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  1. Thank you. I failed to do the obvious, which was to read the description. It never occurred to me that all the SS would have showers only. I expected them to alternate as on some Windsurf ships. Does this mean the new Rotterdam has this configuration as well? I like the idea.
  2. I just saw a YouTube video of SS 7110 on Nieuw Statendam. The bathroom was shower only. It was a lovely, large spa-like arrangement with lots of jets and shower heads. I would not be unhappy with it. I just did not know it was an option. Do other SS on Pinnacle Class have the shower only configuration? How do you know which ones since they are not designated on the deck plans?
  3. My concern is that Norway is not open to US tourists with no announced timeline for easing restrictions. Currently, the US is considered a high-risk area. I suppose all anyone can do is wait, but it makes planning difficult.
  4. Do you have you have to go through Customs if DFW is the first stop in the US from YVR?
  5. I’m waiting as well. No word yet on being re-booked as stated in Sept. email, which said they could not process cancellation until the transfer was complete. Apparently they can process refunds for others. If I don’t hear from them tomorrow, I’ll call.
  6. On the Konigsdam, I believe those are vista suites. The signature suites are on deck 7.
  7. Anyone who can buy insurance is not going to lose thousands of dollars. It is readily available in the US. Celebrity sells it. Insurance will reimburse you for cancellation, trip interruption, and medical. Yes, you need a diagnosis from a doctor, but it is not hard. If you test positive, you have Covid whether you have symptoms or not. A doctor will confirm the diagnosis and provide documentation. You file a claim. You get your money back.
  8. I know. My comment was directed at others who may not be familiar with MedJet.
  9. I understand the need for safety and respect the captain’s authority. I’d just like some uniformity in the rules or at least to know ahead of time if heated styling tools are not allowed, even if it is on a ship by ship basis. It is no laughing matter to try to figure out how to make yourself presentable if you are suddenly without the means to do so.
  10. Yes, a policy like MedJet will give you more control of your transfer, but it is still hospital to hospital.
  11. I know it is not the case in Canada; but here in the US, insurance provides coverage now. Available policies treat Covid as any other illness. They cover cancellation, medical, and trip interruption. They will pay to transfer seriously ill patients to a hospital in the US that can provide a higher level of care. The only thing it will not do is charter a jet to return someone who tests positive. I don’t ever expect to see that as a feature of a comprehensive travel policy because it is just too costly. If/when Celebrity ends their program, they’ll have to decide whether to quarantine passengers on the ship or to disembark them to stay in contracted hotels. Either way, trip interruption will reimburse for lost days and expenses to return home up to 150% of the cost of the trip. Even so, the possibility of delayed onward travel will be a deterrent to many. On the other hand, Celebrity has instituted the most generous of the assistance plans among the major cruise lines, and it may become burdensome to maintain.
  12. If you are talking about cancellation, I would not think it would be difficult to get your doctor to confirm a diagnosis and issue a document with the necessary details to file an insurance claim. Are you concerned about a false positive or were you thinking you would not have ready access to a doctor if you test positive at embarkation? In that case, perhaps Celebrity would make the necessary documents available through their on board doctors for guests who test positive at the last minute. As much as I like the program, at some point the free rides will end, and people will have to rely on insurance or their own resources. Otherwise, the increased cost of operation is likely to show up in higher fares and fewer perks.
  13. Just about any comprehensive policy you buy these days will cover medical treatment or trip interruption caused by a Covid diagnosis - even the insurance sold by Celebrity. They treat it as any other illness. You are right that you will not find a policy that will charter a jet to fly you home after a positive test alone. The only policy I found with such coverage specifically excluded cruise ship travel. And you can guess why - charter flights are expensive, and positive tests are not all that uncommon. From the “live” threads I’ve read here, they have happened more than once on several sailings. At least until the end of the year, Celebrity has decided it is good policy to continue offering the program. They’ve decided the cost is necessary for a successful restart.
  14. All the cases I’ve read about have been flown home shortly after testing positive. I’m not privy to details and don’t claim to know about every instance, but it appears that Celebrity reacts in a timely manner. I have no information about monoclonal treatment on board.
  15. It is a bad situation. Apparently, the OP never updated their record to reflect that her husband no longer used oxygen, and Carnival acted on that because it was the only information they had.They probably cancelled hundreds of bookings that did not comply with the CDC/CSO ruling during the time period it is scheduled to be in effect. Seems like the only option now is to figure out how to correct the record and book again.
  16. Sure. I’m guessing Carnival saw it on the record and just cancelled the cruise. Apparently they are not willing to sort it out now. Perhaps it is easier for them to correct the record on a new booking when they are not on a timeline to complete and verify the manifest.
  17. I’ll wait for Steve’s answer, but I’m wondering why the rates would vary greatly by state. Could it be that Florida requires provisions that would affect cost? I don’t understand why the same coverage would cost so much more in one state over another unless the OP was not comparing like-for-like policies. The original discussion is on the Princess forum titled Princess Insurance vs. Private Insurance. All of it is not about this question, but it will give you context.
  18. If I can’t have my hair styling tools, I’m going to have to wear a hat in the dining room - and everywhere else I go. Or shave my head.
  19. The restriction for guests who require oxygen or dialysis is a a CDC requirement to return to sailing. It applies to all cruise lines, not just Carnival, and is set to expire Oct. 31. It remains to be seen if the rule will be extended. The reason for the temporary restriction was to free up supplies, facilities, and personnel in case of a Covid emergency. Part of it had to do with the maximum amount of oxygen that could be carried under safety regulations.
  20. So far, everyone has been returned home except those cruising to or from countries that require quarantine by law before onward travel. I believe that is the case with Greece. There is a footnote in the policy about it. I read a post of at least one family required to quarantine in Spain because one of them tested positive at embarkation. That was on RCI, but they have the same assistance plan as Celebrity.
  21. Yes, I saw that, too, and wondered if she was looking at exactly the same policy from the same company. It may have been the same company with additional provisions required by Florida. I’m surprised the cost would be that much different for the same thing, but Florida’s regulators can approve which companies do business in the state, what kind of policies they sell, and what rates they charge.
  22. The actual Carnival policy says “prior to” embarkation. See post #2. As to your displeasure at other things Carnival is doing, consider this. It is about the money. Carnival has no assistance plan in place, as do other cruise lines, to help passengers as cruising resumes. You are on you own for any requirements or problems that arise as a result of Covid. Dare I say Belize? Carnival provides a cruise experience at an economical rate. That is its business model. Don’t expect more.
  23. Cost is based on the amount insured and age of the insured. Cruise line insurance does not consider age. Each state regulates insurance, so the price for the same policy will be the same regardless of where you buy it. Variation in price across companies comes from additional types of coverage which may be included, different dollar limits, primary vs. secondary, etc.
  24. If the card holder did not follow the written policy of the cruise line, he really does not have a reason to cancel the charge. I don’t know that the credit card company would support that after contacting the cruise line for information. Better to try to reach an agreement with Carnival. There was a long thread on one of these boards a while back by someone who did a charge back because of a delayed refund. The cruise line refused that card the next time he tried to book.
  25. Glad you got enhanced coverage. Just remember that the evacuation coverage is for medical conditions that can’t be treated at the nearest appropriate facility. It is for hospital-to-hospital transfers when you require a higher level of care or extended care. Covid is not likely to cause that in vaccinated people, but the coverage is good to have for any medical emergency.
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