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  1. I agree that the N95 mask is the one to get. I do not think that other masks offer much, if any, protection at all. If someone is seriously concerned about protecting themselves from the virus, they should get a serious mask for themselves instead of worrying about whether everyone else is wearing something that is akin to a bandana. We are very respectful to others and keep distance. If we see someone with a mask, we keep extra distance, because we know they are worried and feel for them. But I do not understand people saying everyone needs something, anything, on their face. There is no science in that. No clinical trials. It also doesn’t make rational sense. People should take responsibility for themselves and get a proper mask to protect themselves fully if they are truly worried.
  2. Just to clarify... do you agree that a mask will prevent my germs from getting out and exposing others? That I (for example) should wear a mask so that my germs do not get out? If germs cannot get out through my mask, then germs also cannot get in, correct? And if germs cannot get in, why do I care if others are wearing masks? I am wondering because I have heard the argument that everyone has to wear masks a few times and it doesn’t make sense to me. If the mask stops germs from getting in or out, I should be fine wearing a mask and not worrying if others are wearing them. Let those other people catch it if they are so careless. If I am wearing a mask, I should be fine.
  3. “absolutely ridonculous”
  4. If folks are worried, just don’t sail. That goes for employees as well. Others are not worried about covid at all. A bad cold for us, no big deal. Plenty of us already have the antibodies now as well. I don’t see why cruising is shut down at this point if there are people ready to go, especially for cruises of 7 nights or less. The curve has been flattened and cruises will have more medical equipment on board. We also know a lot more about how to treat the virus for people who have a rough time with it.
  5. I agree. Masks are gross. People touch them all the time with dirty hands and take them on and off and put them in unsanitary pockets or handbags and then put them back on their faces. People are introducing germs to their faces with those things. If you don’t want to get sick, your hands shouldn’t be near your face at all— ever.
  6. And I personally wouldn’t hesitate to book. This is just my opinion of course! We have 3 booked with carnival at this point— one is sold out, the second and third have very limited availability. I check periodically for price drops but unfortunately they are only going up. Galveston especially sells out. I think there are a lot of cruisers in Texas and folks who drive down from the Midwest and there are not that many cruises leaving from Texas compared to Florida.
  7. Is Galveston closer for you? If so, I would do that one because both are great beach cruises. The southern is more exotic, but all of the stops on both cruises are gorgeous. Hmc is the best beach in the Caribbean IMO.
  8. We booked in March and still got cancelled so don’t beat yourself up. Our last cruise was June 2019, very unusual for us to have such a long spread, but we have big regrets about not going over last Christmas. Ugh. And now, we just got cancelled by CCL for this summer. Now hoping our thanksgiving cruise holds. If there is room on a ship before then, however, we will jump on.
  9. Not all radiance cruises leave from New York. Just some in the fall which have already been cancelled. By the beginning of November she leaves from Canaveral. Those cruises are on.
  10. It seems like a lot of people from the northeast have more negative views of corona than people from other parts of the country. I agree that 8/1 is far off. It’s a longer distance in time from when this all started around March 13. That was only 6 or 7 weeks ago and already things are opening up in most parts of the country, except the NE 🙄. August 1 is another long 12 weeks away. Everything will be open by that time. But the great thing about cruising is that it’s optional. All those still worried about ‘Rona can opt out.
  11. Process for switching cruise from TA to Carnival. We are dropping our big box TA because they have changed the terms of our membership. What is the process for moving our reservation back to Carnival? We don’t want to cancel it, just want it moved back. Like do we call Carnival first? Anyone have any experience with this?
  12. No thanks on face masks. No problem with others wearing them though.
  13. A lot. The vaccine is based on last years strain and never really covers the current year.
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