cruise on which to use it?' which usually means that I have to grovel more before the purchase ... I have enough time to scrape the money together before our next trip. I'd be more worried about buying a Tamron 18-400 and then discovering that paying the (not inconsiderable) extra for a 150-600 lens would have been a much better proposition. I'm struggling to justify the cost of the Sigma Sport Lens (haven't dare mention it to Mrs Marchie ...) - it probably has too much 'Shiny Kit' Syndrome Not sure about renting a lens in the UK, especially if it needs to be loaded on planes with cabin stewards ramming other passengers' bags on top to fit everything into overcrowded overhead lockers. The killer question (based on the Whale Shots my took with her 18-300 Sigma lens), is whether the Tamron 18-400 will produce images big enough/good enough to show these magnificent creatures in all their glory from a distance of 300 feet or so? Steve
  14. My apologies for hijacking the thread. We were in Icy Strait 11 days ago and my wife got some lovely Whale shots with her Sigma18-300 lens; me, less so, with my Nikon 18-140. Since returning, I have been swithering between the Tamron 18-400 and the Tamron (or Sigma) 150-600 lens for the next trip. I would appreciate your thoughts on the practical advantages/dsadvantages. BTW, we docked in Seattle and I had a look at a Tamron 18-400 but then I thought of the damage I had already inflicted on my credit card during the cruise ... :D Steve
  15. ;p You think you're losing out? We had about 5 x 23 hours days in succession ... 5 hours of my life snuffed out whilst I was sleeping (for an hour less, as well ...). Actually, I lost much more than the hour each night, because I lay awake worrying about the impact and how NCL would react to my request for compensation, and whether cruising was really worth all the hassle and the money I had paid for the cruise ... :D But I realised that matters were not so dire after all because we had 2 x 16th May and we were only charged for one (subject, of course, to my checking my next credit card statement ...)
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