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    Doing Panama Canal or Alaska in an inside

    You'll probably want to be outside and all over the ship checking out every angle posibble. I was on the Regal when it made it's first pass ever through the canal. A guy next to me was so excited he fumbled with his camera and dropped it right over the ship railing and I watched it fall right into the water. These kinds of funny thing can never be experienced from an inside cabin. Mark
  2. goldminer

    Share Your Best Cruise Tips

    The best tip is to see how fast you can dump your stuff in your room and get up to the lido deck and get your first meal! I can do it within five minutes after boarding. Don't eat too much because you want some room in your tummy for dinner. Mark
  3. goldminer

    Bringing a Night scope on Board

    I brought my PVS-7B night vision gen. three googles with me on cruise last year. It was on the Sapphire Princess leaving from San Francisco and returning to same port, Mexican cruise. If I were flying to destination I don't think I would have taken them, but driving to the port and not having to worry about someone questioning what they were, made the difference for me. I had fun using them at night. I was up front on the bow and saw a whale right in front of the ship. Could see other ships and lots of birds. The problem was that there is so much light coming off of the ship that it was almost too much light. It was hard to find anywhere were it was completely dark, except for at the bow spot. It was actually a restricted area at night, but I tried it one time. I showed many passengers and a couple crew members and they all were in shock as to how much can be seen at night. I don't think I would take them again as I was a little concerned about having them out of the country, even though I never took them off the ship.
  4. goldminer

    pros and cons of an open balcony

    Half way down on this page I have a picture of the starboard side on the Sapphire Princess. [url]http://homepage.mac.com/sweetvenom/PhotoAlbum58.html[/url] Mark