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  1. thanks for the info. We don't have a smart phone so Uber is out. I will plan on about $ 40
  2. For a pre cruise stay we have booked the Cambria Suites Miami airport blue lagoon. What should I plan for the cost of a cab to the cruise port on a Saturday in April ??
  3. Wife and I are on a two week BTB cruise. We get $ 100 in cabin credits each week for a $ 200 total. Had planned to use most those credits for the Dolphin encounter at Cozumel the second week. (Valentine present for my wife ) Got a notice today which in effect say's that I have to spend the first $100 before the end of week one or lose it. It does not carry over to week 2. Has anyone been able to get RCL to allow you to keep the first weeks credit into week 2 ???
  4. Will be on the Oasis in one week. How was the entertainment ?
  5. Booked on Allure of the Seas for 3 people. Where does the 3rd person sleep ? Cabin K-12575 inside
  6. Saw an article on the stageshow of "grease" on one of the cruise ships. Did not remember what ship it was on. Anyone know which ship has that show ? Rccl or other ?
  7. Thanks for checking on cabin 1853 for us. Looks as if our fears were confirmed. The entrance is on the side of the cabin which makes for a difficult layout. Will see what we can do to move us at this late date. We will be on a back to back so we would need a cabin to be available for both weeks. Final payment is next week.
  8. SEADOG, Thanks for the daily updates. They have been very eye opening as we sail on Dec 6. We are also booked on the freedom in late Feb (28th). We are booked in cabin 1853 on deck 12. This cabin was newly created during the last ship upgrade. Have not been able to get much information on it other than it is high and up front. My wife is nervous about where the entry to the cabin is. She doesn't like it to be in the middle of the long side as that layout is hard to work with. If you get a chance in your travels please take a look and see. Have a great cruise and we look forward to additional updates.
  9. Hi Greg, My wife and I have signed up for this cruise Feb 28 BTB thru March 20. We have been booked in cabin 1853 which is a new cabin just added with all the upgrades. We wonder where the door to the cabin is. Is it the short side or the long (side) side ? If you had time would you check ?
  10. I find it strange that after so many good reviews up pops one with a supposed bad opinion (see cruisinggirl1804). Hard to believe someone who has only 1 post and has just become a member in this month. I'm still looking forward for more positive reviews so I can use them in December.
  11. Working on getting back and forth to port Canaveral for a cruise from the Orlando airport. I have seen this company mentioned only a few times. Interested in comments by people who have used their service which is that they pick you up from the airport, get you to a hotel, pick you up the next day and take you to the port. At the end of the cruise they pick you up and take you to the airport.
  12. We are planning to sign up for this Feb 26 cruise and will be parking in the new ramp. Is it important to get reserved parking or can you just drive up ? In trying to reserve parking it looks like they are putting you at the old location not the new one. ????
  13. Thanks for all the info on the video games. Do you have any idea what the cost "per play" is ?
  14. How disappointing to read your review. Our family is booked on the royal in 2 weeks and it includes our 10 year old grandson. Did his age group have a good time ? I have also wondered about the vidio games. What is the charge to play them. The only thing I've heard is that they can swipe charges with their room card. This seems very scary to me as to how to limit his play.
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