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  1. Is that per person or per journey? Yes, free up to 250 miles, but I suppose they have to draw the line somewhere. Maybe the train is a better option? A taxi journey one way would be well over double £165.
  2. Best to ring Saga to find out. You could take the free parking or the train if that suits you better. Come back and let us know,
  3. From what kentchris has said it's maybe worth registering with Saga as a special diet?
  4. As I said I very rarely use the buffet, the only buffet I will use is the Oceania one where food is served to you and not self service. 😉
  5. Absolutely - I'm not a morning person either and always happy to wait for a two top.
  6. I haven’t cruised on SOD yet, but I would certainly have something to say if I am forced to share. One thing, we generally dine in the MDR but even so, should we choose to dine in the buffet we would expect our choice to be honoured.
  7. Hi Auldlassie, I never specifically mentioned that you had been forced to share. I said that I had never been forced to share, I’m sorry if you thought I was referencing a post that you had made. On entering the MDR on Oceania and Azamara when you give your room no, the question has always been asked If I would like to share. On Cunard too when I travel in Britannia class. I agree that I would not like to be ‘forced’ to share and no, I don’t believe your expectations are too high. No one should have to dine with others if they don’t wish to. The last time I sailed with Saga, my partner and I opted for a set table in the evening and would always request a table for 2 at breakfast and lunchtime in the MDR, this was never a problem. As I said to Tigrou I would have insisted that I dined alone, which she thought would have been rude. I have in the past sat on shared tables at breakfast where other guests have had at least 3 courses when all I wanted was a poached egg and a cup of tea. Never again.
  8. As I'm not a morning person I would not be prepared to share at breakfast either, we shall see how our cruise on the 26th goes. 😉 I'll let you know.
  9. I don't believe it is the 'norm', it is up to you to make it clear that you don't wish to share. I was never forced to share a table on my Sapphire cruise, although I was always asked if I would like to share. This is standard practice on cruise lines, I have always been asked on Oceania and Azamara but my preference is not to share at dinner and this has never been forced on me.
  10. Follow this link https://travel.saga.co.uk/cruises/ocean/the-saga-experience/ship-taster-days.aspx
  11. Hermione, food on Oceania is hard to beat but Saga food on Sapphire was good. So Cinnamon is it a possible alternative to your favourite Azamara? Thank you Cinnamon for your excellent blog, pleased that Kentchris has picked up the baton
  12. If you look at any cruise brochure, for any line, you will see aspirational photos of elegant, slim ladies and tall, handsome men. As to elderly people being on the ship would you have them banned from cruising? Good for them getting out there is what I say, life is not a rehearsal. I hope I'll still be cruising when I'm in my 80's. I have to say I find all these references to the age of fellow passengers rather rude and discriminatory.
  13. Then your blog has done us all a service, as well as being very informative 😀
  14. Wasn't Nick Sutherland the Captain on Cinnamon's cruise? Hope Captain Burgess stays on board for the next cruise. We have sailed with him on Princess and P&O before.
  15. We're doing 7 nights in a fortnight and will take to heart your advice of being proactive, really looking forward to Coast to Coast. Enjoy your last day on board. Presumably you will be performing with the choir later, if I sang I would clear the room 😂
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