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  1. No, a standard package on Viking includes limited selection beer and wine During Meals. The Silver Spirits Beverage package is different. It includes upgraded wine and beer, plus liquor and cocktails.
  2. When you consider the gratuities, and drink package, Seabourn is competitive and probably better overall product. Viking ocean charges $20 pp per day with no added gratuities. Their selection is comparable (possibly better in some liquor/Cognac categories) but without the package Viking's per drink price is less by quite a margin. Viking's drink prices include the gratuity. And Grey Goose is still Grey Goose regardless of which ship it is being poured on. If I didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of I would probably not be as concerned. Windstar has a great product but.....They are not cheap cruises and overpriced regarding drinks.
  3. I guess I'm not going on any more Windstar cruises. My history with WS began on the Surf several years back. They would not allow you to bring on any liquor but the bartenders poured good sized drinks and unless staying drunk was a goal I felt the pricing without the package was pretty decent. Then we went on the Legend and they didn't seem to care if you brought some liquor on, but again, the pours were decent and prices not too bad. The last experience was the Breeze last summer. Nothing allowed to be carried on, very carefully measured shots, higher prices, and generally poor service made it a very poor bar experience. Now, I was about to pop on a 14 day Caribbean but $135 per day extra and the bar prices has turned me completely off Windstar. ($59/day plus 15% X 2) Much of their product is great, but being fleeced after ponying up pretty big bucks to ride their boat has given me a poor taste. That will be it for us.
  4. I think you will find Enhance rather than Enrich your trip
  5. I didn’t try it but it was available in the living room bar. I saw some eating it and they seemed to enjoy it. I did enjoy the pickled herring in Mamsens. My question is why that wasn’t available in the World Cafe? I suppose it makes Mamsens unique.
  6. Wendy, not agreeing one way or another but virtually all lines that offer packages require both to have it AND for the duration. Peigrine, in my opinion, very high double digit to triple digit scotch is a totally different category. For example, Seabourn includes alchohol, but the really high end scotch isn’t included. We really are talking about a small group who are willing and able to comfortably pay in excess of $100/shot, while a good selection of very good scotch is included. My point is that Viking has a very limited included selection. On my recent trip, Bowmore 15, and Glenfiddich 12, were the only single malts that were included. Bowmore is fairy well peated and therefore a more limited group of consumers. Both are great but two selections is not really competitive. I’ll guess that Seabourn and Silversea had 8-12. Since my SSBP was complimentary and the other options were decent Cognac I survived the “ordeal”.
  7. Yes, Grey Goose is included in the package. They actually have a decent selection of Vodka.
  8. We used Barcelona Day Tours also and we were very happy with the tour. We were happy to be in a comfortable van with 12 others instead of a bus full of people. The logistics of getting on and off, listening to a guide, asking questions etc. is more user friendly. The cost was a push with the ship’s tour but IMO a superior product. BTW we did the Montserrat, Barcelona, and Güell Park tour that included Sagrada Familia (outside). The outside tour was so good that when we toured the inside (next day) we felt like we already had the best experience. We did have an excellent guide and that does make a difference. BTW included pickup and drop off at the port.
  9. The price of the SSBP is very reasonable and ultimately less than buying drinks if you want premium booze. The catch, for some, is that both occupants of the room must buy it, and, it is for the entire cruise. Our only Viking experience demonstrated the bar staff is well trained and friendly. My only complaint was the very small selection of premium single malt scotch. That is what I enjoy and two choices for a 23 day cruise is too few. On the other hand, I did enjoy the selection of Cognac and Armangac which was pretty good. I believe the Bourbon selection was slightly better but I didn’t try it.
  10. wildcat68

    Ice bucket

    We didn’t either. We were not mixing drinks in the room so the need was minimal. Sure took advantage of the Silver Spirits Beverage Package though. Janet, did you get a drink or two 😳. That was a good time.
