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  1. When you transfer a booking to your big box TA, do you then get the perks (OBC, paid gratuities) and lower fare that the TA offers when you initially book with them? I was just comparing a cruise on HAL's site with the big box site, and the fare was several hundred dollars higher on HAL, in addition to the perks offered at the TA site.
  2. From what I can see online, they are like the TVs on the Eurodam. If so, there is a headphone jack in the back, but it is virtually inaccessible because the TV is wall-mounted, with only about an inch of clearance behind it. I brought a 90-degree adapter for our headphone jack with us, and I was eventually able to get it plugged in, but I lost a lot of skin doing it. (We used it for the wireless headset transmitter that my wife uses.) The TV remote they provided was a generic unit, with no buttons for accessing any settings such as bluetooth.
  3. Yeah, 500 kbps is slow compared to what we are accustomed to at home, but it's fast enough for most uses. To be fair, we occasionally saw speeds exceeding 1 Mbps, but that wasn't typical. As far as I know, speeds are the same on all the plans, it's just that different types of traffic are blocked on the two lower-price plans. I certainly saw no difference in speed between the Surf and Premium plans, only that viewing our home camera was blocked on the Surf plan.
  4. On the Eurodam last month, speeds varied from essentially zero to around 500 kbps. The latter was more typical. To see your video feed from home, you will need the Premium plan. Streaming is blocked on the other two plans. I used the shipboard Internet for viewing our home video camera, and it worked fine once I upgraded to the Premium plan. Note that you don't have to choose the more expensive plan immediately. I subscribed to the Social plan at first, then found that it offered nothing I was interested in. When I upgraded to the Surf plan, they simply charged me the new rate for the remainder of the cruise. Toward the end of the cruise I upgraded to the Premium plan, and I paid that rate for those last few days. I really like the fact that they have abandoned the per-megabyte pricing now.
  5. We were on the Eurodam last month. Perhaps the renaming of Formal Nights to Gala Nights is an acknowledgement that most folks don't pay much attention to what others are wearing at these dinners any more. For guys, slacks and a sport coat is plenty dressy.
  6. We came off the Eurodam on 2/20/19. There are no longer DVD players in the cabins. The new TVs in the cabins (at least in our balcony cabin) have no built-in player, and the jacks for external devices are on the back side of the wall-mounted TV. With a lot of effort and some lost skin I was able to access the headphone jack to plug in the transmitter for our wireless headsets, but it was extremely difficult and possible only because I had brought along a right-angle jack adapter. There were some music channels on the TV, as well as movies, ship info, your account, etc. Hope that helps.
  7. The library is now nothing more than coffee table books. There is a book exchange there, but when our cruise started (2/3/19) there were no books in it. Over the course of the 17 days a few appeared, but there were no more than a handful until the end of the cruise, when people apparently dumped their books. Many of us load up our eReaders before the cruise!
  8. You know, I'll bet that accounts for the difference. Thanks!
  9. We just came off a cruise on the Eurodam. Prior to the cruise, the HAL site would allow us to pre-order bottles of liquor to be delivered to our cabin either on embarkation or at sea. Gin and bourbon were around $50-55 a liter. Our first day at sea I looked at the in room dining menu and found that we could order the same liquor for $37 and $43 per bottle. Since I ordered them over the phone from the cabin, I was able to swap out the mixers that their packages included for some we would actually use. We brought our own vermouth and olives with us on the cruise. At security, the guard said I would have to give up the vermouth because it was "liquor, not wine". A short discussion with the bartender they had standing by on the pier fixed that problem.
  10. We are currently on the Eurodam, in a Verandah cabin. It has a 46" wall-mounted TV. With a lot of effort and a scratched-up arm, I was able to get a headphone jack with a right-angle connector on the end hooked up to the audio-out jack on the back of the TV. I could not see the jack, so it was all done by feel. If my arm or hand were not pretty slim, I would not have been able to reach it.
  11. We ended up not taking that cruise. We are currently on the Eurodam, in a Verandah cabin. It has a 46" wall-mounted TV. With a lot of effort and a scratched-up arm, I was able to get a headphone jack with a right-angle connector on the end hooked up to the audio out jack on the back of the TV. I could not see the jack, so it was all done by feel.
  12. Do you get an error message when you try to print?
  13. Yes, that's the menu I was using for reference. When you say "It's quite a bit better", do you mean that the steak and lobster from the room service menu is better than the MDR offering? Thanks for the tip about the Lido having the steak and lobster.
  14. In the past, on nights that steak and lobster was on the MDR menu (always formal nights) we sometimes ordered them using room service if we didn't feel like dressing up. I see that room service now has steak and lobster for an upcharge every day. Can they still be ordered without charge on nights they are on the MDR menu?
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