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  1. It's okay. Omg!!! Wedding in 3 days!!!! Lol Yes, once again we have a new planner. Like ***... They need to get it together! Anyways, I think it' a good idea to go to the judge but the thing I don' like about that is I don' know if u can have the same date on paper as your celebration. I wanted it to be same so I just went ahead and did all that. I think it' great that they are only getting cookies!! Lol our wedding bags have so much swag in them that some of them broke so just changed bags or I pit new ones in the bags. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me for better communication with pics and docs with subject #DrewAndFeWedAtSea Missy.stuffs@gmail.com That's also our Instagram/fb hashtag lol
  2. Hi, congrats! We paid about $500 but I'll confirm with u when I find my papers Lol. I' a mess
  3. Love it! I can't see the writing tho. Maybe I'll log in on my laptop Sent from my SM-G955U using Forums mobile app
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