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  1. This is a theory that has not proven to be true. And think about what you are saying logically. Like with your own brain. Does it make sense? Of course not. The court changed its ruling because it realized the cdc has no case. Desantis is not your average fool politician and is unusual in that he knows what he is doing. He went to Harvard law (on merit not through contacts) and worked as a JAG. Most politicians are so B (Or rather C or D) team. I can’t wait to see NCL move out of Miami when del rio loses his lawsuit.
  2. The cdc is on the run everywhere at this point. Another federal court ruled today that the CDC moratorium on evictions is unlawful. The worm has turned. The cdc has been manipulating information left right and center. And it has been acting as a legislative body. They are unelected. And they have truly overstepped.
  3. It’s different. Florida wasn’t challenging a law. Their case was about the overreach of specific government agencies. Bureaucracy run amok. But NCL is fighting an actual LAW and suing the agency that is enforcing the law. Totally pointless.
  4. That’s like suing the dmv because you don’t feel like you should have to get a driver’s license. Makes no sense for NCL to sue the surgeon general.
  5. Not long term. Look how much CCL stock has dropped since they flip flopped on their vaccine status. When carnival was still saying they would not require a vaccine, the stock was very high.
  6. Everything is personal for del rio. He is so combative. He has effectively run NCL into the ground. Ncl was already the least kid friendly line we have sailed. This vaccine stance makes it official— they never liked having to deal with kids. Well, karma. They are the cruise line most likely to declare bankruptcy IMO. Bad move with the lawsuit, del rio, and suing the surgeon general? Doesn’t even make sense.
  7. It’s actually a great comparison and one I have thought of myself. Millions walk around with stds and infect others wittingly or unwittingly, but we never would round up or trace those people— or impose different laws on them. That’s what an authoritarian society would do.
  8. Sign us up!!! Because we had Covid and are not getting vaccinated (science!). Ever!!!! Wow, now I am so glad that I didn’t cancel our 2 ccl cruises. I almost did it the other day too. I wasn’t looking forward to switching to royal to be honest. But I would have. I am simply over the moon right now.
  9. We are in this situation with 2 reservations and I have been dreading calling. I am almost positive they will let you move it to another date no questions asked. We have done this about four times since COVID. At this point, however, I am ready for a refund. We want to switch to royal. I intend to get a refund and will push back on it.
  10. Well I think they could win and I hope they do. They could easily get jobs elsewhere as they work in one of the world’s largest medical centers, and as many other doctors and nurses unwilling to get the vaccine have done. This is obviously about principle for them not sympathy.
  11. We are switching to royal. Carnival needs to get it together. The bait and switch they have pulled with the no vaccine requirement/oops vaccine requirement is not cool.
  12. BAD DECISION, CARNIVAL. Even worse since both Arnold and Duffy previously said they would not require vaccines.
  13. We have never cruised royal but will switch to royal with this policy. They are making the right decision. Thank you, Royal.
  14. Awesome!!! We’ve been road tripping and been to Disney several times since last spring. We’ve already had covid and so will not get the vaccine. There is a whole section of the country that is living normal lives and does not care who is vaccinated or not. Go Carnival!!! I love that CEO. What guts it takes to go against the grain. The man is brilliant. But there is also the question of whether they actually legally could force people to get an experimental gene altering therapy that has only been approved for emergency use. For folks talking about vaccinated verses non-vaccinated cruises— fine with me, but which one do you think all the fun people will be on? 😜
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