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  1. I've been very tempted to do one of these, either with Cunard or princess. Today with news of rising covid rates in Europe I'm not sure if they will go ahead as planned. Plus there is the whole issue of what will be different. I except masks in public areas of the ship and when walking in corridors, but will room stewards still make up your room daily... Or just leave fresh towels out side your door? ( as some uk hotels are). Will the ship corridors have one way system? I see princess buffets will be served to you, but I'm not sure what other things will be different.
  2. I’d agree with you... The only thing I find odd is that Italy is going a head with it's ‘Italians only’ cruises. I think those will have all the issues that you've outlined, so I don't know how they can still cruise.
  3. I know this is an old thread but as there is not much cruising going on at the moment. I'm finding it an interesting read, particularly as I'm an acupuncturist. Lol. I've never worked on board but had an interesting chat with the onboard acupuncturist on my last cruise. I wanted to find out how he worked and treated as I suspected it would be very different to the way I work in my home based clinic. So I hope I can answer some of your questions. Yes acupuncture is an effective treatment for many conditions. The world health organisation has a long list of conditions that respond well to acupuncture, including conditions that have no effective treatment in western medicine. Typically back pain, frozen shoulders, knee problems, poor sleep, anxiety, migraines, but there is a huge list. No, it is not an effective treatment for weight loss and has patchy results for stopping smoking, other modalities work better for that. Chinese trained acupuncturists will often have a 5year medical degree qualification with specialisums in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and tuina. I have a 3 year degree equivalent acupuncture qualification. Most onboard acus are recruited by Steiner, but they need to have relevant acu qualifications. Chinese acupuncture is not the same as physio dry needling, that can work well, but will only help muscular related conditions. Here in the uk an acupuncture treatment is usually £50 ( 68US$) per treatment. I would normally book a client in for one or two treatments a week, Chinese hospitals treat daily and on a cruise they will try to treat you quite frequently. I spoke to the onboard acupuncturist about this and he said he was encouraged to do daily treatments. It means more treatments can be fitted in on each cruise - makes it expensive but you will get a good course of treatment. Acupuncturists give talks on board one client came to see me as she had been to a talk on a cruise, but couldn't afford the prices, so came to see me when she got home lol. I hope that answers some of your questions about acupuncture onboard. I also have a specalisum in cosmetic acupuncture, ( for lines, wrinkles and sagging skin) this is considered more of a cosmetic treatment and has been practiced in China, alongside the more traditional form of acupuncture which is several thousand years old. Some Steiner acupuncturists may have that specalisum as well, so it may be offered as an option onboard.
  4. I can see this I a wise move by Saga, boosting confidence amongst their customer base( and shareholders! ). They are a line for older UK passenger so it would be a good fit. I wonder where it leaves other cruise lines with a different demographic of passengers? I’m 55 so I don't see me cruising anytime soon as I'm way down the vaccine list. Then there are other cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, who cater for family groups on their massive ships. They are even further away from getting the vaccine than me. I'm uncertain about Saga’s approach. On one hand is good news that cruising may restart in a safer way, but on the other if that's the way things are going to go, it's very bad news for some of the other lines.
  5. Sorry to point out the obvious: your son is a recovering alcoholic and you want to buy him a cruise as a wedding present???!!!! The one place where you are guaranteed to be surrounded by free flowing alcohol and drinks packages! If he’s stopped drinking, why not show him your support and buy him something that him and his new wife can really enjoy with out temptation being constantly thrown in his face. I work with addicts and kicking a so called socially acceptable addiction is one of the hardest.
  6. I’ve seen estate agents offer 3 d tours of houses that are for sale and there is a river cruise company that does 3D tours of their boats. https://www.scenic.co.uk/our-ships/life-on-board/360-virtual-tour Does anyone know of any cruise lines that do them? Then I can get my fix having a virtual walk about the ship. :)
  7. Just as we are having a hot spell again, hubby has a week off work. All being well we plan to drive to Lyme Regis for a spot of fossil hunting tomorrow. If time and energy allow, we might come back via Weymouth and see if we can spot QV in the bay 🙂
  8. Ah, that may well explain what I have been seeing. We have been looking at Norway and the med, where prices are a lot more on Celebrity than Cunard who didn’t include a free drinks package. As people always say, there is never such a thing as a free drinks package, it’s just added into the cost of the cruise. i would have loved a Norway cruise on celebrity.
  9. I would love it if they brought in some uk deals that were just the cruise fare and not deals that included a free drinks package. It makes the base cost of the cruise too expensive for us... and pointless as we both don’t drink alcohol. We booked our last cruise ( cancelled with Covid) with Cunard for exactly this reason.
  10. I’ve just seen that some airlines are offering flights that go over antarica then land back at the same airport, so people can still enjoy the buzz of flying. Scheduled Cunard cruises are now cancelled till May 2021, so as that date approaches do you think Cunard will offer day or weekend cruises? They could do it with a very reduced capacity offering a day experience with meals and a show. They could even do it with the boat still tied up. what do you think?
  11. Funny, it was a first pub night out for us tonight. Ham, egg and chips and a glass of prosseco. Fairly basic, but it was fantastic being out 🙂
  12. We are in our mid 50’s and have only experienced 3 lines so far ( carnival, royal carebean and celebrity). I don't think virgin will be for us. We have to save for a few years to go on a cruise, it's a real treat for us, so I look forward to a bit of luxury. I can see they want modern and sleek, but it all looks like a shopping center / airport lounge to me.
