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  1. That's excellent thank you. I know from my TA that I have 23kg do I guess I'll be economy. I'll look at the link, many thanks
  2. Thanks for the quick responses much appreciated, my TA booked the flight, hotel and cruise package with Celebrity, I take it that because it's not an Air Transat package I won't be getting the additional allowances. Is the options plus with Air Transat any good? I believe I can get additional baggage allowance if I pay for that option?
  3. Hi all, After receiving tremendous advice from cruisecritic members, I have booked an Alaska cruise with 1 night hotel stay before sailing with Celebrity. I booked the cruise via a Cruise agency and on my guest invoice I will be flying direct from London Gatwick to Vancouver. My agency inform me that Air Transat will allow 1 x check baggage of 23kg per person, however when browsing the Airline's website I came across a policy giving each cruiser an additional 5kg via an Air Transat voucher. I spoke with the agent I booked the cruise with and they referred me to Celebrity, I emailed Celebrity and they sent me a link to Air Transat help page, this did not help. I then emailed Air Transat and they just replied with a link to their baggage policy per class, but nothing regarding cruisers from Europe. I have copied the page showing Economy class with Cruise package. I can't seem to get a definitive answer if I am entitled to this extra allowance so may I ask if anyone has been 'in the same boat' when travelling with Air Transat for a celebrity cruise?
  4. Decided to book the trip thanks to the wonderful reviews, replies and photo's from everyone. This will be my route and I want to book a Balcony. Does it matter which side of the ship is best to book?
  5. Firstly I take exception to Brits and rain, I remember that we had a dark, gloomy overcast day in August. Not a drop of rain! we celebrated by having a BBQ that day, not many countries can buy a bottle of BBQ gas and make it last for 4 years. 😀 I never knew about Princess' relationship with Alaska, the replies I've received are so informative, thank you. I have also decided to make sure Glacier Bay is on our itinerary. Sincerely appreciate your post Hank. Graham
  6. I'm so glad I didn't go into this with just looking at Travel agents pictures and recommendation. Your post is exceptional, thank you. Since my Alaska plea went out I have received unbiased, informative in formation that can only prepare me for selecting which route to take. To give myself a chance to get a flavour of Alaska, I think I will take up your recommendation at look at Glacier Bay, southbound. hopefully I will also see some wildlife and sea life as well as glaciers. You must be well chilled (no pun intended) with your time in Alaska. I can only imagine a life of tranquility and beauty. Thank you for taking the time to post.
  7. Well, after reading hours of nothing that helps, I have received magnificent replies. What a review based on actual experiences. Orcas, frisky whales, eagles and so on. I was tingling with excitement just reading the feedback to my questions. Great tips, great advice and I can't wait to book to visit an amazing place. Sincere thanks
  8. Hi all, I normally cruise with RCI or Celebrity as I enjoy the atmosphere and relaxed environment on board, The USA ships find the balance with families, formal and casual attire, dining experience and ports. Having covered all of Europe, we are now looking at Alaska for our next cruise in August 2020. The thought of seeing Whales and other sea life, brown bears and Glaciers excites me to the core. So I thought I'd book a cruise....Simple! Blimey....which cruise do I book? Northbound, Southbound, Hubbard Glacier, Inside passage and so on... I looked at a cruise that takes me from the UK to Vancouver, hotel overnight then 7 days on the Eclipse visiting the Inside passage, Hubbard Glacier, icy straight point (Hoonah), Juneau and Ketchikan, and inside passage again. What could I see on Sea days? Would I need to book excursions to see the sea and land wildlife or would there be a possibility I may be lucky. I'm not sure how close we would sail to the coastline or the Glacier. Could I be lucky and see Whales on this route or is this exclusive for excursions only? Have I chosen the right cruise course? sadly I only have 10 days so I am unable to extend my stay in Alaska, hence I want to cram as much in as possible. Any advice, good or bad news is welcome. thank you
  9. Had done excellent feedback. Both days in StP are sorted and saved a few pounds too. Thanks to all
  10. Cheers for that, I'm flying from Birmingham on a propeller plane, that'll be an experience in itself!
  11. Excellent, I'll take a look and many thanks.
  12. Many thanks, As a last resort we can book on the ship for our excursions but as we all know, you pay doublw what independant agency's charge. Had some decent replies re Alla so will look at their website.
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