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  1. I don't think anyone really knows why. We discovered it last week. All very odd.....😏
  2. Today i tried the Canadian and the US sites. Put in Carribean for February and March 2022 from Port Canaveral. Both sites came up with "No results according to your search criteria please try again" I can't believe that 14 and 15 months respectively every single sailing for 2 months from Canaveral is completely sold out. Are they definitely still using Canaveral as a port?
  3. Was looking at cruises on the Canadian website Feb/March/April 2022. All stops at Ocean Cay seem to be leaving at 1800. They used to be there much later. Just wondering why the change....?😏
  4. We too were due to cruise in May this year and MSC cancelled it. As fellow Candians we felt the policy of FCC with money back process only being started at the end of December 31st 2021 was poor. Had it been just dh and i we probably would have opted for the FCC but to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary we were bringing our kids and respective partners with us. The window of opportunity to cruise all together again was basically nil and i wasn't happy for MSC to hold on to nearly 10k for nearly 2 years so we did the same and reversed the charge with our c.c. co. It
  5. Yes to the first. The 2nd can vary cruise to cruise. I would aim for noon. I'm surprised you already know your disembarcation time. But you are proably safe to finish breakfast but may have to vacate your cabin before you go to the dining room. Im also surprised the main dining room is open as late as that on that day. Reserving get a you general admission not a seat. Dont know whether its the some in cirque shows. You can order whatever you want to eat and yes you can you can take your towels off to use on shore
  6. When a company has many thousands of dollars of my hard earned money and tells me the only option I have after they were unable to deliver the thing i paid them for (not their fault but not mine either!) is a voucher to use with them again in the future. They also tell me if its not used by December 31st 2021 only then would I get the said money back. The "strictly credit" is contrary to the terms and conditions in the contract I signed in which they told me specifically to read before making a deposit id say there was quite a lot for me to decide.
  7. We were told if the FCC wasnt used by 31st December 2021 then you would be refunded.
  8. Im not sure what you mean tbh. I haven't called them or emailed them. I've done nothing but still recieved an FCC.....
  9. We haven't yet requested anything. Not refund or FCC. We haven't been in touch with them at all. But to answer your question yes the FCC they sent does include the extra 25%.
  10. Canadian cruisers Has anyone received a FCC without filling in the form on the site? I received one this morning (our sailing should have been this month) but we hadnt filled in the form yet as we were still deciding what to do. A little confused.........😏
  11. I have been finding this the past week on all cruise options i have been putting in. Seaside, Seashore and Meraviglia. Gave up in the end.
  12. Just to put this all in to perspective at least you can all talk and speculate about your refunds which hopefully you will get in 60, 90 or 120 days time. Some of us dont get that option. Refund only after December 2021 if we haven't used our FCC. Don't like to think what might happen if we disagree with this blackmail by not even applying for the FCC. Maybe our money just disappears into their coffers for ever........😏.
  13. Seems a lot of people cancelled well before the cruise line did as they were getting nervous but were still entitled to a refund many were still waiting. 17 pages on it so far on just one thread and there are other threads Some have started to get it but a lot haven't.
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