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  1. On our last cruise we were transferred by this company http://aga-traveliners.co.uk/ On our previous cruises by Titan. Titan used VW Caravelles and AGA Traveliners used a Mercedes Vito going down and a Mercedes Viano coming back. There were just 4 passengers in our transport.
  2. That's sad to hear. Would Viking allow you to sell your voucher?
  3. When we were on Discovery last year the weather was too cold for the outside grill to open. We went to lunch for the fish and chips only to discover it closed 😥 Fortunately we saw the food and beverage manager (he's now on Adventure) and he promised we could have them the next day. He was good to his word and they were delicious 😋 So many people passing by our table asked us where to get the fish and chips from. 😁
  4. At the moment MVJ is still showing a Scilly Isles tour. Maybe the newspaper advert had it wrong? Although our 12th June cruise was supposed to do scenic cruising around the Scilly Isles which didn’t happen. I’ll be pretty disappointed if we don’t get to Tresco but will take it as it comes, seeing this as a break from routine.
  5. The Viking welcome back cruises are NOT attracting any single supplement.
  6. Maybe you should give them a try 🙂 You might be surprised.
  7. That's very disappointing especially as Saga have been landing passengers there! Wish we could cancel and sail with Saga.
  8. Are you sure it was £ and not $ ? All prices on board were quoted in $ We didn’t buy the package as we don’t drink much alcohol and it wouldn’t have been worthwhile.
  9. We have booked our 2nd Viking cruise for next month, but if Saga had released their 6 night cruises earlier it would have been 'no contest' between the 2 lines. To be fair to Viking we enjoyed our cruise and felt that their Covid safety protocols were excellent. We were not blown away by the Chef's Table though, but of course food is always going to be subjective. We enjoyed the main restaurant and Alfredi's but loved Coast to Coast and East to West on Discovery. The main restaurant on Discovery is every bit as good as Viking's, with a first class cheese selection. As far as Viking being all inclusive, we had to drive ourselves down to Portsmouth and pay for parking, buy our travel insurance and any drinks from the bar were chargeable. With Saga all of those are included. I hope you have an excellent holiday on Adventure. 😀
  10. We are doing Secrets of the Emerald Isles in E523, the cabin furthest from the lifeboats. Apologies to Sharon for going slightly off topic but we are obviously excited to be sailing along with you and interested in your opinions and experiences on Adventure🙂
  11. We have booked a deluxe twin on E deck for a cruise next year. Glad you’re enjoying it. We always enjoyed the Club lounge on Discovery listening to the resident singer.
  12. We embarked around 11:30 and it seemed as though all the cabins were ready for occupation. We left the ship at 7:20 and I believe everyone was disembarked by 8:30. So no waiting for cabin to be ready.
  13. No problem, I didn’t take it that you were blaming Saga. I have been on cruises with Norovirus too, fortunately never had it. What does surprise me is how many passengers continue to use the public toilets knowing that Norovirus is rampant on the ship. I enjoyed your review, thanks for going to the trouble of posting it here. Happy future sailing 😀
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