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  1. Haven't seen a lot of menus posted from the ships/itineraries that are sailing. So, post 'em here! *So the rest of us can start planning!
  2. Yayyyyy! I asked for a review! And will SO be following along with you! Many thanks!--CeleBrat
  3. Have fun! And come back to share your thoughts! BE sure to come back and post a review! Any thoughts? Menus? Tips? Looking for info you guys, as we are sailing her in NOV!
  4. Rent a car and drive to the "back side" of the island. It's so beautiful and remote! Stopped for a drink at a beachside bar. We also once did an ATV excursion which was fun.
  5. I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to this, as you are correct in that the sea is there, the lounge chair will be comfy, and those Guy's burgers will be juicy! Ours was super cheap too, although not quite as cheap as yours. It was $451 for the both of us total in a porthole cabin (score) on a 5-day cruise, with an additional -$250 credit for a Mastercard deal, making it...$201. That's the lowest we've ever scored for a cruise fare! Bon voyage to you--and please DO also post your thoughts when you return! We cruised her last back in 2006...
  6. We just booked the Elation for NOV, on a crazy-good deal, traveling to Bimini and Amber Cove. Ironically, despite cruising for over 30 years, we have never been to those 2 ports. Leave it to a pandemic to allow us to experience new things! We have, however, previously sailed the Elation, so know that she's older and smaller. It's our first cruise since 2018, which is far, far too long to be away from the ocean. Hoping we start to see some Elation reviews soon, since she goes into service next week. Need to start planning! CeleBrat
  7. We are proud of her for being in the trial. Sadly, it looks like one of these dirt-cheap fall cruises is a no-go currently, as Novovax is not currently approved by the CDC. So, my daughter falls into a weird vaccinated/not-considered-vaccinated category with the cruiseline. When/if it gets approved (they are saying 3rd quarter for submission for approval) she can cruise. Until then, we will live vicariously through you all! CeleBrat
  8. Question: what about the Novovax vaccine? My 18 year old daughter has been in their vaccine trial, which is not unblinded yet. But, she has a letter stating that she was vaccinated as part of the trial, between NOV-APR.
  9. Therein the challenge lies. Vaccines aren't currently widely available. All adults are not currently eligible to receive them in the US. Children are not at all eligible. And as a previous poster stated, the crew have no way of easily getting a vaccine either, whether in their home countries or in the US.
  10. Although there a lot of cruisers holding out hope for a vaccine as a green light to resume cruising, remember, we also have to work out the various travel bans that our country is subject to. The MSC cruise that is occurring in Italy right now is ONLY stopping at Italian ports. Our cruise ships can't solely visit US ports. So, our options are currently limited to...Mexico and Bermuda, and a few other islands.
  11. Small clarification: there are no unions at Universal. So, they have the mask policy out of sheer safety and concern for the guests and team members.
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