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  1. Category SQ deck 7 midship 1 bedroom Obstructed View Family Suite. These definitely have two bedrooms. We stayed in one in Dec 2019 and loved it.
  2. We had the one bedroom obstructed view suite in Dec 2019. We loved it! Our concierge was very helpful and the breakfast was Cagney's wonderful. We didn't miss the balcony because of the intensive nature of the ports.
  3. You can always get a glass of water, you can't get bottled water.
  4. You can get a couple day deviation for a small extra fee. Then you'd have time to spend in New Orleans.
  5. My favorite thing on the -away class ships is the Waterfront.
  6. Exactly, NCL hasn't updated their website with the new menus.
  7. Yes our cards were coded. But before they even looked at the card or scanned it, waiters/bartenders would tells us "that's not covered in the package." We had to point out that we had the Premium Plus package. Once they saw the designation on our card, they were fine. And we just kept going back to bartenders that we liked.
  8. This is pre-pandemic experience but we had the premium plus on the Epic in Aug 2019. I am a Scotch connoisseur. Once the bartenders get to know that you have premium plus everything is on the table to try. The flights of drinks are not included so for example a martini flight. You simply just order one of each to get around that. Back to the all important Scotch question. Yes Johnny Blue was included in the package. I had one bartender that questioned it but then gave it to me. I usually ordered double shots. The ship had a bartender that had worked in Scotland so he was very knowledgeable and he recommended a 21 year blended Scotch that was really good too. He became our go to person for Scotch or cocktails. With so many people having the bev package, you may have to point out that you have Premium Plus.
  9. We went on NCL to Alaska in May 2018. It was amazing! You will love it, enjoy.
  10. The above applies to Loyalty meals, not the Dining package meals. There is no limit on apps or desserts and there is no dollar cap. There are a very few up charge items but they will be clearly marked on the menu.
  11. But Celebrity isn't requiring passengers to be vaccinated. That's the difference.
  12. Or maybe they don't want a giant cruise ship running aground in their city. It's a real danger. Google the close call videos.
  13. We've always done it as soon as we boarded the ship. When you check in, ask where to go to make dining reservations.
  14. 100% agree, I loved that Napoléon!!
  15. This is why I struggle with the "is it worth it?" questions. There isn't a one size fits all answer. But if you do your research (which obviously @DCGuy64 has) you can decide if its worth it for you personally. This is the beauty of NCL. Some people call it nickel and diming but, especially in this situation, it gives every one options to chose what's best for them personally. While we enjoyed the Premium Plus package, it wouldn't always be worth it for us.
  16. We upgraded to Premium Plus on one cruise. Partly because we had onboard credit to use and partly because we wanted to try it out. We would start the day with a premium coffee, had sparkling water and wine with dinner and over the course of an evening my DH would drink doubles of Johnny Walker Blue and I would drink champagne or Botanist Gin martinis. It didn't take long for the package to pay for itself. In our experience we didn't drink any more than if we had the standard package, we just had much higher quality drinks. We didn't feel it will be necessary to always upgrade, but if we had OBC to use or if it was a special occasion we definitely would. People are talking a lot about the wine but the premium whiskey (Scotch, Bourbon, etc) quickly make the package worth while, if that's what you enjoy.
  17. This is a great idea! The street cars are really fun. Also as an alternative to staying in the Quarter, you could stay in the Garden District and take the streetcar into the Quarter. We do this primarily because we drive to NOLA and we are able to park our car for the cruise at one of the Garden District hotels.
  18. We've really enjoyed the three "Free Tours by Foot" that we've done. Their guides are very knowledgeable and the history is interesting. Not sure if they would be doable with your mom's age. We love just wandering the quarter, people watching, seeing the street artists and musicians, smelling and sampling the pralines. Jackson Square and the French Market are both very fun. If you want to listen to music, head to Frenchman's St. Its a short walk from the Quarter but so worth it. The music doesn't really start before 8pm or so. They used to have a schedule online, I'm not sure if that's still the case. Its easy to walk down the street until you hear something you like and then go into that venue. Most places have a cover charge or require you to purchase drinks. We love food, so trying all the things is fun for us. Don't miss beignets and café au laite, pralines, shrimp and grits, muffuletta, po' boys, gumbo/jambalaya/etouffee. You can also go over to the ports of departure board and there will be more recommendations. Have a great cruise!
  19. We've sailed out of NOLA at least four times and have a Breakaway cruise booked for December. We love New Orleans and always add on several days to enjoy the city. Hoping the city is relatively back to normal by December. @sallybrown2012 let me know if you'd like more specific suggestions for the city. One of our cruises from there was on the Breakaway (Jan 2019). We had a group of 9 ranging in age from 10 to 55. Everyone could find something they enjoyed doing. The ropes course was a huge hit. And the kids (10, 16, 18) loved all the food options. My favorite place is the Waterfront. Its great for quite early mornings with coffee or staying on the ship while at port. Depending on how large your group is restaurant reservations are a good idea. Immediately upon embarkation I make reservations. If you have a small group, it isn't necessary for the MDRs but for sure for the specialties. Le Bistro is our favorite (my DH says they have better steaks than Cagney's) and they've been very accommodating even with kids.
  20. I'll also second the recommendation for "Free Tours by Foot". I've used them several times and been very happy. Informative and interesting information and great guides. For me, just wandering the French Quarter is my favorite thing. Seeing what you see, stopping to shop when you want, people watching, listening to street musician....the list goes on. I especially save a Saturday to do this, to me the Quarter is more lively on the weekend.
  21. It really does depend on how large your group is and what time you are planning to dine. We've sailed with groups as large as 9 and I always make reservations one embarkation day. When I asked if I needed to for the MDRs, they've always said it isn't necessary but appreciated. I'd much rather have the reservation than be walking up with a group of 9 and have to wait. When my husband and I were in Europe, the prime eating time was much later. We walked up just the two of us at about 8pm and had to wait. Whereas in the Caribbean there seems to be a rush right at opening time.
  22. We've done both several times and slightly prefer the Western itinerary. My husband loves to snorkel and Roatan is his absolute favorite. Part of our group did an ATV ride in Cozumel that they loved too. And we love NOLA, so we are always looking for an excuse to add on a couple days pre-cruise.
  23. We've had deck 8 obstructed view staterooms on several cruises on the Jade and the Star. The location is our favorite, mid-ship, quick to get to O'Sheehans for breakfast or a drink. If a balcony is out of our price range on a particular sailing, we'd nearly always chose this location. For us the window is more about natural light than about sitting and looking out and these staterooms tic that box for us.
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