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  1. I've only done open dining so I never paid attention to the chimes (now that people mention it, I suppose I do recall seeing them occasionally), but I loved him as a greeting and farewell, and of course the mints and ginger! We would go visit him even after meals in the Lido. It really is a special touch that makes a positive impact on the vast majority of cruisers for the cost of a single staff member. Far more passengers attend the MDR dinner at some point (and often repeatedly) vs any other onboard "activity"! Occasionally we would get candy from the table when he wasn't there (probably off ringing the chimes!) and it still was nice to have the after dinner treat, but in no way memorable. So I know that while I would be disappointed to lose the candy table, I would be more disappointed to lose his radiantly-positive presence.
  2. faerievert

    Cruise Docs Are Ready!!!!!

    Same. We always wait for room assignment. If for some reason we don't get one by the night before, we'll print without and bring a sharpie to fill it in when we get one!
  3. faerievert

    Ultimate Dining Package

    If we hadn't received 2 Pinnacle dinners as part of a different package, I'd have done the dining deal. It looks like slightly less of a deal when it's only the two venues vs three (no Tamarind). We're not fussy about dining times, so I'm fully confident we could have adjusted to times of our liking (and will be able to for our 2 at Pinnacle this time). We had no trouble going to Canaletto and Pinnacle on our past cruises without making reservations until several days into the cruise. From what I've read, only those who insist on a certain day or very popular specific time have trouble. Other ways to save include: Go to a paid venue to eat on embarkation night. Canaletto usually has a discount the first night, and sometimes Pinnacle or Tamarind Try Pinnacle for lunch
  4. faerievert

    Waving of Napkins??

    I would happily wave my napkin daily to show appreciation if we have a dinner-time parade. The kitchen staff need far more recognition IMO.
  5. I'm on the same cruise (Feb 3) and best I can find is that it tends to be quite cool and windy the first few and last few days. Multiple sources have said they wish they'd pack more layers and fewer shorts. Will you mind if some of the days are 50-60 degrees and windy? And if it's not over 70 until you're in Hawaii? If you're coming from somewhere currently very cold, that might be just fine. I'm so not a cabana person, so even if it was a perfect 75-85 degrees for the entire cruise I wouldn't be interested in that particular splurge. But if you are, I hope you'll thoroughly enjoy it 😁
  6. faerievert

    Eurodam, Feb 28, 2019 - Maui - help, please?

    If folks are interested in reading it... maybe I will!
  7. faerievert

    Eurodam, Feb 28, 2019 - Maui - help, please?

    We're doing the Eurodam Hawaii cruise Feb 3. My itinerary: Kona -- Big Island Air airplane tour -- taking a taxi or rideshare from cruise port to airport Tip: Plane tours, where available, cost less than helicopters and far have more generous weight restrictions. My husband would have had to pay 1 1/2 to 2x the price for an already crazy expensive helicopter tour. I'd rather take the longer plane tour anyway! Honolulu -- Hawaii Food tours -- picking up across the street from the cruise port Note: The Arizona platform is closed for renovations until at least March and who knows what else will/won't be open with the shutdown. I couldn't deal with the stress of planning around that so we're skipping the WWII stuff entirely in favor of a food tour (will try to do the military history site-seeing when we return in the future for a SCUBA trip). Nawiliwili -- Airventures Hawaii Biplane tour -- picking up across the street from the cruise port. Yes, you can do an open cockpit biplane tour with old-timey aviator leather cap & goggles!! This is a birthday treat for my husband. Lahaina -- EXC/HAL tours because nothing I wanted to do fit with the amount of buffer I like to give tender ports Hilo -- Kamaaina Custom Tours private van tour -- picking up inside the port Tip: Full day private tours at Hilo (and probably all the ports, but I didn't look) cost less than the EXC small group options, and there are several great private tour companies available! We picked this one because he was most amenable to my itinerary customization requests. If you talk to folks on your roll call, it's likely some would be willing to share costs on a private small group tour.
  8. faerievert

    Fashion Changes Over 46 Cruises

    I've seen a big difference even in the last 10 years. My husband's formal wear took more than half a suitcase our first cruise (especially since we had no idea laundry was an option). This coming sailing he doesn't even plan to bring a jacket! I still look forward to being far more dressy than I am at home for vast the majority of the trip.
  9. faerievert

    2 week Hawaiian cruise

    Everyone I've talked to says they wished they'd packed more layers and fewer shorts. Trying to take that advice for my upcoming February HAL sailing!
  10. faerievert

    Is pressing included

    I suspect you can send out a bag of pressing-only items one day in the laundry bag (marking them accordingly) but I would talk to your cabin stewards about it. All laundered items are pressed (when appropriate, and sometimes when it's totally unnecessary), but a suit is unlikely to be laundry-safe. A pressing-only package is also available for a lower price-point. Worst case you have to pay a few dollars and send it in a different bag.
  11. faerievert

    Cruise Docs Are Ready!!!!!

    I mean it really only takes a few minutes, and we always do ASAP. I would suggest doing it at least a week out. The deadline is later, I think, but it's good to leave wiggle room.
  12. faerievert

    It's been 10 years, what changes will stand out?

    We started cruising just shy of 10 years ago now. I must admit I'll be a bit devastated if there's no yum yum man on my upcoming Eurodam cruise! I really must wonder what this table dancing is you refer to. Surely some other cruise-line's misbehaving passengers. I love a good burlesque show (in fact I was just at one tonight), but no one should be stomping around where I intend to sup!
  13. That's what I've been doing. I read on the app and use the web to post or wait until I'm home to use the computer to reply... the mobile web version is quite annoying and a waste of data. Will have to look into that beta request!
  14. Tapatalk doesn’t work yet on iOS unless you’re enrolled in their beta test program (which you’re not...you’d know if you were). It should work in the next public update to Tapatalk. The old CC app may even start working again someday, but not even a beta on that yet.
  15. faerievert

    HAL website unusable still

    Why hello there Roz and Fatcat04... i’m In Nashville, too And so over gray skies and drizzle! ☔ I think I noticed a pattern to what I thought was simply a bug. The pre-cruise website appears to partially shut down at night. If I try to look later at night, it consistently feels broken (wish list gone, itinerary empty, lists of things for purchase being uncooperative) and during the day things are far more user friendly. Websites shouldn’t have business hours, but this one seems to!