  11. I have personally never seen a bargain with add on pre, or post cruise packages. On our recent trip VO Rome to Miami we booked our own air. It was more dollars than Viking offer but we sat in the front of the aircraft instead of the sardine section. I figured I saved over $5000 over the Viking upgrade. I did not use miles! Bed and breakfast for two nights in Civitavecchia was $205, total for two. Transfer from Rome to Civitavecchia was 75€. That was 1/2 the private rate for four pax as we set it up in advance. Ship to Miami airport was offered by Viking for$49, pp. $98 total. Taxi was fixed rate at $27 per ride. It was also faster, more comfortable and convenient. None of this included a tour guide, or large bus. We did relax after the direct flight to Rome from LAX. Explored Civitavecchia on our own and ate in nice places, enjoyed wine on our balcony overlooking Civitavecchia harbor and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If we had decided on a Tuscan pre cruise stay we would have probably beat the price offered by the cruise line by 50% at least. Just my opinion.
  12. We disembarked the Viking Sun on the 27th in Miami. Not sure why but clearance was approximately 45 minutes late. Going through customs and passport check was fast for our group. TSA at MIA was no problem whatsoever. Had a nice 23 day cruise and am recovering 😳
  13. Thanks Easy Jim. One of my favorite things to do on our several Seabourn cruises was to try different Single Malts that I wouldn't try otherwise. Its not that important but it is a fairly premium cruise with lots of sea days (TA). I'm sure I'll survive, probably better than if there were a huge selection.;p
  14. We were given the SSBP and so have been thinking we wouldn't carry any on, but it looks like if I want something pretty good, and, no mortgage on the house, I better bring something. I do appreciate the sharing of the menu. Thanks
  15. That is disappointing information, but what I wanted to find out. That is a very anemic selection. I assume Torshavn has some decent scotch that is still under $15/drink?
  16. If you go to My Viking Cruise, then click on the menu, select Enhancements, then click SSBP as if you wanted to order it, it will say you have it. Not sure that makes sense but that's hoe I checked.
  17. That selection is directly off the menu posted on MVJ. This shows two very common Single Malt Scotch choices. The River cruise menu shown on the other link had quite a nice selection and is more in line with what I think a premium cruise line should have available. I have asked this question several different times and never receive an answer to indicate the sample menu is only that, a sample. Someone who drinks Scotch is lurking out there with experience. Glenfiddich and Aberlour 10 yr are a pretty short list. The rest listed are Bourbon, Canadian Blends or Blended Scotch/Irish
  18. Thanks for posting this drink menu. I have tried to find an answer to the selection of Single Malt Scotch aboard VO. I realize the menu posted is Viking River Cruise. Is the SMS aboard Ocean cruises same or similar? The sample bar menu on the MVJ only shows a couple Scotch Whisky selections. I’m sure it’s not comprehensive. Seems to me the selections should be similar.
  19. OK here is a related question. Are PV cabins worth a significant $$$ vs a DV2. We currently hold a DV2 that is absolute mid-ship on deck 5. The DVs appear a bit small in comparison to the PV and I've been contemplating working on an upgrade/up buy. For those who have experienced the two room types "is it worth it"? I'm not in the least concerned about booking excursions, dining reservation or other "perks", just the size and comfort.
  20. Correct me if I am wrong, but the SSBP states that it is good on any drink $15.00 or less. That would imply that the entire selection of Whisky/Whiskey, Vodka, Gin etc. under $15 per drink is covered. Is that the way it works or do they put out a covered list of drinks?
  21. Near as I can see there are a number of options. You can take the train from FCO to the main station, then to Civitavecchia for around 10 -20 Euros. Requires moving your bags a number of times. You can take a taxi or pre-arranged car service for around 120-130 Euros. Easiest. You can rent a car one way, drop off in Civitavecchia, for around 40 - 100 Euros. Dead tired coming in off Trans Atlantic flight, foreign country could be problems.
  22. Thanks, that is in line with my expectations. I appreciate the post.
  23. I eat almost anything but my DW is pretty traditional. Is it possible to eat at the Chef's Table and one person orders off the main restaurant menu? I'd really like to try this dining option but she may not enjoy it.
  24. You are our next door neighbors!
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