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  1. zencruisers

    Just off the getaway...my review

    Nice review and pictures. Thank you for sharing.
  2. On our last cruise i asked our room steward for one and he was more happy to provide one.
  3. zencruisers

    # of days till your next Norwegian cruise?

    117 on the Breakaway.
  4. I am glad i found this review. They are always informative and great pics!
  5. Nice pictures. It looks like a good time.
  6. I am glad I found your review. Excellent pictures and commemtary!
  7. Great Review! Enjoying the pictures and commentary. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for taking the time to do a review. Looking forward to reading more.
  9. zencruisers

    Bliss / Live / Solo - Dec-01-08-2018...

    Although i will miss your "Live review" I more than understand. Your vacation should be stress free. I look forward to your post review and pictures. Thanks for all you have done.
  10. zencruisers

    Disney Dream Live Review

    Enjoying the review and pictures. Thank you.
  11. zencruisers

    NCL Bliss Haven Dec 8-15

    Nice lanyard. Go Dbacks!
  12. zencruisers

    Bliss / Live / Solo - Dec-01-08-2018...

    Thanks for the virtual ride!