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  1. I too cruised after JUST having been put on crutches for a stress fracture. I found that the staff was above-and-beyond helpful, as I didn't have time to contact the Special Needs team (as the crutches occurred the day before we sailed!) A few things that worked well: --When I got out of the car at the port, and started to crutch my way over to the terminal, a porter came running up to me with a wheelchair, and pushed me the entire way through the check-in process. We actually by-passed much of the line, including the arrival group photo (which we always take). --At MUSTER, a crew member came up to me and noted by name/cabin number on a clipboard. He told me that "in the event of an emergency", they would send someone to my cabin to provide assistance to me. WOW! --At MUSTER, I was allowed to take the elevators up/down. --At the Lido buffet, someone ALWAYS offered to carry my tray. --At several ports, there were industrious young men with wheelchairs, who would offer to push you alllllllllll the way down the pier, either to/from the ship, in the hopes that they would receive a tip. --I had to cancel our Segway excursion, but was able to go to the excursions in the other ports than involved vans/boats. All tour operators were very helpful. --I did use a wheelchair medway through the cruise for 2 evenings, as we were on the Vista and I was just exhausted from crutching the long distances of her decks. Hope that helps!--CeleBrat
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