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  1. Living in Canada but would like to book through the US (the prices are better than the Canadian site) who are all these great TA's?
  2. I think we will just agree to disagree. Also i think you will find that those of us that have replied saying basically it is what it is (and we are by no means MSC cheerleaders , realists possibly) when/if as you seem to hope we have a bad cruise (that was classy btw....😏) instead of coming to the board and "whining" we just get on with our lives and chalk it up to a bad experience. It happens sometimes and its called life. We accept it and dont come out fighting mad looking to place blame and expecting compensation. Its bad for the stress levels πŸ˜‰
  3. Yes normally i would agree. But Sidari this is MSC! you could call and be told no or you could call (or even call back) and be told yes πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Calling MSC is like playing the lottery. Sometimes you win and sometimes you dont πŸ˜‚ and also like the lottery even that is a business that makes money πŸ˜‰
  4. That's an interesting thought and only MSC will be able to tell you what they mean by it πŸ˜‰ However i see where you are going with it and technically they should say "new" booking. But as it didnt i would definitely be arguing my case to see if can be applied to an existing one. Good luck.
  5. It wasnt Hurricane Irma to which i was referring. It was before that i think Harvey. Even that one a few posts below mine you will Bea say how well they were treated when an hurricane occured. Re my reference, Port of Galveston was closed and the RCI board was lit up with how badly they were handling everything. Wouldn't cancel the next cruise due to sail but pax couldnt actually get to Glaveston because of air port closures and flooding. Couldn't tell pax on board what they were going to do and thus those people couldn't make plans etc etc. Carnvial didnt do too badly with their information and making decisions.MSC (I believe it was Divina) took stock of the situation did a very quick trip into I believe Cozumel got supplies, offered pax alternatives whether they wanted to stay or go and got the hell out of Dodge. Pax were extremely complimentary You said please tell you how MSC did better than anyone else. Its not always about money or compensation as some people seem to think or need. Sometimes its about actions good or bad. Sometimes MSC do better than others sometimes they don't. No one puts a gun to anyone's head to foce them to sail their cruise line. Its your choice. If you don't like what one does then you try another. Cruising seems to be the worst thing where people jump up and down amd complain and expect "compensation". MSC fill their ships primarily with non Americans. Of the small % that do sail them you will get those who enjoy the refreshing change and their way of doing business and you will get those that don't. Either way it wont actually hurt the. MSC bottom line and that's basically the main point for them as they run a business.
  6. Im not sure what point you are trying to make as this is EXACTLY what they have offered. $400 per cabin OBC paid out afterwards for all or whatever portion you have left after the cruise.
  7. reΒ·sponΒ·siΒ·ble Having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed So basically they dont have to do anything as they didnt have control over Cuba nor were they the promary cause of it. Its funny but a while back when a major hurricane slammed into the gulf disrupting cruises in a huge way MSC did far better for their guests than anyone else. Eveyone was full of praise. This time, different scenario but still needed to be delt with they (in some eyes) didnt do as well as their competitors. Every time something happens every cruise lines handles it in the way they see fit. Might suit you, might not. Bottom line - all lines will always fill their ships. You may walk away, but others will take your place. You pay your money you take your choice.
  8. If your stroller has fairly sturdy wheels i would say at least Kokumlich ruins are totally doable as long as you are ok with the 2 hour bus ride. The only bit you couldn't do is climb to the masks together but could be done separately. Same with the palace. Have you thought of using a backpack carrier?
  9. Probably not worth their while to keep Armonia in the Carribean as she is older and only now really able to offer the standard Carribean route which given the choice most would go for the newer ships. To me (hope you are reading this MSC) it would be now be an ideal opportunity having had Cuba taken away to take this ship up to Seattle/Vancouver and do an Alaskan itinerary.
  10. Im confused - what has Carnival not signing a contract with Canadians have to do with a transfer for an MSC cruise?
  11. Is there any particular reason you dont do ship tours? We did an MSC tour of the Kohimlich ruins in Costa Maya in April. Its about a 2 hour drive and hence the reason we didn't want to go with a private operator (if there is an issue with a ship tour the ship will wait). They gave us water and a packed lunch. I think we were the only tour there. IThe ruins have a nice lot of shade and the tour guide was excellent. Really enjoyed it and it was run extremely well and i think maybe $10 more than a private one.
  12. I see MSC cruises has posted the new itierary to replace Havana on the Cuba oops thread Kudos to them for doing that. Shows they monitor the board closely just a pity they didnt start a new thread as it may get "lost" after a few pages. Next weeks cruise going to Costa Maya and the week after going to Key West.
  13. Oh Bea who the heck knows.......You could call MSC and be pretty certain they wouldn't.......πŸ˜‰ I know we are waiting to book the 9th (we had so much fun woth our friends a couple of weeks ago we decided to do it again and take all the kids for our 30th anniversary instead of just the 2 of us doing a food tasting Italian trip). However we are flexible on dates and i think id be more concerned had we already booked it and found it "missing" πŸ˜€
  14. Ugh i seriously hope its not a charter. Im just hoping its another of MSC's usual website anomolies. I think it shows though they didnt use a new comptetent web builder for the new Canadian site πŸ˜‚ just the same old same old
  15. So tonight the May 9th 2020cruise on Seaside western carribean has disappeared completely. They are however showing a 4 night cruise on the 16th to the Bahamas that i have never seen before but apparently there is nothing left except aurea balconies. Oh my hope this gets sorted soon. Have been monitoring the May 9th cruise and waiting to pull the trigger. There were lots of room yesterday today there isn't even a cruise........
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