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  1. Saint Greg, time to post your Mickey Mouse packing picture!
  2. Thanks, guys. I’ve been looking at balcony rooms. Torn between the Celebration and Legend (have a large balcony on hold). Will the Celebration have a theme? Like Mardi Gras is New Orleans theme which I love. Or is it yet to be determined?
  3. Is this a new ship? Boy am I out of the loop. Looking to book early 2023 and noticed the option. Is it like Mardi Gras?
  4. Well, I think cruising will be on in three weeks! Actually, less than that now. 🥰
  5. Glad to hear science is winning out in the discussion and cruising will begin.
  6. It is amazing what a free market economy can do and how quickly it can do it.
  7. That article actually says that China doesn’t want to import covid. Lol
  8. No thanks on any vaccine for an illness with such a low mortality rate. I will take my chances with my immune system. I also seriously doubt any vaccine they come up with will be more effective than the flu vaccine which is only 40-60% effective. Studies also show that the flu vaccine actually makes you more likely to get respiratory infections. Who knows what the long term effects of this rushed vaccine will be.
  9. As a private individual I am not allowed to give money to government departments because it could be considered a bribe. But the cdc has a “foundation,” where private individuals like Bill Gates give millions of dollars to fund cdc efforts. I do not think it is a fully objective health organization, frankly. They are all over the map. And their treatment of cruise lines makes no sense. It is like there is something going on behind the scenes.
  10. Surprised the letter wasn’t a “Dear Comrade” letter.
  11. Yes, very low. Almost 3 million people die in the US every year, and total deaths are down this year.
  12. That is shocking to me that they would have charged you extra to go to three rooms. They are the ones switching you to a new ship!
  13. I will definitely look again later tonight. I was pretty shocked at the prices.
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