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  1. Mitsugirly cleared it up! And I felt like a goofball when I read it! Sorry about the confusion. 😊
  2. Mitsugirly, so sorry to hear about these continued medical problems. It is crazy the amount of damage a simple fall can do. I cannot imagine how hard it is to stay strong. But you are strong. That comes through in all of your writing. One of my son’s had a 2 hour bus ride last year. He started listening to telemundo on the bus to work on his Spanish. He said he hated the network (lol) but that it really did help him speak better. Maybe you can find Sakari something fun to occupy her time on the bus? You also should figure out a project to keep you busy and help the time pass. I am not very creative, but maybe others on the boards have good ideas on this? Know that you have a lot of people out here who care about you.
  3. People do have different levels of tolerance when it comes to fear. I think you have to respect it. Maybe she actually shouldn’t go until she is ready. We took 2 vacations right after 9/11 because we got dirt cheap flights and hotels etc. $40 hotel rooms at Disney World. Golden. No fear from us. Bring it. But I was scared to walk upstairs in my parents house until my early 20s. Just creeped me out. I went upstairs of course but every time I went up there I had to take a deep breath. Totally irrational. Eventually I stopped feeling that way.
  4. We have been doing only carnival for about three years but are also branching out next year. Still going on carnival but cutting back. Biggest complaint for us is cleanliness. We love everything else.
  5. No issues for us. We just carry them on, never been stopped at all.
  6. We ask for 2xs per day. Some stewards do this, but others will blow you off. There does not seem to be much management over the stewards unfortunately.
  7. Carnival is very good at filling every possible bed. They only let you book a cabin that fits exactly the number of people booked. We have dropped individuals from bookings 3 times now and they always force us to move to another cabin with the exact number of beds for people booked.
  8. Ugh. We have booked radiance in 2020. Easy saver or early saver, whatever the non refundable deal is called.
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