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  1. When can you usually print the boarding pass?
  2. There are 4 of us in I cabin & wondered if the showers in Gym can be used free. Thinking t about us 2 guys shower there while girls shower in cabin before dinner.
  3. Thanks so much that will be our plan
  4. I forgot to mention my wife is also in the room 4 of us. Just wanted to know what would be best, We have always had the King arrangement, Thanks for quick response,
  5. Going on a cruise with 2 teenage grandkids & we have an inside room with 2 pull down Pullmans. Any suggestions on which would be better King or 2 twin beds arraignment,. Thanks
  6. DSimpson14

    Taxi Fare

    How much for taxi to Mr Sanchos for family of 8?
  7. DSimpson14

    Taxi Fare

    What is price for taxi in Cozumel to go to Mr Santos for a group of 8?
  8. Can you carry 2 carry on bags?
  9. Considering a cruise to Alaska & wondering if anyone has booked air fare w/ Carnival & cruise. Any tips. Flying from NC
  10. I applied for the MasterCard to get the 200.00 off of a cruise I had booked & paying for. I used it to make a payment on cruise. After I got my statement I paid the balance on card & redeemed 10,000 fun points for 100.00 off of cruise . I got a confirmation email that I had redeemed my points , but it does not show up on Carnival site. Plan to call later just wanted to wait until a reasonable time it has only been 2 days since I paid Barclay. Thanks
  11. Anyone know how long it takes for Barclay Master charge carnival card to show they paid on cruise. I pd the charge on e card & went to site to redeem & it says confirmed but does not show up on my cruise
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