  13. I wonder if big cruise ships could moor up somewhere and open as an out door theme park / cafe area. No indoor cabins and upee deck buffets could open as waiter service restaurants. 🙂 I could get my cruise fix then
  14. I will cruise when I see how things settle down. It might be autumn next year or 2022, but first I want to see what sort of differences become the norm. One thing, either for cruise on land based holiday. I'll be booking at short notice as I was a bit miffed that I paid the balance months before the cruise but had to wait weeks for a refund.
  15. For European sailings I think it's important to realise that all cruise ships will be subject to the regulations of the countries of ports that want to dock in. So If a ship visits several countries, it will have to comply with each of their restrictions. Even around the uk cruises aren't that simple as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland each have their own different restrictions on travel etc. At the moment I think a mandatory 14day quarantine is required for all people entering the uk, so if you are from the uk... You could do an around the uk cruise... But best to stick to England, as Scotland and NI might not let the ship dock.
  16. I think I first saw them for sale last year. What happens if someone buys one of them? Is the boat still chartered to X for the upcoming cruises or will every one book on a cruise get a refund / alternative cruise? asking for a friend.
  17. We can always club together and get our own celebrity ship Only 300 million https://commercial.apolloduck.com/boat/commercial-vessels-cruise-ship/563969
  18. Cheque safely paid into my bank, over the counter. When a was discussing with my hubby what sort of face covering I should wear into town to go to the bank. We decided a balaclava was not a good choice. Lol So time between completing on line form to getting cheque in my hand was 50 days.
  19. Just got a canival uk cheque for my cancelled cruise originally booked through my TA. ( cancelled on 23rd April with online form ) Cruise date was to be 30th May QV norwegian fjords Now i've just got to work out how to pay it into the bank with all these covid restrictions!!!
  20. Anyone from the uk watch ‘ can’t pay, we’ll take it way’ ? That could be an option ( if you booked direct with Cunard), take them to the small claims court, escalate to a high court writ, if they still don’t pay up... then send in the Bayliffs ( high court sheriffs). i wonder if the Queen Victoria counts as an asset the courts can seize ? Lol I’d like to set that on TV. The bailiffs seizing a ship. In one episode the did visit Easy jet and were talking about seizing a plane lol An update: I booked through uk TA, just had an email from my TA confirming my refund should be 60days from when I filled in the online Cunard refund form. That’s was 23rd April... so still a while to go.
  21. These last few posts have given me hope of getting a refund in about a months time. Fingers crossed.
  22. Yes it’s similar for us, but for a later cruise. Filled in the Cunard online form on the 23rd April for a cancelled cruise on 31st May. My TA contacted me last week to say they had informed Cunard I wanted a refund and it would be 60days. I’m expecting the worst and expect it to be 60days from last week 😞
  23. Our cruise was due to go on Sunday, so I’m going to try and have a Cruise lifestyle for a week at home. lie-ins nice breakfast. morning walk. trip out somewhere once a day ( essential shopping, walk in the countryside, queue for the local DIY store), nice evening meal ( I’ll have to work on my cooking) glass of wine or beer on the patio in the evening. sadly no gym or spa, but I can get fit doing 1/2hr house work each day. i will also periodically remind my self which port I should be in, or the fjord views I should be looking at. im gonna have fun... without having to drive to Southampton looks like I can’t go back to work until July, so i could even extend my cruise for a few days 🙂
  24. UK based TA Well our TA contacted me over the weekend asking if I wanted to take advantage of Cunards generous 125% FCC. I told them I applied to Cunard ( using their online form) on 24th April as both they and Cunard had advised me to do that in their emails of the 23rd April if I wanted a refund rather than a FCC. I did advise the TA I had done this at the time. The TA then emailed me back on Sunday saying they had contacted Cunard and requested a refund for me and it would be 60 days. i had hoped it would be 60 days from my original request, not one that the TA had put in for me a whole month later..... I’ll let you know what happens.
  25. I'm not sure how the tourist industry will get going. I'm sure it will a depend on evaluating risk and reflecting how the rest of the economy opens up. The key thing seems to be maintaining social distancing, so areas where that is possible will be the first to emerge from lockdown. Travel in your home country, with limited opening of hotels, places to eat etc, but will good social distancing will be the first to open. It's a bit more complex with European holidays as travel from/ to or through several different countries is sometimes needed, and I think many countries will be nervous about opening their borders to tourists. Flying involves sitting in a confined space with other passages for a period of time... So I think short haul flights will be the first back in the air, but that comes with risk (possibly less risk than long haul - but not much.) Social distancing on a plane is pretty impossible. The hotels and resorts themselves will just operate with a lower capacity, keeping crowding down.. But that means holidays will cost more. So for cruises: lower capacity ( so higher costs) , maybe cruises that only visit one country and of a shorter duration ( less than a week ) will be where it all starts. The one thing the cruise industry doesn't want is another diamond princess, with people quarantined on a ship, in the media spotlight with COvID numbers steadily rising. They may not survive that a second time round. Anyone know what happens to transatlantic travel during the Spanish flu outbreak?
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