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  1. Yes, those already booked will get first dibs, so probably the discounts will be down to 20% off or even lower when they go on open sale. When our 29 night North American cruise was cancelled we eventually decided to take the replacements as a b2b because we could get the full 35% discount and at this point we just needed a holiday, so fingers crossed our September / October cruises get to sail. 🤞
  2. There are quite a few reviews on this board, try searching for ‘spirit of Discovery’ on this board and you’ll find plenty of threads. You will be unable to book the specialities prior to boarding. I think trying to compare P&O with Saga is a little like comparing chalk to cheese 🤷🏼‍♀️ A good review below by Solent Richard https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2717195-spirit-of-discovery-comprehensive-cruise-review/?tab=comments#comment-58961569 Sorry not a review but contains a link to the review 🙂
  3. If you paid with a credit card there will be an electronic trail to prove payment to TA was made. Maybe TA held onto payment? If you did pay with a credit card start a section 75 with CC company.
  4. Our TA held onto our money for 3 months after the cruise line had repaid them. Only taking out a section 75 against them seemed to work. We have a small deposit from another cancelled cruise waiting to be paid back, I don't think we will see that until May at the earliest. Booked with same TA. They have seen the last of our custom, we will book direct in future.
  5. If we’re cruising without ports I would prefer to cruise south to warmer climes rather than around GB. If we could stop and explore British ports I would be happy with that and rather than Iceland I would prefer scenic cruising in the Norwegian fjords. If Saga indemnified us with their insurance I would be happy to cruise with them.
  6. The ‘official’ ones are just printed card, very easy to replicate. Highly doubt that they’ve been stolen from NHS.
  7. These are a recent addition to Saga’s inclusions so no one has experienced them yet. I suspect that these will be sightseeing half day tours similar to the sort that Viking offer but can’t confirm this.
  8. Sadly it was only a matter of time before this happened.
  9. I booked at a mass vaccination centre, Millennium Point in Birmingham and had the AZ vaccine. S-I-L had her’s at a mass vaccination centre in Newark, she was given the Pfizer. Another friend in Kendal had hers at her Drs surgery and was given Pfizer. What have you all been given?
  10. Yes, I've seen their advice, but as I said it is easy to replicate. I would hope that there will be a better way of authenticating a persons vaccination status. Unfortunately not everyone is honest.
  11. It's credit card sized, cardboard with name, vaccine type, batch no. and date written on it. Space for 1st vaccine and 2nd vaccine details. Pretty easy to replicate IMHO if you had a mind to. I really can't see this as being sufficient to prove vaccination.
  12. We will be fully vaccinated by April and were hoping to cruise with Oceania in May but this is looking unlikely to happen. If it is the case that the O cruise is cancelled we would be looking to take a late booking with Saga. Has anyone on here accepted a guarantee cabin on Saga and if so were you happy with the allocation?
  13. This board deals with Saga Ocean cruises. It’s probably best if you post your questions on this board https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/115-river-cruising/
  14. My s-i-l felt queasy on our Fjords cruise with Saga. She went down to reception and they gave her a box of Stugeron, no charge
  15. Eating at 8pm, I don't think that there will be anyone booked to take your table after you, in fact I don't remember Saga 'flipping' tables. I don't think that anyone would force you to move on but you might be more comfortable decamping to the bar area. Also, bear in mind, as long as your table is occupied the waiters won't be able to leave. We often sat in the lounge/bar area of the Club listening to the resident band and singer. I don't remember a sail away from Southampton but there will be deck parties at sail away in the Caribbean. Any questions we will do our best to answ
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